• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Fine Toothed

A dozen managliders soared over the waving treetops of Foxtaur, flying parallel to the path of stampeding wildlife barreling through the flora. The pairs of unicorns atop each vehicle signaled to each other, veered left and right, and split into twin, winding arcs in order to cover all possible avenues of escape from the central path.

They circled about in opposite directions, sweeping over the forest landscape, occasionally dropping explosive charges that forced the wild stampede of creatures to stay bunched together.

Hundreds of meters to the west, closing in fast, was the Steel Wing. No longer discharging cannon fire, the battleship had increased speed and was presently looming over the patch of forest that—just minutes ago—had been burning ground zero.

"She'll show her head," Enforcer Shell said, pacing along the starboard deck of the huge zeppelin as two more sets of mana-powered gliders launched from the bow. "She'll have to. If not for the sake of her own protection, then for the sake of the two souls she's foolishly shown a weakness for."

"How do we even know she's even in there to begin with?" Josho remarked. He winced upon receiving Shell's neutral stare. "I-I mean, we know that at least one of her companions was sucking on pine cones down there, but the target?"

"If the zebra's alive, then she's with him," Shell coldly replied. "A blind equine such as him does not make it this far into Foxtaur alive, much less across a good chunk of the Queen's continent."

"If I may add a thought, since I've already added so much ordinance to this cause," Filta murmured. He cleared his throat and gazed the Prime Enforcer's way. "I highly doubt that she will have clung to the zebra's side, or your former colleague from Blue Shelf, for that matter. If I was a pony with wings, the first thing I would do in a situation such as this is flee as swiftly as my feathers would carry me."

"My dear Captain," Shell murmured as he turned to gaze coolly at him. "If I may be so bold..." He gestured towards the hulking body of the Steel Wing beneath him. "Are you or are you not a 'pony with wings?'"

Filta blinked at that. "Erhm..."

"And would anypony be right if they said you were the antithesis of loyalty?"

Filta took a deep breath, gazing off into the forest.

Shell's one eye narrowed. "Those with spectacular gifts are endowed with spectacular duty." He gazed towards the east. "Even if it is a foolish delusion. Alas..." He gestured towards the circling mana gliders as they dropped bombs, bombs, and more bombs. "It is our job to teach her a lesson, even if it takes the blood and entrails of her pulverized companions to wash away her idiocy with."

"And what if all we do is manage to tick this mare off?" Josho's brow furrowed. "I've fought her before. It wasn't exactly easy."

"For your information, I fought her as well," Shell said, lifting his metal cast for emphasis. "And the day I settle for 'easy' is the day I give up my head before my legs."

Josho had no reply.

Shell gazed once more at Filta. "Convey a message to your stallions. If there's no sign of the pegasus breaking the canopy in the next ten minutes..." His cold brow furrowed. "Order them to drop the gas bombs..."

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