• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Loyalty's Labyrinth

With a grunt, I clasp another ball of dense clouds between my hooves and soar up to the bottom edge of Cloudsdale. I slap the wispy material against the structure, giving it a good buck pack it in thick. That accomplished, I twirl—hyperventilating—and dive towards another island of floating cumulus below.

I've been frantically working at this for hours now. Police ponies tried tracking me down. Pegasi guards attempted to stop me. But I outflew them all. What else was I to do? Cloudsdale could have fallen at any moment. If only one pony had the guts to do anything about it, she wasn't about to let anyone stop her.

I grabbed another cluster of clouds and zoomed straight up for the foundations of the levitating city. Discord would have to have had the power of twenty alicorns if he wanted to zap this thing from the sky. And even if he did make it all fall, I wasn't about to give him the satisfaction of making it go down easy.

I flew towards the cloudy base of the maretropolis and started layering the cumulus bits over the surface. As I did this, I felt a change in the wind. I realized that it wasn't the air that was changing, but something in my head. Some of the spiraling had stopped, making me realize that I had been dizzy the entire time up until then.

Briefly, I lingered in mid hover, a very dangerous thing considering the looming fate of Cloudsdale. But instead of focusing on that, I was having a moment of clarity. And through that widening hole of thought, colors were stabbing their way through to me: colors of purple, blue, gold, pink, and—last but not least—green.

I gasped. I reeled. I clasped onto my head as waves of pain overwhelmed me. The dizziness melted in the midst of it, like I was touching down, landing in the garden labyrinthe, staring at Discord. He was staring back, only this time he was sneering. Since when do messengers who deliver dire warnings sneer?

I felt the stab again. It pierced my heart this time, instantly producing tears. I never cried, and yet I bawled like a little foal. It took every ounce of my strength to keep my wings beating, to keep me so high up in the air as my spirit plummeted towards the center of the earth.

I clenched my moist eyes shut and seethed. When I opened them again, I was not levitating beneathing Cloudsdale. I was not in the skies over Equestria. My vision was ripping away from my body, absorbing all the colors of light, and zipping south, over the hills, through the trees, past the floating chaotic maelstrom that Ponyville had become, and into the center of town.

The Elements....

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