• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Good Tidings

"And so it's kind of a hairy game of hide and seek, only we're not just hiding from the Ledomaritan Enforcers; we're attempting to move our way east beyond the territories of the Confederacy and the country that they're at war with," Rainbow Dash said. "I've got tons of berets so far! You should see them!"

"We believeth thee, Rainbow Dash," Luna's voice replied through the pegasus' pendant. Several hours had passed, and a dim light was forming along the horizon beyond the mountains. "There is so much to taken in. It would appear as if thou hast been conscious for such a little time, and yet thou hast managed to acquire quite an ample helping of tasks on thy plate."

"You can say that again!" Rainbow Dash said with a smirk. "I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm always super duper hungry! Heeheehee!"

"There isn't much time left for our communication, Rainbow Dash. We feareth that we must rest the moon for the sake of raising the sun soon."

"Yeah, I know." Rainbow Dash gulped and stared into the cold morning winds. "Could you just tell me a little bit more about h-home, please?"

"Beyond what thou already knoweth?"

"There's gotta be a few things you skipped! Not that you're an absent-minded princess or nothing—"

"Perish the thought." Luna's voice paused for a moment, then continued. "The older brother to Twilight Sparkle—the unicorn known as Shining Armor..."

"Who, ol' squint-eyes? What about him?"

"He hath become engaged to a unicorn from the north, a member of royalty, no less."

"No kidding! Who's the lucky mare?"

"Princess Mi Amore Cadenza."

"Ewww. Ahem. Well, thank Goddess she's marrying. She sure as hay could use the name change."

"As always, Rainbow Dash, thy humor is lost to us."

"The only humor is that belonging to the parents who named her! Sheesh! Heeheehee..."

All the while, Bellesmith sat beside her beloved a few feet away. She had a long-lasting grin of contentment plastered on her face as the morning dawn rose in golden effluence.

"I don't understand..." Pilate whispered aside, his ears twitching. "Wouldn't now be a good time for Rainbow Dash to ask her ruler about the machine realm? Or about Eljunbyro? Or the edge of the world? Or—"

"Shhh!" Belle insisted, murmuring towards him. "There will be two or three days of the full moon for her to do such, Pilate. Allow her an evening to reconnect. Doesn't she deserve any less?"

"Hey, you'll get no argument from me. I just..." He sighed and leaned forward. "I'm just curious, I suppose."

"You're not alone, beloved," Belle said, nuzzling him. "But something tells me, even as much as Rainbow Dash knows... or pretends to... she will always be an enigma to us."

Pilate nodded. "An enigmatic salvation will do."

"Mmm... indeed."

"—around the lower lakes, irrigating the west fields. Indeed, it would seem as if Cloud Kicker has been doing a fine job with the weather flying since thy absence, though it has taken her a while to learn the fine skills that came easily to thee."

"Heheh..." Rainbow Dash smiled, her wings flexing. "I knew that mare could get the job done, if any. It's nice to hear that Ponyville isn't suffering a drought or anything."

"Affirmative. Even if some horrible disaster was to occur, Spike's mastery of the magic skills can aid the local climate control."

"Seems like he's gotten a lot better at sorcery since I last talked to you."

"He had a lapse two moon cycles ago."


"He had to hibernate while his wings grew."

Rainbow Dash's eyes widened. "Spike's got wings?!" She twitched. "Spike can fly?!"

"Not terribly well, we fear. But it is of little matter. Your young filly friend is teaching him lessons—"

"Wait." Rainbow Dash craned her neck to the warming sky. "Wh-which filly friend?"

"The young pegasus with eyes like lavender flowers—"

"Friggin' Scootaloo can fly?!" Rainbow Dash beamed. She laughed hysterically, pounding her hoof into the earth. After a heavy gasp, she exclaimed, "That's great! That's super crazy great! Like—how long has she been able to do that?!"

"We would guestimate about four moon cycles since her cute-ceanara..."

"Holy—Snkkkt!" Rainbow Dash almost gagged on the blades of grass. "She's got her cutie mark too?!"

"It was apparently an event of major importance. All of her close friends congratulated her."

"Was... was she the first out of that little gang of pipsqueaks to celebrate her cute-ceanara?"

"Yes. We do believe that was the nature of their celebration."

"Hah! Why that adorable little turkey buzzard! Of course she'd be the first one to get it!" Rainbow Dash's teeth showed in her wide grin. "What is it of, your Majesty?! You gotta tell me! What's the cutie mark?"

"Why, it's—" Luna's voice faded.

Rainbow Dash blinked. She sat up straight, gasping. "Princess?! Princess Luna?!" Suddenly, Rainbow Dash was wincing.

The sun had glided over the eastern mountains, casting sharp rays of platinum light over the mountaintops.

Pilate bit his lip. Belle watched, her face stretched sympathetically.

Rainbow Dash blinked again. With a heavy sigh, she hung her head. Her shoulders shook once... twice...

Bellesmith gulped. She stood up and reached a hoof out towards her. "Rainbow Dash..."

"It's... it's gonna be full daylight in an hour." Rainbow Dash flapped her wings, masking the sound of a sniffle as she climbed against the mountain winds. "I... uh... I'd better go get a look at the landscape below us, in case there are any Enforcer patrols or whatnot."

Pilate stood up next to Belle, resting a hoof on her shoulder. "There's really no hurry, Miss Dash. We can wait a bit before we head out—"

"Pfft! Screw that! You guys wanna get to freedom or not?"

"Well... of course, we—"

"Then lemme scout ahead! I think I saw a town over the southeast mountain crest before the sun went down last night. Uhm..." She cleared her throat and put on a brave smirk. "I'll go and get a look-see. You two hang out here and don't take a step until I get back and tell you it's safe, got it?"

"We..." Belle lingered, then smiled back. "We got it, Rainbow Dash. We'll wait for you."

"I promise." Rainbow Dash winked and shot her way east. "I won't disappoint."

She left the couple in a blue blur. Pilate and Belle stood alone, gazing anxiously at each other in the morning glow.

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