• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Once Bound

Down below the high ridges of Blue Shelf, besides a rippling river that wound its way along a southwest path, a stampeding group of weathered equines stormed out of a concrete building. The crowd numbered in the hundreds, and they carried with them the soot and grime of countless months, enslaved in the belly of the mountain. They squinted at the red bands of light wafting over the hilltops from the setting sun.

In the distance, there stood several Enforcers who had been minding a cluster of ships moored to the riverside docks. At the sight of the bustling slaves—who greatly outnumbered them and their ineffectual tasers—the guards surrendered their weapons and galloped for the forest beyond.

Laughter and cheers lit the air, especially as the emerging ponies additionally saw the crumbled buildings of Ledomare surrounding the golden obelisk that pierced the skin of earth. The wreckage of bunkers, mana fences, and crashed zeppelins was still careening off the edges of the sundered cliffs. The roars of manticores echoed in the distance, their growls sending ripples across the thick river streams.

Felicity beamed, tears welling from her dirt-stained eyelids. She wiped her face and smirked aside as Placid walked up with the trembling figure of Garnet leaning on his flank. The professor gazed at the landscape, his quivering lips forming an unpronouncible sob of joy. Before anypony could say anything, a bright object surged overhead.

The ponies gazed up, and their cheers doubled at the sight of a blue streak carrying three figures with her. Equines stomped their hooves and several liberated citizens waved their hooves as the pegasus took an easterly path and ended on a plateau of rock overlooking the forested north bank of the river.

Garnet took a deep breath, summoning the strength to stand on his own four hooves. He watched as Felicity and Placid leaned in to nuzzle each other. Across the riverside stretch of land, beloved couples were embracing, sharing laughter and sobs. With a deep breath, the professor closed his eyes, bore a meditative smile, then waved towards the docks.

"Everypony! Follow me! We'll take the boats, then make our way downriver towards western territories!"

The former slaves nodded and shouted in agreement. Soon, the huge group of ponies, rams, anteloupes, and reindeer marched as one, surging towards the vessels... and to their new lives.

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