• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Round One

"Who or what are you calling a 'game?'" Rainbow Dash side-strafed slowly, glaring at her opponent. "You've thrown my friends around and stuffed them into metal trash bags. So not cool."

"Fugitives and deserters..." The metal mare paced across the clearing opposite from Rainbow Dash. A red light strobed from beneath the equine's dark helmet. "Their bounties will barely buy me the mana stones to power my ship beyond the Xonan Highlands."

"If all of this is about bits, then why waste your time in a losing battle against me?"

"I am only prepared to win." The pony's voice hissed from beneath her clicking mouthpiece. "Even if I die, I'll drag you down so we can be judged by the Spark separately."

"And what's the Spark gonna say about your sorry flank being kicked?"

"It'll say that I was a brave warrior, worthy of the glory of Searo." The figure crouched, its armored joints glinting in the exposed sunlight. "And it will give me your carcass as a blanket to sleep in for eternity."

"Cute. But I'm afraid you're getting me mixed up with a pony who gives a flying feather."

"For the love of oats!" Phoenix shouted from above. "Stop talking to it and beat its skull in already!"

"Outfly it, Rainbow!" Crimson hollered. "No single pony can take on a Searonese bounty hunter one on one!"

"You've obviously not seen me in action!" Rainbow Dash shouted up high.

"And the breeder never will." The mare's suit opened up panels along its flank, exposing several miniature rockets glowing with blue manalight.

"Okay, those have got to be only for show—" Rainbow Dash pointed.

With gusts of steam, two rockets launched from the pony's armor and soared towards the pegasus.

Gritting her teeth, Rainbow Dash instanly propelled herself in a flying backflip. "Crudcrudcrudcrudcrud!"

"Rainbow!" Belle shrieked. "Move!"

"I'm moving! I'm moving!" Rainbow flew up, skirted the trunk of a tree, weaved over and around branches, and came about in a feather-ruffling somersault. All the while, the burning rockets violently trailed after her, filling the air with sparks and smoke.

Eagle Eye—still pinned to a tree—watched in quivering fear as the image of the targeted flier reflected off his glistening sight.

Rainbow Dash dove low, twirling over the ground and kicking up leaves. She looked down and past her. The rockets were gaining momentum, eating at her hooves. She looked ahead—

The metal mare was preparing a heavy swing of its front limbs.

Rainbow Dash gnashed her teeth, twirled past the bounty hunter's blow, and twirled about. "Haah!" She gripped the pony from behind, spun again, and suplexed her hard into the ground.

With a jumble of metal armor, the mare rolled backwards into the path of the rockets. However, she nimbly planted two hooves on the ground and kicked against the earth. The sight of her was consumed by a brilliant pair of exploding rockets. The surrounding trees and ruins echoed from the cacophonous eruption of flame and debris.

Rainbow Dash stood in a sweaty slump, panting. As the flames dissipated, she hung her head and exhaled with relief—

A pair of metal coils whipped through the trailing flames, ensnaring the pegasus' front and ear hooves. Gasping, Rainbow Dash left loose a voice-cracking shriek as she was pulled through the smoke and into her opponent's rising metal uppercut on the other side.

Grunting, Rainbow flew from the impact. Her blue body slammed into a wobbling tree just inches below where a familiar metal shield was embedded. She slumped to the ground, wincing. The leaves around her shook from a heavy series of hoofsteps. Rainbow Dash saw them, and she looked up—

"Grrrrkkk!" The metal mare was charging her with a sparkling taser at the end of her swinging forelimb.

Rainbow Dash scooted low. The bounty hunter's sparkling hoof slammed into the tree just inches above her flailing mane.

Rainbow slid low and bucked two hooves up into the pony's armored chest.

The mare stumbled, only to have its forward body gripped in a pair of blue forelimbs. Rainbow Dash rolled up behind her, held the pony from behind, and slammed her helmet repeatedly into the tree. "Don't. You. Hurt. My. Friends!"

Before Rainbow could smash her armored skull into the tree a sixth time, she opened the rocket panels in her flank, knocking the pegasus off her suit.

"Gaah!" Rainbow Dash stumbled backwards.

The metal mare spun and fired a rocket straight at Rainbow's prone body.

Rainbow saw the incoming projectile through the corner of her eye. She twitched. Holding her breath, she spun, dodged the rocket, and flicked her spectral tail up. Several prismatic strands caught the rocket like a lasso. Finishing her twirl, Rainbow Dash effortlessly flung the rocket back at her opponent with her tail. "Haah!" she grinned devilishly.

With an errant clicking noise from beneath her helmet, the bounty hunter dove awkwardly out of the way. The rocket flew over her and soared into the tree below the lodged shield.

The resulting explosion sent splinters flying everywhere. The dangling ponies above gasped in their swaying nets. Down below, Eagle Eye winced, flinching from waves of bark flying at him. Rainbow Dash's voice shouted something indiscernible. Squinting, Eagle gasped and his horn glowed. In a telekinetic burst, he caught his shield just milliseconds before the blast sent it sailing into his skull. He winced, staring sweatily at the levitating disc.

Rainbow Dash peered through the settling debris to see if he was alright Just then, the metal mare dove down through the smoke and gribbed her from behind. Rainbow Dash hissed and struggled. Straining through the attacker's metal limbs, she flashed Eagle Eye a pained expression.

He blinked back, nodded, and fired the shield her way with look of concentration.

Rainbow held her breath, flew her weight forward, and forced the mare's metal helmet into the path of the incoming shield.

The bounty hunter's skull rang like a giant bell. She stumbled off of Rainbow's shoulder, wobbling like a living tuning fork.

Rainbow wasn't finished. She caught Eagle Eye's shield in her teeth before it could hit the floor of Foxtaur. Spinning, whalloped the mare hard across the chest, across the flank, and two final times across the helmet—sending a vicious crack down its black surface.

The bounty hunter spun twice from the final blow and slumped back against the fallen tree, its entire body spasming beneath the armor.

Rainbow Dash collapsed on her haunches, struggling for breath as she clutched the shield to her blue chest. She tossed her mane back and glared across the settling battleground at her twitching opponent. "Well?" she raspily inquired. "You sick of this dance yet?"

The metal mare reached a trembling hoof up to her mouthpiece. With a hiss of steam and hydraulics, she removed the bottom half of her helmet. A series of metal plugs framed a mouth that spat blood out before smiling wickedly. "Sickness unto death..." Another puff of steam, and she stood up straight with a reinvigorated burst of red light through her armor. "If you make me vomit before breakfast, this will be a good day."

"Yeah, okay." Rainbow Dash gripped the disc in the crook of her hooves and flapped her wings. "You're going down before you can even think of talking again." In a burst of blue feathers, she sailed at her opponent, shield-first.

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