• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Lesser Sparks

Several moments ago, and high up above...

"Just kidding!" Rainbow Dash had barreled through the shrieking guards, knocking herself and Shell off the platform.

Belle gasped, gawking at Rainbow's surging comeback. She looked through the sea of sprawling guards to see Pilate standing between two Enforcers.

"Pilate!" she shouted.

The zebra's head turned her way. Across the dimming expanse, he gritted his teeth and uncoiled his muscles. His rear hooves bucked hard into the unicorn at his left. Caught off guard, the stallion flew off into dark space, screaming. The guard on the other side of Pilate growned and wrestled with the zebra. The two equines fought precariously on the edge of the golden platform.

Bellesmith winced and broke into a heavy gallop. As she did so, a guard telekinetically grabbed her hair from behind. "Gaaaugh!"

"You're staying right here, lady!" the Enforcer shouted, illuminating the bridge with an unsheathed taser.

Belle gnashed her teeth. Her chestnut eyes flickered back, and in a flash of platinum light she envisioned herself inside a wooden shack, struggling with a heavily muscled minotaur. After another flash, she frowned and yanked her head forward with surprising strength.

"Whoah—!" The guard was flung forward and onto her saddlebags, just in time for Belle to give him a timely buck to the midsection. He flew off, slammed against a swinging pendulum, and fell in terror to the darkness below.

Not wasting a second, Belle ran towards her beloved on the other end of the bridge. A guard appeared in front of her, swinging a glistening taser up high.

Belle blinked, and she envisioned leathery bat creatures swooping at her over the rickety platforms of a mountainside village. When her eyes reopened, she was already diving, flexing phantom wings as she rolled over, slid underneath the guard's quivering legs, and kicked him hard into a metal support strut. He fell unconscious as she scrambled up to her hooves—only to have a third guard tackling her from behind.

"You stupid mare!" the twitching Enforcer shouted. "I'm taking your head!" He raised the taser up high to cleave her skull in two.

"Raaaugh!" a gray figure blurred into him, shoving his weight off Belle's body.

Bellesmith looked up, hyperventilating.

"I've got him, darling!" Dalton managed, struggling with the stallion as the two wrestled over the taser. They rolled across the bridge, exchanging telekinetic punches and headbutts. "Nnngh—Go! Save your beloved!"

Breathless, Belle sat up and looked behind her.

Pilate had overpowered his opponent and was forcing the unicorn's cranium into a headlock. Seething, the guard merely jabbed his head up. His horn grazed the side of Pilate's cheek, spilling blood.

"Gaaah!" Pilate hissed in pain, twitched, and lost balance. Soon, the blind zebra and his adversary were teetering over the edge of the bridge.

"No!" Belle shrieked. Hissing for strength, she jumped to her hooves and sped towards the scene.

But Pilate was already plummeting. "Nnghhh-aaah!" He plunged into the black abyss below.

Belle jumped, slid on her chest, and flung her forelimbs over the edge of the bridge. Her upper body tensed, and her sweating face stretched to the breaking point. After several quivering seconds, she pulled and pulled, her rear hooves scuffing against the surface of the metal platform. Finally, with several squeaking breaths, she stood back up, pulling a frazzled zebra with her.

The two slumped onto the floor. Pilate was out of breath, and it didn't help that Belle's smothering kisses weren't allowing him to get the much-needed oxygen. He hardly complained. Hugging her back, he nuzzled her dearly and inhaled her scent, tears streaming from his gray eyes. The glow of the manasphere pulsated between their chests, making the couple look like the heart of the dimly-lit machine.

"Somehow I knew..." Pilate stammered. "Somehow I-I knew that you weren't... th-that you were never—"

"I will never leave you alone again," Belle murmured, sniffling as she nuzzled his cheek and kissed him repeatedly. "Do you h-hear me?" She hiccuped on a sob and whispered into his ear. "Never."

Pilate ran his forelimb through her mane, shuddering. "You... You came with Rainbow Dash..." He gulped. "Where is she?"

"Last I saw, she went plunging over the edge with Shell." Belle bit her lip. "You're... You're the only source of light in this strange place now."

"I hope she turns him inside out," Pilate spat. His facial features paled. "Wait... Where's Grinder? I haven't heard him at all since you arrived."

Belle was silent for a few seconds. Eventually, she whimpered and said, "He didn't make it, Pilate. He... He's the reason why I'm here... why Rainbow Dash is saving us as we speak."

Pilate slowly nodded. "I see. Well, at least we have—" His speech was ended by the butt of a taser sword slamming across his metal plate. "Unngh!"

Belle gasped and looked up.

A snarling guard slammed her in the face.

She fell back, spitting blood. Belle barely had a chance to breathe before the guard pounced her, his hooves gripping her neck.

"You!" he snarled. "It's your fault for bringing that demon pony here!" His eyes twitched in fury and hysteria. "All of my fellow soldiers are gone! Do you realize what you've done!"

"Get away from her!" Pilate snarled, charging towards the sound of the guard's voice.

The guard easily bucked the zebra away and tightened his grip on Belle's throat. "I'm going to crush your larynx, and while you sputter for breath, I'm gonna skin your beloved alive!"

Belle hissed and sputtered, her eyes rolling back in their sockets.

"Do you hear me?!" The guard snarled. "I'll make sure Shell paints the walls of this place with your insides—"

A taser sliced in out of nowhere and lopped the stallion's horn off at the base.

"Haaaugh!" the stallion screamed, magical sparks spitting chaotically from the shattered stem on his skull. He clutched his skull as blood trickled out of his ears and eye sockets. Before he could produce a second scream, a hoof slammed him upside the chin and sent his body flying off the bridge.

Belle wheezed, clutching her own throat as oxygen found its way back into her lungs. She gazed up with teary eyes.

A thoroughly bruised and bloodied Dalton stood, leaning against a metal support strut as the taser levitated in his magical grip. He finished panting in time to shake the sweat off his mane and mutter, "I do not expect f-forgiveness, darling..." He gulped and continued. "But I do expect you to pardon me if I faint." That said, his elder body slumped to the floor as he wheezed for an even breath.

Belle stared at him, slowly nodding. Pilate crawled over, and the two cradled each other beside Dalton as the three ponies recovered from the violent ordeal. After a few moments, Pilate murmured, "Now what?"

"Now..." Belle gulped. "We do what we've always been doing."

"What's that?"

"We wait for the spark..."

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