• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Rainbow Dash

"This is your final warning!" The Captain shouted outside the elevator as he motioned to the other unicorns of Department Blue. His cohorts marched up to the barricade and aimed their tasers for the grooved crease down the center. "Come out or we will—"

The doors exploded.

Three bodies toppeled back, spitting blood from the metal slabs slamming across their bodies.

The Captain ducked low as his companions rolled past him. He stood up, wincing. His beret fell off as his eyes filled with color.

A blue body blurred through him, slamming his limbs into two more guards. They fell in a pile of groans and twitching hooves.

Three Enforcers lined up, swinging their tasers at the darting figure.

Four blue hooves scraped against the floor, spitting sparks. With a breathless leap, she dodged their swings, twirled, planted off the ceiling, and rocketed into the center of them.

The guards tried shouting—they vomited instead. Thunderous gut-punches slammed them in the stomach, forcing two of them to bend over and heave before a pair of blue hooves collided their skulls together.

Two Enforcers remained. One charged, yelling, swinging his taser at full fury.

Spectral mane-hair twirled as a pair of ruby eyes glared his way. A red lightning bolt glistened in the taser light as she dove over him, came down, and bit onto his tail. With one wing stretched out, she spun four times, eight times, sixteen times and released him across the hallway.

His body ragdolled through two guards struggling to get back up. They all collapsed to the ground, falling numbly unconscious.

The last guard unholstered a crystal gun, loaded it, and fired madly.

Her blurring figured darted left and right, avoiding the sailing shards. Then, with a rainbow leap, she pounced on his figure, rolled, and came out of the somersault with his gasping face in her hooves.

Frowning, Rainbow Dash slammed his skull into a sheet of glass window lining a security alcove. Cracks formed as he dizzily reeled from the impact. Then, snarling, she slammed his face into it again... and again... and one final time with a shout.

The glass shattered. The guard's forward body toppeled into the alcove, where a resounding groan echoed before his body went limp with unconsciousness.

Rainbow Dash stood, panting, haloed by thoroughly beaten equines and discarded berets.

Belle limped out of the elevator car, her jaw hanging. She looked at the stirring guards, listened to their indecipherable groans. With shuffling limbs, she approached Rainbow Dash's flank, gulped, and stammered, "Rainbow Dash... is... are you..."

With a prismatic blur, she was gripping Belle's shoulders and snarling into her face. "Where is it?!"

Belle gasped, shivering as she stared into the face of the hysterical pegasus. "Where is what?"

"Where they were keeping me!" Rainbow's voice cracked as tears joined the sweat on her face.

Belle blinked. "You mean... You mean Alpha Storage of D-Department Blue?"

"Take me there!" Rainbow Dash snapped.

"But... But—"

"Take me there! Now!" Rainbow Dash panted, draping off of Belle with sudden exhaustion.

"Okay! Okay..." Belle nodded, slid Rainbow Dash's forelimb over her shoulder, and stumbled towards the far end of Department Blue. "Let's do this together..."

Rainbow Dash breathed, very much alive, very much shivering...

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