• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Violet Eyes

I wanted to stay here. I was happy. I was alive. I was laughing.

Then she spoke and I remembered that my ears weren't mine. "Let me guess, you're Rainbow Dash."

I tossed a cackling dragon whelp off my back and stood tall. "The one and only!" Hovering up, I gazed excitedly into her violet eyes. "Why, you heard of me?"

"I heard you were supposed to be keeping the sky clear!"

With a sigh, the lavender unicorn proceeded to introduce herself, but I was suddenly jarred by an alien voice seeping in over the golden thatched rooftops.

"Belle, your heart is the calmest it's been in days of sequencing. Can you describe where you're at?"

"Yeah, yeah. That'll be a snap! I'll do it in a jiffy! Just as soon as I'm done practicing!"

"Belle, concentrate. You're a sequencer. You can function independently from the subject."

I heard the raspy voice chanting excitedly about some group of expert fliers. However, I had become lucid, and I couldn't fixate on the unicorn or her violet eyes anymore. With a heavy heart, I allowed myeslf to become Bellesmith again and spoke in a ghostly voice outside of the sphere.

"She's home, Dalton. I don't know the name of this place or where it is located, but this is her home. She's... happy here."

"She is just a normal pegasus, then? She isn't some kind of—"

"It's been a long, long time since she's been happy. She laughs and she flies and... and..."

"And what, darling?"

"She lives. She lives, Dalton. There are no fences or electrical fields here. There is just an emerald landscape and a sapphire sky. I wish I knew this kingdom..."

"Let's take it slow, Belle. We're locating another sphere to send you."

"Oh, uhm... uh..."


"Already? I... I am making a friend, I think. You should see her mane. It's adorable and hilarious all at once."

"If the sequencing works, your collective knowledge of the event shall develop a sphere of memories you can access at any time. We must proceed to the next sphere before there is a disconnect."

"I understand, Dalton. I am ready when you are."

"Alright, Belle. Initializing in t-minus five... four... three... two... one..."

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