• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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My Hope

I opened my eyes. I was sneering. I was shaking. Sooner than I could breathe, I was screaming.

"Nnnnnghh-Raaaaaaaaugh!" I flew forward, hooves first.

I shoved the statue over.

A dragon whelp's eyes reflected its fall in slow motion.

When Discord's stone body struck the ground, there was no thunder that could match it or my voice.

Pieces flew everywhere, shattering into pale sediment.

His antlers melted into his skull. His talons became one with the shards of his limbs.

He was powder, refuse, garbage, nothing more.

And I stood over him. Leering. Seething. Hissing through my teeth like a ravenous canine.

I hadn't the good sense to dodge the effluent cloud of black mist surging out of the shattered statue and into me.

"Unnngh!" I fell back, convulsing all over. I felt sharp waves of pain knifing into my every limb. Black sparks danced between my ears, hooves, and gaping teeth. Then, in an obsidian blink, it was all over.

I was lying on the ground, panting. My eyes flew open, pulsing. I sensed the world flashing red then back to normal. Then everything was dead silent.

The landscape morphed around me. Slowly, like receding waves after the tide, Discord's chaos vanished from Ponyville. The floating rocks and swirling hills coalesced into a snapshot of normalcy. Ponies started coming out of houses. Frightened citizens gazed towards the center of the thunderous event.

For the first time in my life, I didn't wish to put on a show.

I rolled over, face first against the settling blades of grass.

I was aching, heaving. The pendant around my neck suddenly weighed a ton. On convulsing limbs, I crawled across the pieces of Discord, across the scattered remnants of my friends, until I stumbled upon a pile of ash still carrying an orange hue. I reached my hooves towards it, and the material spread from my touch, as if scattering away from me, melting like all the good things of the past.

And I sobbed. Openly and shamelessly, I sobbed, cuddling what was left of the ashes, what was left of my feelings, what was left of hope. I could not hear anything else. I could not see anything but tears.

I was alone.

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