• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Mixed Signals

"Captain!" A crew member galloped frantically across the Steel Wing, throwing his voice over the sounds of cannonfire continuously echoing throughout the deck. "Captain Filta, sir!"

Filta turned away from Shell to greet the pony. The stallion came to a stop, panting for breath.

"We've detected a new frequency, sir!" the pony exclaimed. "A new leyline signal! Just now!"

"What kind of a leyline?" Filta's eyes narrowed. "Is it Xonan?"

"No, sir. It's too faint, and it bears a Ledomaritan signature. Our communication array lit up ten minutes ago. So have our sound stones!" The pony raised a blue shard in question. It was glowing bright blue.

Filta blinked. He turned and glanced over at Shell.

Shell calmly opened one of his uniform's pockets, lifting out a sound stone that was brimming with blue light. He glanced over to see that the stone halfway out of Filta's pocket was likewise illuminated.

Filta turned once more to the crew member. "Has there been any contact with the ponies producing the signal?"

"Negative, sir. There's a great deal of interference."

"Can you focus our array and triangulate on the signal's location?"

"We're already attempting that, sir. But what would you have us do when we find it?"

Filta turned to Shell once more. "Could they be attempting to contact ponies on the outside? Requesting assistance or a rescue?"

Shell's mane blew from the concussive blast of yet another cannon going off. He calmly shrugged it off and said, "We've been shelling those wretched cowards for the better part of seven hours. Odds are, they're surrendering."

"Still, it would behoove us to listen in on their signal, yes?" Filta remarked.

Shell took a deep breath. He plodded across the deck with his metal prosthetic. "If I'm to understand it right, because of their signal, you and your stallions can triangulate their location. Correct?"

"Affirmative," Filta said with a nod. "The Steel Wing possesses one of the most advanced communication arrays in the fleet. Combined with my well-trained unicorns, we can find out just where they are located within twenty meters."

Shell paused, gazing out at the burning, burning lengths of Foxtaur. A huge column of smoke was devouring the horizon.

Filta's eyes narrowed. "Sir? What do you have in mind?"

Shell pivoted about, gazing coolly at Filta and his fellow crew members. As another round of cannonfire echoed, he shuffled over to an obese form leaning against a pile of wooden crates.

Enforcer Josho looked up, still weathering several fresh bruises.

Shell spoke to him in a liquid fashion, "You've had a great deal of experience in long distance teleportation. Is that correct?"

Josho shuddered, running a hoof through his mane as he stood up and gave Shell a sober squint. "Are you... asking f-for my assistance, Prime Enforcer?"

"I'm not making any requests." Shell's voice took on a knifing edge, his body framed darkly against the rising smoke all around. "I am telling you that if you have any talents of the sort left in that wasted body of yours then it would greatly benefit you to bring them to the table right now."

Josho gulped. He glanced at Shell, then at Filta, then back at the cold stallion leering over him once more.

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