• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Ever East

At that precise moment, Enforcer Shell struck the lower platform first. Rainbow Dash vaulted off of him, slipped, and landed in a slide.

Wincing, Shell grlared at Rainbow, crawled up to his hooves, and unsheathed his crystal gun. Less than a second later, Rainbow Dash spun, knocking the weapon out of his telekinetic grip with her tail.

"Ha!" Rainbow Dash shouted with a grin. "Not such a badflank without all your nifty toys—"

Shell's left hoof slammed across her face.

Rainbow stumbled back, only to be pummeled by a left punch, then subsequently bucked in the chest with Shell's rear hooves.

Spitting blood, Rainbow rolled opposite of the way the upper conveyor belt had taken them. The light from the red flame below glinted off her pendant as she struggled to her knees. The air thundered with Shell's heavy steps as he marched towards her.

With a hissing breath, she galloped towards him, spun, and bucked her legs high.

Shell side stepped, jumped, and came down with both forelimbs slamming onto her backside.

"Gaaah!" she exhaled. Before she could scramble away, Shell bit hard onto her mane hair, twisted his neck, and slammed her meatedly over the golden platform.

Rainbow Dash lost all oxygen in her lungs. She tried to inhale, but couldn't swallow any air from the sudden pressure Shell was applying from behind. He grabbed her in a vicious headlock and began twisting his forelimbs in an effort to snap her neck.

Struggling, she gnashed her teeth and flexed her back muscles.

Rainbow's wings expanded, shoving Shell off of her. In desperation, she kicked off the ground to gain some air.

"No." Shell's horn glowed.

Rainbow sputtered, lunging to a stop in mid-air. She saw magical light ensnaring her feathers in her peripheral vision.

"There is no escaping," he growled, then yanked his head to the left.

"Ghhhh!" Rainbow wheezed as she was telekinetically hurled to the left. She slammed hard into a swinging pendulum.

Shell clenched his jaw and jerked his head to the right.

Rainbow found herself being tossed against a metal strut. Her body went numb with pain as she was then forced to the floor. Spinning around, her body slid like a chunk of ice across the bridge and straight into Shell's waiting hoof.

He stepped hard onto the weak joints of her left wing.

"Nnngh—Aaagh!" Rainbow squealed in agony.

He leaned over and spat. "There is only dying." His eyes flickered from raw mana as he spun around completely. "Raaaugh!"

Rainbow spun, flailed like a ragdoll, and plummeted down the depths of the machine.

A horrendous clap of noise announced her rough landing atop a bridge below. She quivered all over, her face wrenched in pain. She tried crawling up to her knees, but could only collapse.

Then something tickled at her quivering eyelids: a hint of lavender light. Her ruby eyes flew open.

Straight ahead of her, at a length of twenty meters, was the golden pedestal mounted with red flame. As soon as Rainbow Dash observed this, the image was blocked by the shadowy figure of the Prime Enforcer landing between them with a thud.

"Let's face it, pegasus." Shell marched slowly towards her, adjusting his beret and cracking the joints in his bruised neck. "Dying is all you'll ever be good at. Why else would a pathetic waif like you be so far from home?"

She seethed, her eyes darting desperately to see the billowing red flame on the other side of him. She found her neck throbbing as a his harsh telekinesis was lifting her by the pendant.

Shell's venomous glare came into view. "You've obviously given up everything that's worth to you. So let me give you something to be loyal to." His horn brightened as he concentrated energy on the golden necklace. "In your death, you will be property of Ledomare, no matter how ugly that form of property may be."

She wheezed to say. "You... m-might not wanna d-do that..."

"It's never a matter of want," he said. The pressure of his magic field increased around the pendant, rubbing up against the ruby lightning bolt. "It's only ever about need—"

Just then, the Element responded, sending a bright pulse of flickering crimson light into his face.

"Gaaah!" Shell reeled, raising a hoof before his squinting eyes. His horn strobed awkwardly as his telekinetic grip faltered.

Rainbow saw it. With a sharp breath, she flapped her wings and soared forward.

Gasping, Shell tried physically reaching up for her.

She interrupted him with all four hooves slamming against his skull, then leaping off.

"Unngh!" Shell fell flat to the surface of the platform...

And Rainbow Dash soared.

Rainbow Dash dove.

Rainbow Dash's forelimbs reached deep into the red flame and grasped it...


She lurched forward under the purple canvas of night. A gust of cold wind billowed against her braided mane and silken nightgown. She looked every which way, shivering. All was silent and calm. After a few seconds, her ears pricked up. Rainbow Dash blinked, and very slowly pivoted about on the balcony of Verdestone.

A tall, milk-white alicorn stared down at her with a tranquil smile. Her pearl blue eyes sparkled with the cosmos.

"Whitemane..." Rainbow Dash stammered. She gulped, her face pale as she clung to her gown. She froze, then squinted. "Yeesh, were you always so friggin' huge?"

Whitemane let loose a dainty chuckle. Then, with a delicate stretch of her wings she uttered, "Eljunbyro."

Rainbow Dash blinked, then nodded. "Gesundheit."

"Endurance has been reborn," Whitemane said in a deep, melodic voice. "The spark may continue flying east, to reach the end of the world and beyond."

"Uhhh... yeah." Rainbow Dash gulped. "About that. I got a little side tracked."

"Did you, now?"

"I kind of sort of died."

"Then you are deceased as we speak?"

"Boy, wouldn't that be a mind-bender."


Rainbow Dash slowly shook her head. "No. I mean, you're talking to me and stuff. The only way that could happen is if you still had that mind-link thing going on."

"It was a fortuitous spell, Rainbow Dash. But my magic, like my alicorn blood, is limited. I regret to say that this is the last time I will have to speak with you."

"Oh... Uhhh..." Rainbow Dash ran a hoof through her wind-blown braids. "Well, that's cool. I-I-I mean..." She winced, and her voice cracked, "I don't think it's cool because you're going away, but it's alright with me, because I'm pretty sure I can handle getting to the Midnight Armory on my own."

"Are you?"

"Uhhhh..." Rainbow Dash bit her lip. "Yeah...?"

"Is it because of you and you alone that your voyage has begun anew?"

Rainbow Dash eyed the celestial horizon above Emeralidne. She narrowed her gaze. Then her wings flexed as she looked up once more at Whitemane. "Ding Dong."

Whitemane raised a royal eyebrow.

"Erm..." Rainbow Dash smiled nervously. "Belle, I mean. That stubby-headed unicorn saved me. She... She seems pretty cool and stuff, if not a bit on the prissy side..."

"She is in need of great help, as is her beloved."

"Yeah, so?" Rainbow Dash frowned. "I'm kind of in the middle of something here. As a matter of fact... eheheh..." She blushed slightly. "I'm more or less getting my flank kicked."

"Your destiny transcends death and space and even time, Rainbow Dash," Whitemane said. "You have the gifts that this world needs to stay intact."

"Well, hey! Whaddya know..."

"But you cannot discover all of these gifts on your own. A spark does not set itself aflame, after all."

"So... like..." Rainbow Dash scratched her left forelimb with her right. "What do you want me to do?"

"Soon enough, you will do that which needs to be done because it will be your desire, not that of an alicorn."

Rainbow Dash merely stared up at Whitemane.

"Help Bellesmith," Whitemane said. "Help her beloved. She helped you, after all. The difference is, she did not achieve Eljunbyro by choice. But you, Rainbow Dash, your choice is your endurance. Live the life that has been granted to you, and this world will prosper from it—both the light and even the dark."

Rainbow Dash exhaled heavily. "That's a tall order... helping the world prosper and all... sounds really dangerous." She blinked, and her wings stretched out vibrantly. "Where do I start?"

"Go east, Rainbow Dash," Whitemane said as the heights of Verdestone fell under a heavy fog. "Ever eastward, ever energetic, ever Eljunbyro."

Rainbow Dash smiled. A warmth came over her, and she took a deep breath. "Yeah..." She murmured. "I could do that in my sleep." Her teeth showed in a devilish grin, and before she knew it, she was flinging her body forward.


Her front hooves gripped the empty golden pedestal as her rear limbs kicked straight up.

"Nnnngh!" Shell was charging her backside with a missed swing.

Rainbow's back legs came down and gripped his forelimb blindly. With a well-timed twist of her body, Rainbow Dash snapped the stallion's hoof at the wrong angle.

"Aaaaaaaugh!" Shell wailed, hobbling back on three limbs as his one leg dangled loosely.

Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth, kicked off the platform, and spun three times before slamming both her rear limbs hard across Shell's gasping face.

With a stunted scream, Shell flipped off, spiraled, and plunged into the darkness below.

A loose beret fluttered to the ground, encrusted with the medals of the Prime Enforcer. A half-second later, Rainbow Dash's four hooves landed all around it. Catching her breath, the pegasus reached down, dusted off the stallion's hat, and replaced the common one on her scalp.

"Hmmmm..." She smirked as she fitted it over her mane. "Now that's a step up in the souvenir department, though it smells a bit like raw cabbage."

She took a deep breath, smiling casually as the machine realm around her lit up with a golden aura. Her pendant pulsated with magical red energy from the center. She gave the pedestal one last glance, tilted her head straight up, and flexed her wings.

"Still, some things smell better than others." She soared up through the platforms, pendulums, and gears. "Back at ya, Whitemane."

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