• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Last Stallion

Eagle Eye lay in a lavender heap. Wincing, he stood up, unnerved by the rattling of his sword by his side. Instinctively, the mercenary lifted his weapon first, telekinetically using it to push himself up onto all fours. He opened his violet eyes and instantly gasped.

All was fog and ash. As the forest settled from the explosion, the world above him didn't get any clearer.

He pivoted about, gulping, his violet mane a silken mess.

"Captain?" he murmured.

The air was silent.

"Crimson?" he repeated, this time more desperately.

Everything was still.

Serenaded by the lonesome sound of his own breaths, he glanced up high—then did a double-take. He marched up to a tree and squinted at it, his jaw dropping.

His shield was charred and blackened by the enemy's grenades. However, it was still in one piece. This miracle didn't change the fact that the disc was stuck halfway through a mighty oak.

Nervously, Eagle Eye approached the tree and telekinetically tugged on the shield.


He hissed and winced with the strain, his tiny muscles quivering.

With a gasp, he lowered from the tree's base, gazing at the firmly lodged disc with quivering eyes.

It was then that he heard the yelling sound of a warrior from beyond the mists.

Breathless, Eagle Eye spun about with his sword raised. "Crimson?"

There was the sound of more struggling. Metal struck metal. The air sang with whipping, slashing noises.

Eagle Eye trotted towards the thicker curtains of smoke. "Crimson?! Are... are you there?"

In response came a familiar shout. It was a yell that was all too swiftly muffled, strangled, then silenced. Brief quiet filled the smoggy arena, then shattered from the heavy sound of something splitting the air. Eagle Eye jolted at the sight of something heavy and dull flinging towards him, breaking the fog.

"Gaah!" he jumped to the side, just in time too. A heavy hammer slammed and embedded into the ground, filling the domain of Foxtaur with deep thunder.

Eagle Eye gaped at the fallen weapon. Alone and shivering, he looked all around him. The mists appeared to be closing in. With all his comrades gone, the unicorn had only one recourse.

He spun about, turned to face the forest, and ran.

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