• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Passing Word

"What amazes us is how fearless she is."

"Indeed. That is one of her most endearing qualities."

"For instance, earlier today, when she saved us from that giant, rampaging centipede, she didn't even break a sweat!"

"It hath long been misconstrued that 'loyalty' is a passive trait. We hath observed for ourselves that true loyalty inspireth unlimited action."

"But, for some reason, I think it's different now, Your Highness."


"Yes. When she risked her neck for us today, it was only because it was a last resort. I mean, she could have battled the monster while it was inside of the cave..."

"Very true..."

"Instead, she grabbed my beloved and I and sent us towards the forest."

"That is hardly surprising. We perceive that she was thinking entirely of thee."

"Yeah, but I know for a fact that she's used to channeling everything through her anger. That didn't happen this time. I think... I think she's getting a bit level-headed..."

Rainbow Dash stirred, her lips parting as her forehead tensed under a gently-stroking hoof.

"Rainbow Dash hath been through a lot. Thy presence in her life is most fortuitous, for she must learn the hard way that there are limits to things... especially when it comes to this world..."

Her ruby eyes opened. She gasped and sat up, only to have Belle's calming hooves hold her in place on the forest floor.

"Well, sounds like somepony's up and at 'em!" Pilate said, smirking as O.A.S.I.S. hovered over the open pages of an ancient tome. A sheen of moonlight cascaded off his stripes and runed plate as he motioned his head towards the source of Rainbow's breaths. "Your subject is here, Princess Luna."

"H-Her Majesty?" Rainbow Dash dryly stammered. She gazed down at her glowing pendant, then up at the brief break in the forest canopy that allowed the lunar light to peer through. "Oh goddess, how friggin' long was I out?!"

"Several hours, Rainbow Dash."

"Oh darn it!" Rainbow winced, slapping her hooves together. "One way or another, I'm always wasting time!"

"Rainbow Dash..."

"I'm always making you wait for me, Your Majesty!" She gulped and tried sitting up. "How much time do I have left?"

"Shhhh..." Belle squeezed her shoulders, smiling as she eased her back down. "Not much... but don't worry. Pilate and I filled her in."

Rainbow gulped, sweating. "Ya did?"

"Verily, Rainbow Dash, your friends hath delivered an extremely detailed account of the events preceding this evening. We found it a most informative and felicitous discussion. The zebra in thy company, Pilate: his critical analysis would be priceless in the halls of the Canterlot archives."

"Heh..." Pilate shrugged and gestured a blind hoof into the air. "Just happy to be of service, Your Majesty."

"She has the utmost respect for you, Princess Luna," Belle added. "She says so all the time—"

"Hey hey hey!" Rainbow squeaked. "I'm awake now, alright?! No need to talk like I'm not here..."

Belle blushed. "Sorry. It's just, you saved our lives today." She gulped. "Again. And we know you wouldn't come out and just say something like that—"

"Oh really?" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. She blinked, then frowned. "Just how much else have you told her—?"

Luna's voice emitted something that sounded like a cough over the magical airwaves. "Fear not, Rainbow Dash. They simply regailed us with the tale of thy victory. We trust that thou wilt be heading further from Ledomaritan civilization?"

"Yeah... uhm... we're in a forest of some sort. Foxhound or something."

"Foxtaur," Pilate corrected, flipping a page of the book.

"Right. And apparently it's a really huge place. Heh. Wanna bet that next time we chat a month from now, we'll still be stuck here?"

"We trust that thy speed and resourcefulness shalt take you much further, Rainbow Dash, especially with the resources and assistances of such dependable friends. They truly hold the utmost admiration for you."

"Yeah... uhm..." Rainbow fidgeted, her ears drooping. "I'm starting to notice the pattern myself..."

Pilate and Belle exchanged smirks.

"So this is it, huh, Your Highness?" Rainbow Dash remarked, gazing sadly into the patch of starlight overhead. "Dead silence for another moon cycle? I'm not sure I can go on for that long, to be perfectly honest."

"Verily, we hath taken that into consideration, and we hope that thou wouldst not protest the actions we have decided to take."

"Huh?" Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

"Seeing as this is the last evening that we have to converse with thee, we invited somepony into the palace to be present at such an occasion. When we heard that thou wert unconscious, we weren't sure if such an event should be delayed..."

"Well, I'm here, aren't I? What's the big deal? Just who is it?"

"A few seconds, if thou wilt..."

Rainbow Dash sat awkwardly, watching as the dim glow to her pendant shimmered briefly. There was a rustling sound, haunting, like hooves clapping against a wide hallway of stone. Then a filly's voice echoed against the trees of the place.

"Uhhh... Rainbow? Rainbow Dash?"

Rainbow Dash squinted in confusion. "Hello?"

The voice on the other end squeaked with an emotional gasp. "Oh, it's you! It really is you!"

"Uhhh... Hi there..."

"I never thought I'd get to hear you again! Oh, this is so awesome! Princess Luna was right all along! I haven't been this excited since I got my cutie mark!"

Rainbow Dash blinked... blinked... then jolted. "Scoots?"

"Hey, Rainbow!"

"Holy crap! Scoots!" Rainbow Dash sat up, her wings twitching as she smiled brilliantly into the nightly glow. "Killer! Wow... Your voice is—like—totally different!"

"Is it really? Sweetie's mom says so all the time, but I didn't believe it until you said so!"

"Sweetie? Don't you mean Sweetie Belle?"

"She only likes being called 'Sweetie' now. She thinks the 'Belle' part makes her sound like a big baby."

"Oh... well... heh..." Rainbow Dash smirked aside. "I can totally relate."

Bellesmith rolled her eyes. She scooted over and sat beside Pilate as the two smiled at Rainbow's conversation.

"In fact, Sweetie's all about looking and acting like an adult. A local talent agent heard her singing at a school play one day and got her to release a single. Ponyville's all buzzing about their newest, youngest music star."

"Screw that marshmallow and her ditzy ballads! Tell me about your talent!" Rainbow Dash leaned forward, grinning into the forest. "Gears and a wrench, huh? Who knew you were such a grease monkey?!"

"Yeah. Weird, huh? One day, my scooter got run over by a mule cart, and the stallion running the local sporting goods store said it was beyond repair. Well, I didn't buy that for one sec! I got my own toolcase and went to town! Not only did I make it as good as new, but Apple Bloom was asking me to fix her roller skates! And while I was at Sweet Apple Acres, I decided to tackle the plow that's been giving Big Macintosh a hard time over the past few months! Before I knew it, I couldn't stop tweaking or fixing things, and I nearly passed out. Then I woke up to Apple Bloom shouting her mouth off, grabbing me and hugging me. Turns out I got a cutie mark in my sleep!"



"Ohhhh that's so perfect! All that crap you went through to get that darn thing on your butt, and you get it while sleeping in axel grease!"

"Well, I got it, didn't I?! I sure as heck ain't complaining!"

"So what are you now? The town's local expert on rust buckets?"

"I don't really know yet! But every time we have a parade, I get to work on the floats to get some more practice! Cuz as I learned, getting a cutie mark isn't everything. Once you have your talent, you gotta perfect it!"

"Darn straight."

"I'm getting better and better at what I do everyday, Rainbow Dash. Just like you were all about being the best. And it feels so great, Rainbow. It really does."

"Doesn't it, though?" Rainbow Dash smirked. She slicked her mane back with a hoof. "Of course, being able to fix broken clocks doesn't even remotely stack up to flying faster than lightning, but hey—we call can't be perfect, now can we?"

"Heeheehee—Oh! Uhm... I don't think I have much time left..."

Rainbow Das winced, seeing the light in her pendant going dim. "Hey, tha's alright." She gulped and gazed back up towards the stars. "Scootaloo, promise me something."

"Anything, Rainbow!"

"I want you to round up Sweetie B—er, Sweetie—and I want you to grab Apple Bloom too. And I want you to, like, have lunch or dinner or something with them..."

"Heh. What, you think we're growing apart or something? Come on, Rainbow Dash, we're the Crusaders! We hang out all the time! We always will!"

"Yeah, well..." Rainbow Dash took a deep breath. "Just humor me, will ya?"

"Uh... okay..."

"Do you love your friends?"


"What, are mechanics deaf or something? I asked if you friggin' loved them or not!"

"Well... uh... sure! I mean, of course! I totally do..."

"Then you should totally tell them that, Scootaloo," Rainbow Dash said. She inhaled sharply. "Just this once, at least, so they can—y'know—hear it and remember it and stuff."

"Uhhh... okay! Yeah, I can do that..."

The light was dimming even more.

Rainbow Dash's ruby eyes skimmed the darkness as she exclaimed, "And while you're at it! You can tell them that..." She bit her lip. "You c-can tell them that I told you that I love you too!"

"Awww... now you're just being sappy—"

"I mean it, Scootaloo!" Rainbow's voice cracked. "I love you, kiddo! You keep being awesome so I don't have to kick your butt!"

"Heeheehee... Oh, Rainbow Dash, you're the best. And if it makes you feel better, I love you t—"

The pendant dimmed.

Rainbow Dash sat, breathing heavily.

Belle and Pilate gazed in silence.

Rainbow Dash closed her eyes, inhaled long and hard, and brushed two hooves across either side of her face. After a few moments, her lips formed a calm smile, and she turned to gaze at her friends.

"Rainbow?" Pilate murmured.

"Are you..." Belle fidgeted. "Are you alright?"

"More than alright," Rainbow said softly. Her eyebrows waggled. "I'm friggin' starving!" She jumped up to the sound of her friend's dry chuckles and began pacing in circles. "Why haven't we started a campfire yet?! Did we or did we not steal some friggin' potatoes the other day?! Come on!"

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