• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Severed Ties

...and sent a wave of energy straight through Enforcer Josho's skull.

"Gaaaah!" the obese stallion's eyes crossed as he fell back hard on his rump. Several crew ponies turned and watched as he sprawled across the deck of the Steel Wing. "Ohhhh..."

"By the Queen's horn!" Captain Filta gasped, strolling over with a cautious stare. "Are you alright, Enforcer?"

"Nnngh..." Josho hissed, wincing as sparks of energy fluctuated about his cranium. A workhoof helped him up to four lumbering limbs.

From a higher deck above, Prime Enforcer Shell appeared, staring icily down at the scene. "Enforcer Josho, is there something you would like to report?"

"Friggin' ghost piss in my ears, I swear to the Spark..." Josho wheezed, rubbing a hoof over his skull. "I have met the enemy and it smells like my ex fillyfriend's saddlebag..."

"We don't quite follow you," Filta remarked.

"Do you mean to suggest that somepony has interrupted the mana feedback with the zebra?" Shell asked, pacing over towards the officer.

"Interrupted?" Josho inhaled, exhaled, his nostrils flaring. "Ughh... More like tossed out the window." He stared up with bleary eyes at his superior officer. "The link was severed, Shell. Some glue stick or another cleaned the leylines in that walking newspaper's head contraption."

"A unicorn..." Filta glanced over at Shell. "A unicorn had to have been responsible."

"Hmmm..." Shell took a deep breath, strolling along the edge of the airship's starboard side. "But Dr. Bellesmith is incapable of natural, telepathic links. Which means..."

"They totally must have inducted another unicorn into their fugitive slumber party," Josho practically belched.

Filta's eyes darted between the two. "Runaways? Xonans? Who in their right mind would take up residence in Foxtaur?"

"I doubt this has anything to do with rightness of mind." Shell muttered, turning to stare out at the southeast horizon of trees, trees, trees that made up the emerald sea of Foxtaur's canopy.

"So, what do we do?!" Josho shrugged. "We lost our one good tether!"

Shell rubbed his chin with his good hoof. His eye blinked, and he turned to gaze at his subordinate. "Enforcer Josho, would you happen to know the approximate whereabouts of your target right as the link was severed...?"

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