• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Air Game

The morning sun was peeking in the east, casting an eerie platinum glow to the billowing skies as Rainbow Dash threaded her way north through the burning lengths of Foxtaur. All around her, everything was melting and collapsing. She hissed through clenched teeth as her ruby pendant carried her through the fog and mess of the conflagration.

"Come on... Come on guys..."

She panted and panted, dipping up and down and dashing left and right to avoid collapsing trees and falling branches. Plumes of flame erupted beneath her as panicked woodland creatures fled the spreading blaze. It was too late for the blue pegasus to save them. It was too late to save anything...

"Just hang on a little longer. You'll be okay. You'll be okay..."

A final line of trees lingered ahead, just before the Foxtaur plateau dipped into a low valley of smoldering debris.

"Please be okay. Please be okay. I'm coming to get you. I'm coming—"

She emerged through the trees. A burst of platinum dawnlight flooded her features.

Rainbow Dash froze, braking in mid-air and hovering to a standstill. Her face paled.

The tell-tale signs of the managliders carrying Belle and Pilate were mere dots against the horizon. The Steel Wing was facing towards her from a mile away... and it wasn't alone. The other two battlecruisers had returned, along with a dozen support ships. No less than fifteen Ledomaritan zeppelins faced the edge of the forest, and before Rainbow's quivering eyes, a hundred glistening lights flashed as every cannon in that part of the continent fired off simultaneously.

She gulped.

"I'm screwed."

The world exploded.

Chunks of Foxtaur erupted to her left and right. A patch of stony earth vomited into her flinching figure. Rocks and clumps of debris rained down on her flapping wings as she shouted into the fray, spun, and blurred immediately to her left. Skimming the northern face of the Foxtaur plateau, Rainbow Dash weaved and juked as shell after shell impacted the charred forest below and past her. Entire trees were thrown from their roots. The shredded bodies of unlucky wildlife sprayed past her face.

Gritting her teeth, she pulled up and soared towards the smoldering sky, desperate to gain altitude. As if reading her mind, a volley of shots exploded high above, sending flak and shrapnel flying through the Ledomaritan heavens.

"Grrrrrrghhh—!!" Rainbow Dash twirled, banked right, and flew north, bravely surging into the face of the incoming fire. Her every breath was a heated thing, punctuated by bright flashes of erupting shells below and above her. After a few breathtaking seconds, she could no longer register the continuous thunder, for her ears had been filled with a hideous ringing noise. Through squinting eyes, she detected the dark shape of the Steel Wing where the managliders were landing. In a fitful burst of energy, she flapped her wings harder and glided towards the vessel—

A shell exploded above her. The sheer concussion the blast knocked her completely off balance.

"Gaaaaah!" her voice cracked as she toppled, tumbled, and fell like a dead blue weight towards the amber-lit vistas of Foxtaur's burning canopy below. She flapped her wings, trying to even herself out amidst the rising heat and vaporous bursts of air. "Nnnngh—Darn it!" She held her breath, angled her body, and dove bravely into the smoldering mess.

The shells going off were distant thuds now as she took her suicidal plunge. She threaded her way through the sparkling foliage, hot leaves and branches slapping her body and face. Weathering the jolts and fresh cuts, she spread her wings out, ducked under a pair of collapsing trees, and squeezed across a forested clearing exploding with ashen debris.

Pulling up, Rainbow Dash dodged flinging wooden limbs, spiraled in her ascent, and steeply re-approached the distant battlecruisers. The forest exploded immediately behind her, missing her body by mere seconds. She rode the wave of thunder, accelerating towards her destination. The cannons fired again, but this time the shells blew up in sporadic fashion, missing her by hundreds of meters.

Yelling for good measure, Rainbow Dash twirled past several more blasts and approached the first of the dozen escort ships. The zeppelin veered east until its starboard side faced her. At first, she was confused, until she took breathless note of six managliders taking off from its hull. With twitching eyes, Rainbow Dash saw every other ship unleashing entire squadrons of flying aircraft. Soon, the entire sky was full of the vibrantly humming interceptors.

"Oh for Pete's sake!" Rainbow Dash nevertheless slapped her hooves together. Her ruby pendant glinted in the morning sunrise as she flew up, angled her wings, and dove sharply against the incoming phalanx of death. "Gaaaaaaaah!"

He entire vision was consumed with a murderous wave of bladed rockets.

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