• Published 19th Oct 2012
  • 8,996 Views, 9,443 Comments

Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Final Run

The smoke over Foxtaur was beginning to dissipate. The managliders—having split up—were presently sweeping through the air in swirling patterns, using their engines to clear the smoke and reveal their elusive target.

On board the three battlecruisers and the escort zeppelins, dozens upon hundreds of Ledomaritan enforcers nervously eyed the sky, their hooves and horns trained on swiveling cannons loaded to fire at a moment's scream.

A trio of managliders dove high from cloudy heights, making a return trip towards the Steel Wing in the distance. The pilots and copilots glanced around fitfully. The rising sun broke through a wisp of smoke—flashed hot gold—and revealed a blue form.

A pilot glanced aside and gasped. "There—Grakkkt!" He choked as Rainbow's hooves ensnared his throat and yanked him by the skull off his seat.

"Nnngh!" Rainbow threw the enforcer's body into one glider and kicked the wing of another. Thrown off balance, all three gliders collided with one another in a shower of sparks and manaflame. The surviving unicorns jumped off, fumbling for their parachutes as the exploding vehicles overtook half of them. Rainbow Dash dove past the mayhem, riding the wave of flame and debris as she allowed it to accelerate her descent towards the thick line of aircraft.

"There! There! Blow her out of the sky!" several stallions shouted as they swiveled their cannons to fire.

But it was far too late for a clean shot. Rainbow Dash now dove through the thick of the Ledomaritan armada. Flak and cannon fire exploded ineffectually around her as she easily dove, dipped, and sped her way around hull after hull of lumbering aircraft. Managaliders skimmed their own motherships in hot pursuit, but Rainbow Dash threw them for a loop, dipping her agile body between ballasts, masts, and the support ropes of various dirigibles. She kicked off the scrambling bodies of crew members, pulled up, and flew fearlessly into the wake of exploding cannons.

Voices shouted and stallions screamed as a wayward spray of shrapnel impacted the hull of one escort ship. Rainbow Dash easily ducked its collapsing gondola as the vessel and all hooves on board drifted gruesomely towards the burning countryside below.

Flying up like a living blue dagger, Rainbow Dash skirted the surface of a battlecruiser's starboad side, dove over the deck, flew so low that she could brush tails with the captain, then avoided several mana-guns and taser swings as she barreled through a screaming cluster of bodies and came out the other side, spinning towards her target: the hulking body of Steel Wing.

Shellfire exploded on either side of her, but it mattered little. She was unstoppable. Rainbow Dash's eyes shown like blood stones in the morning light as she weaved around diving managliders, kicked off an interceptor or two, and flew bast converging cannonblasts, all the while her gaze was furiously affixed to one shape and one shape alone.

The name vomited out of her mouth before she had the good grace to stop it. "Shell!"

A scarred, gaut body in the center of the Steel Wing stood alone in a sea of diving equines, calmly gazing up at her.

"Prepare to eat hoof!" she screamed, spun her body, and dove with her lower body's heavy limbs hurdling straight towards his skull. "Yaaaaugh!"

Shell took one long breath as his one-eyed gaze flew into view, followed by a strobe of light as he unsheathed his taser staff and raised it—

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