• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Sticking It

The depths of Blue Shelf shook. From deep within the mountain, something resonated. Dense rock split into gravel and layers of concrete crumbled as a great impenetrable object churned its way towards the surface of the world. One by one, the layers of the facility shattered upon the approach of a gigantic, metallic spike. The obelisk roared its way up through the multiple levels. Department Blue imploded instantaneously. Laboratories and storage compartments collapsed on top of one another. Garnet's former office, the sequencing chamber, interrogation rooms and locker closets: everything fell prey to the machine world's climbing obelisk.

Outside and above the facility, the hilltops shook and the trees swayed. Patrolling Enforcers had to brace themselves as a veritable earthquake roared across the land. They shared pained expressions, then shouted as the ground split up beneath them. Slowly, with the grace of an oozing volcano, a great golden spike emerged from the crust.

Soil and rock exploded, flying high into the sky. Pine trees collapsed in a grand ring about the impact site while dozens of boulders rattled downhill. The obelisk was at forty feet of exposure, and still it did not cease penetrating the sky. The tremors of Blue Shelf increased ten fold, and soon log cabins and concrete forts were collapsing. Soldiers and guard ponies ran for cover, their shouts and cries silenced by the cacophony of the pierced world.

Then there was a hideous groan. Stallions looked up and gasped to see the immense concrete zeppelin towers of Blue Shelf careening and bowing. Above the elevator entrance to the facility, one such tower undulated so far that it split down the middle. In horrifically slow motion, the entire cylinder of concrete crumbled to ashes, spilling dust and debris across the Ledomaritan summit. As it fell, two zeppelins barely managed to untether themselves. One dirigible, however, wasn't so lucky, and it was dragged down through the sky, its bulbous body colliding with the two trying to escape. The one airship imploded and fell in a shower of metal shards and shrapnel while the other two deflated and gradually careened towards the craggy landscape below.

In the middle of all this madness and destruction, the obelisk kept rising. Finally, just as the earthquake was at its strongest, the spire finally slid to a stop. Platinum lines of glowing energy swam up its body, then pulse all along the height. A loud, bass humming noise rose in volume, then culminated in a symphonic blast of noise that sent rivulets of arcane energy soaring across the landscape.

The soldiers gawking at the sight winced when the energy waves overcame them. One by one, their tasers went dead and whatever manacarts they had teetering around lost their vibrancy and died. The Ledomaritans could only watch in shock as every source of pony-manufactured sorcery shorted out from machine's emanations. Then, with a sound akin to crackling paper, the mana fences surrounding the ruined camp flickered and failed. Every glowing barrier went dim.

For a brief moment of hilarious silence, the guard ponies stared at each other and their inneffectual tasers.

"Awwwwwww crap," one uttered in the midst of the stillness.

As if on cue, the forests exploded with roaring noise, and a living layer of manticores charged out of the foliage. They bounded effortlessly through the dead fences and smashed their way onto the scene, tossing shrieking stallions left and right. The soldiers shouted and fought back, flinging rocks and blunt weapons with their telekinesis, but as the manticores tore into the haphazard scene, it turned out to be a losing battle for the Ledomaritans. Their screams blanketed the landscape.

Far, far down below, in the slave pits just outside the machine world's door, the tasers of the patrolling guards also shorted out. They stood in numb circles, struggling to bring juice back to their weapons. As the seconds ticked on, they sweated nervously.

The enslaved equines on the other hoof...

"Get them!" Professor Garnet shouted, his emaciated body invigorated as he stood up tall and pointed at the wide-eyed Enforcers. "Now's our chance at freedom!"

Every pony, ram, anteloupe, and bison in that room yelled victoriously, charging the shrieking guards and paying them back for months upon months of misery. Chains were broken, shackles were unclasped. Atop a hill of gravel, Felicity and Placid exchanged glances. The two unicorns smiled, dropped whatever load of rocks they were carrying, and happily joined the fray.

Quite effortlessly, the surging herd of laborers galloped their way under torchlight towards the northern elevator shafts, and towards felicitous liberty.

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