• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Divine Deliverance

I opened my eyes.



The Milky Way.

The night sky hung over me like a glittering canopy. In every cardinal direction, the world stretched as a flat, emerald expanse. Far below, the rooftops of buildings glittered with candlelight.

I blinked.


No response.

"Dalton? Are you there?"

A cold gust of wind blew at me. I felt a silken nightgown adorning my figure. Rainbow colored braids billowed behind my neck. I ran a hoof back to feel them, brushing instead with a wing of feathers.

"I'm... I'm her," I stammered. My face twisted in a bout of confusion. "But... why do I feel so pretty?"

I wasn't sure why that made sense, but it did.

"Dalton?!" I called out again. There was no voice from beyond the memory. How could I have lost him so swiftly. "Dalton, I think there's something wrong with the sequencing! I can't... Where are..."

I nearly fell into nothingness.

"Gaah!" I steppedback. I realized, as if for the first time, that I was standing on an ivory white balcony. The reason why the world glittered above and beneath me was because I was near the summit of an unbelievably tall spire in the center of an enormous valley. "Wh-where in Spark's name am I?" I stammered.

"The Spark has many names," said a soothing voice directly behind me, albeit resonating with holy power. "But it only has one spirit."

I spun around, gasping. I hugged mys limbs to my body as I found myself trembling in a grand shadow formed in the starlight. Standing above me, tall and majestic, was a snow-white unicorn with pearl blue eyes. And then that unicorn spread a pair of alabaster wings, angelic and intimidating all at once.

"You do not belong here, but I am so very glad that you came," she said, and she did with a meditative smile.

"Dear heavens," I murmured, stumbling back, almost falling off the balcony's edge. "An alicorn..."

"Hello, child," she spoke. "I am Queen Whitemane. And we are all a long way from home."

"H-home?" I stammered. "But... I don't understand! Where am I?"

"Shhh..." She trotted forward. I jerked away, fearful, but she silenced that immediately with a stretch of her pale wings about my tiny figure. "Where would you like to be?"

I couldn't stop shivering. I was a scientist, and yet I was a weakling. I was an adult, and yet I was a little foal. At the faintest touch of her snowy feathers, I felt a part of me breaking, a part of me more fragile than the horn. I saw Mountainfall. I saw my students. I saw a zeppelin crashing outside the campus. I saw fire and bodies and broken limbs. I saw black and white stripes, and then his handsome face. I saw eyes that were full of truth and wisdom, eyes that could no longer see the beauty that he had given me. So I gave all that I could to him, and still it was not enough. It was never enough. It was never...

"P-Pilate," I stammered. The world had grown foggy. If this was a dream, it should have shattered by now. I felt the brief flicker of crimson and emerald hues, like an endless orchard in the back of my mind, and a pair of green eyes like the needles of fur trees on the mountain crests. I started to sob. "My beloved." I wept and buried my muzzle into her soft, downy wings. "I want to be with m-my beloved. Why am I here? Wh-why am I so far away from wh-who and what I love?"

She held me gently; she protected me. The tears came out like water rapids, and I was a gasp away from drowning in them. The alicorn was my anchor, for the briefest of heavenly moments, and I didn't have to do anything but be myself.

When the crying subsided, with the last hiccuping spasms drying into a dull sniffle, she tilted my face up to see her tranquil grin.

"Life is an adventure, and an adventure always means leaving our homes. But, more often than not, it's a journey towards the fulfillment of our hearts." She stroked my chin as a mother would caress her foal. "I see a great, amazing adventure in your future, for you have come here for a reason. You have come to bring her the wind she needs beneath her wings once more, for she too has a journey to fulfill, one that involves the hearts of this whole world."

"But... But who?" I muttered. I blinked awkwardly. "Rainbow...?"

She simply stared at me with that knowing smile.

And then, I knew too. "Austraeoh," I murmured.

Whitemane nodded. "For the pony to head east, endurance must be reborn. Wind is the energy, and the energy will produce a spark, a spark that this world has been waiting for."

"I... I don't understand! Just who are you?" I exclaimed, drying my tears on one of the nightgown's sleeves. "What do you know of this subj—I mean, of Austraeoh?"

"I am simply her emissary," Whitemane said. "I delivered her to one of the Divines. And the Divine delivered her to you. Now, you must make a delivery of your own, and the world's salvation shall be assured."

"How? I mean... what power do I have? I'm just a unicorn! I—"

"You are in the right place and the right time," Whitemane said. She stepped back, her mane billowing in the high winds above the spire. "I believe in you. Now, you must believe in Austraeoh for the next phase of deliverance."

"Next phase?" I remarked. "What is that?"

Her pearl blue eyes flashed hot white. "Eljunbyro."

And I fell back.

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