• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Sensible Fashion

"Wow," Rainbow Dash remarked, folding her forelimbs as she leaned over in mid-hover. "That looks like it hurts."

"This is not hurting," Eagle Eye murmured, his eyelids fluttering as his forehead tensed. "This is concentrating."

"Should I also have my eyes closed for this?" Pilate asked, sitting directly across from the lavender unicorn situation. "Your Captain wasn't quite this... focused..."

"It's not about what you do, Mr. Pilate," Eagle Eye said, biting the edges of his lips. "It's about how well I can do what's requested of me." He gulped and continued, "Connecting with something like your manasphere is a great deal more complicated than examining the leylines of another unicorn. There's more... I dunno—ethereal cosmic cobwebs and stuff."

"Spoken like a good psychocolt," Zenith mused.

"Let him think," Crimson said, pacing around the huddled scene within Foxtaur. "Or else we'll toss you horn-deep into the Ledomaritan machina instead."

"Good. It'll relieve me from feasting on Foxtaur acorns and pine cones."

"Shhh!" Eagle Eye hissed, his brow creasing. "For real, guys!"

"I just feel like I should be doing something or—" Pilate's speech teetered off.

"Like what, beloved? Backflips?" Belle squatted down beside him and placed a gentle hoof on his shoulder. "Just let him do his work."

"The fact that you're all doing so much work is what amazes me." Pilate swallowed and said, "You've done nothing but show us all kindness. It's much appreciated."

"Hey, we're soldiers," Phoenix said with a smirk and a shrug. "Not monsters. Besides, eating zebras and unicorn mares is bad for my cholesterol."

"Even when you try to make a joke, you're bumping into things," Zenith muttered.

"Well, not all of us can settle for being jokes."


"Hold on..." Eagle Eye's ears twitched. "What's this?"

"What is it?" Rainbow Dash asked, hovering lower besides her two friends. "Is it something bad?"

Pilate winced, his mohawk blowing all over. "Uhm... Miss Dash? Your wings..."

"Er..." Rainbow bit her lip and hovered a safe distance away. "My bad."

"I sense something," Eagle Eye murmured, his horn starting to strobe faster and faster. Suddenly, his face stretched, as if he had just dove into a bucket of warm bathwater. "Seriously? That's it?"

Phoenix and Zenith glanced at their captain.

Crimson rubbed his chin, squinting. "I don't read you, EE. Is there something strange about the entanglement?"

"Well, it's... it's..."

"Formidably huge, right?"

"Well, sure, but it's so loose. It's like a short clump of yarn, all it takes is yanking on a string."

"So do it!" Phoenix barked. "Yank at the string!"

"I just have to find where the leylines are coming and going—Ah! Well, that wasn't too hard." Eagle's chin clenched and unclenched. "You really couldn't figure this out on your own? Erm... Captain, s-sir?" He blushed slightly.

"Hmmm..." Crimson managed a slight smile. "Looks like you still have the best sight of us all, EE. Be it visual... mental..."

"Fashionable," Zenith droned.

"Nnnngh..." Eagle grumbled, his horn starting to lose its luster.

"EE, would it help you concentrate if i snapped Zenith's head off and shoved it up one of his nostrils?"

"Wuh oh. Daddy to the rescue."

"Hold that thought." Eagle Eye licked his lips, leaned forward, and flashed a strobe of light. "Annnnnnd... got it!"

The plate on Pilate's skull flashed with brilliant magic...

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