• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Danger Zoning

A squadron of gliders flew low in formation. They angled towards the cluster of trees last disturbed by the stampede. The foremost wingpony held a hoof up and shouted towards his cohorts.

"Follow my lead! Incendiary rounds at the ready!"

A cyan blur lifted up beside the first craft. "Hey!" a voice cracked.

The two unicorns glanced over. Their goggles glinted as their jaws dropped in shock.

"The sky called!" Rainbow Dash yelled, frowning. "It wants its wind back!" At the last exhalation, she spun twice in mid-air and bucked all four hooves into the left wing.

The managlider spun wildly, breaking formation as it toppled towards the expanse of Foxtaur below. All of the remaining vehicles accelerated, trained on Rainbow's prismatic tail.

"Target sighted!"

"The winged pony!"

"Immobolize and capture her!"

"Yeah, you do that!" Rainbow Dash flapped her wings and bolted upwards.

The air thundered from nearly twenty managliders pulling up and flying muderously after her. The temperature heated up from so many magical engines burning through the atmosphere at once. Spacing themselves expertly apart, the airborne enforcers sliced their way towards Rainbow Dash's rear from several different angles, making intimidating progress.

"Yeah, okay," Rainbow Dash panted in mid-ascent. "They're a tad bit faster than dragons. Still—"

She pivoted her wings, dragged air, somersaulted, and flew straight back at them.

"Dumb as an ox is still dumb as an ox!" Rainbow Dash snarled angrily as she flew towards the managliders head on. "Bring it!"

The first pair of pilots in the charge gasped. They pulled hard on their controls and veered to avoid Rainbow Dash's psychotic plunge. The numerous aircraft trailing the initial vehicle followed suit, and soon all of the gliders were soaring back down in a cascading loop.

Rainbow Dash threaded her way through the bending sea of metal, mana, and mayhem. She twirled, dipped over and above aluminum fins, kicked a glider or two off-balance, and dove low towards the tree tops, heading west, flying decidedly away from where she last saw her friends and cohorts.

"You're going to have to do better than that, ya knobheads!" She smirked and glanced back, then bilnked awkwardly at how swiftly they had returned to formation. "Well, then, way to go—"

"Three gliders at the front of the formation exposed several rocket-propelled barbs from the clefts of their wings."

"Applesauce!" Rainbow Dash cursed. Already, she was twirling her body as swiftly as she could—

With ghostly whistles, the first three gliders fired their entire compliment. The sky filled with a spread of serrated projectiles like throwing knives.

Rainbow Dash held her breath as she twirled up, down, left, right, and in a maddening spiral to avoid the razor-sharp volley. Tree branches and clusters of leaves beneath her exploded from the falling projectiles. By the time she could breathe again, the managliders were catching up to her.

"Hold it steady!" The co-pilot of the foremost craft levitated a brimming taser, stood up in his seat, and swung hard at Rainbow. "Haaugh!"

Rainbow instantly twirled sideways, pivoted her rear legs, and clamped a pair of hooves over the enforcer's weapon. "Have you written gravity lately?!" Rainbow spat. "She misses you!" With that, she twisted her lower limbs, throwing the yelping stallion off his vehicle.

"Yaaaaaah—" The unicorn fell like an anvil into the treetops below.

"Enforcer down!" The pilot shrieked, fumbling with his controls. "Enforcer down—"

Rainbow Dash perched in the seat behind him and planted her front hooves against his shoulders. "Word up." She propelled herself off, knocking the glider off course and forcing the pilot to bail out while his craft exploded into a tall tree jutting out of the canopy.

The eighteen or nineteen other gliders had veered to opposite sides during this. By that very moment, they had returned, coming at Rainbow Dash from opposite angles. Forcing her into a mid-air gauntlet, they fired converging salvos of barbed rockets.

She gritted her teeth and tried to outfly the projectiles. Though she managed to thread through the thickest torrent of flying metal, a pair of glinting daggers skimmed across her left flank. A spray of blood kissed the air.

"Gaaah!" Rainbow Dash shrieked, her eyes clenched shut. She curled into a blue ball and plunged hard into the forest below, disappearing beneath the trees.

The gliders angled out and decelerated so that they coasted over the treetops at slow speed. Several pilots and co-pilots peered down into the foliage with their thick goggles.

"Target is down!"

"Any sign of her?"

"I suggest we call in a search team from the Steel Wing—"

"No time for that!" Rainbow Dash flew up casually from beneath the squadron. She had a shallow flesh wound on her side, but she ignored it while juggling a half-dozen pine cones. "Lunch!" That said, she growled and shoved the brittle seedlings into the first pair of mouths she found.

"Mmmmgnnfhh!" The lead pilot gagged, spitting up splinters as he and his co-pilot crash-landed into a clearing below. Another pair of Enforcers swung tasers at her, only to have sharp pinecones smashed into their faces. They flew off at a bizarre angle while Rainbow spun, twirled past another salvo of barbs, and flew down through a steep trench of enpty forest.

Rainbow's ears teared from a mixture of speed and pain. Pulling herself past the throbbing sensation in her flank, she pivoted sideways and flew down the length of the gradually thinning space between trees. Thick wooden trunks blurred past her body, but that didn't stop three of the gliders from dipping down low to follow her. Her fuzzy ears twitched to hear their wingpanels sliding open to expose a phalanx of rockets.


Twirling upside down, Rainbow Dash flew up, sped towards the top half of a thin tree, spun about, and landed with her back against it. Smirking, the pegasus reclined against the wooden bark, pending the upper portion of the tree back with her weight and inertia. Then, after casually brushing her bangs out from her face, she easily kicked off it and flew the way in which she came.

The tree flew forward after her like a rubber band, and the three managliders embraced its swinging limbs.

"Gaaaah!" Two unicorns hopped out at the last second. Their glider was reduced to manaflame and shrapnel. The other two aircraft veered away from the collision, but just barely. They joined the remaining Enforcers in slicing through the air after Rainbow Dash, surrounding her from all sides.

Rainbow Dash was getting breathless by this point. When she looked around, all she saw was forest, forest, and more forest. If she flew east, she'd lead the Enforcers to her friends. If she flew west, she'd have t contend with the hulking body of the Steel Wing.

So, with no other recourse, she flapped her wings hard and flew straight up, challenging gravity for all she was worth.

The managliders viciously scaled the height of the sky after her, filling the atmosphere with a deathly hum, like the flight of several banshees.

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