• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Emerald Eyes

"Wooohoo!" I flipped in the air and twirled into a grinning hover. "And did you see the way Spitfire came out of that Gyrating Griffon Spiral?! It was absolutely perfect! I'd kill just to have the balance and... and... awesomeness of that!"

"That does seem to be the word of the day," Twilight said with a smirk and a roll of her eyes.

"Oh! And Fleetfoot! I didn't get a chance to see how crazy cool she was at the Best Young Fliers Competition, but she was totally ripping holes in the clouds!" I bucked the air. "Blam!" I spun and punched my forelimbs one after another. "Whip! Pow!" With forward-flip, I somersaulted over everypony's heads. "And then came out with a Sideways Dragon Drag! Nyeaaaargh—Swoosh!"

"Rainbow Dash! Honestly!" Rarity exclaimed, frowning up at me. "Would you be a dear and settle down?!"

"Why you gotta be a buzz kill, Rarity?!" I swung back and forth, performing a whistling barrel roll. "Woooh! Ha! I'm electrified! Can't I live in the moment?"

"Well, could you wait until we've arrived in Ponyville before living in the moment?" Rarity pointed towards the far end of the train car. A star-lit landscape blurred past the passenger windows of the speeding compartment we were all in. "I swear, you are making everypony look at us like we're Commander Hurricane's pack of ruffians!"

I blinked. Hovering near the car's roof, I looked towards the seats on the far side. Several elite unicorns were glaring my way, several whose hats had just been blown off.

"Eh heh heh..." I blushed. My wings went slack and I plopped down in a bench besides Applejack. "Guess not everypony wants to feel the electricity as much as I do."

Applejack yawned, pivoted, and leaned a chin on her hoof. "Hmmf... Land's sakes, sugarcube. It's been twelve hours, and still yer goin' on about dem Wonderbolts?"

"Why would I not be?!" I grinned wide. "They were.. they were..." My grin cracked even wider, and I had to sputter forth, "The Wonderbolts!"

"Well, that much is obvious," Applejack said, yawning again.

"It was so much different than the last two times I met them! I mean, sure, I met them in person, but it's easy to forget just how awesome the real deal is until the real deal does what makes the real deal so cool right in front of you! I mean it; they get better everytime I see them! No wonder they didn't pay any attention to me at the Gala! I have to step up my game, especially if Fleetfoot can pull off the kind of sick tricks she did today and... and.... AJ, why are you catching flies so much?"

"Hmmm?" Applejack tiredly blink at me. "Oh, I'm sorry, Rainbow. It's been a long day and..." She sighed, staring out the window next to us. "Somethin' about dag-blame'd train rides that really does a number on my head."

"Oh yeah? Since when?"

"Shucks, I dunno. I don't leave home much to keep score." She stifled the next yawn before it could come out of her. "Nnngh... I reckon it's 'cuz it reminds me of when I was a little filly. I could never sleep when I was alone, so Pa had this habit of lettin' me lie on his back when he was out workin' the farm. I think he was fixin' to do some reverse psychology on me, get me to hate bein' around him cuz it was all sweaty and bumpy and stuff." She slid back further in her seat, smiling as her eye gazed into the floor of the train car. "But the joke was on him. It was like bein' rocked to sleep. For years, I couldn't get shuteye from lyin' still all dainty-like in bed. It just didn't feel the same."

"Heheh..." I chuckled and winked. "Who needs bed bugs when you're the one squirmin' all around?"

"Yeah, well, some of us ponies don't have us a nice fluffy cloud to drift off in."

"Guess that's your loss." I scratched my chin, gazing out the window. "Hmmm... I wonder how the Wonderbolts sleep..."

"Ugh..." Applejack rolled her eyes. "Give it a rest."

"Hey! This is important stuff to think about!"

"Rainbow, you and me and the rest of the gals have saved Equestria from Nightmare Moon, a dragon, and several parasprites all in the course of a year. Why's it so cotton-pickin' important that you join a bunch of high brow, winged showmares?"

"They're not just showmares!" I said, frowning. "They're... they're symbols!"


"Yeah!" I grinned wide. "They bring awesomeness and inspiration to the whole kingdom! Why else do you think Princess Celestia have them going on tour to every major pony city?"

Applejack yawned and muttered forth, "Equestria's short on pillow feathers?" She curled her forelegs up and surrendered to the cushion of the seat. "Mmmm... speakin' of which..."

"You're just jealous that there isn't a band of travelling rodeo ponies as awesome as Spitfire's team!" I rolled my eyes. "Boy! That'd be rich! The Silobolts!"

"Mmmmmm... yer really not gonna be happy with yer life until you somehow get asked to join them cloud kickers, are ya?"

"Well... I..."

"Don't you have enough here, Rainbow?" Applejack asked, her voice having crumbled to an exhausted mumble. "Is Ponyville so boring that you can't just do what I do?"

"What, settle?"


"You call what I do living?" I asked, her eyebrow raised. "Minding the weather day in and day out? Making squadrons of pegasi carry clouds from Point A to Point B? Cleaning up after another of Derpy's crazy messes?"

"Hmmmph..." Applejack's sleepy lips curved.

"Living is all well and good, but I wanna live large!" I turned and gazed out the window. "I wanna see what's beyond those mountains lying around us. I wanna scale oceans and cross continents. I wanna feel the winds of a billion different countries through my mane. I got the strength and energy to go places, AJ. It's just that, for as long as I can remember, one stupid thing or another has anchored me in place. And... and sometimes I'm just sick of it, y'know? I love you guys, but I gotta move. I gotta fly. I gotta..." I gazed back down at Applejack and froze in place.

She was lying still, her eyes fluttering gently beneath a pair of orange lids. The hat on her brow was tilted forward slightly, shadowing her freckled face as she slept in the seat beside me, her body rising and falling in slow, undulating drifts.

I blinked. My wings coiled at my side. With an exhaling sigh, I said, "I-I can think of two reasons for why I haven't flown away, AJ. And I can't see them right now." The next breath was a warm one, and I felt like smiling. So I did.

I didn't say anything else; I sat perfectly still. Applejack slept soundly for the rest of the train ride as we rolled through the cool dark of night. I may have watched her the whole way, and I might have fallen asleep too.

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