• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Round Three

Roarke's lashing metal tail shattered straight through the rock in Rainbow's grasp.

Rainbow clutched to the two halves of stone, backflipped, and came down with both of them smashing into opposite sides of Roarke's cranium.

The bounty hunter's mane of metal-ring'd braids clattered as she stumbled back from the blow. But before Rainbow Dash could strike another hit, she squatted down low and opened a pair of compartments in her armor. Two black tentacles of metal shot out and ensnared opposite legs of the pegasus.

Rainbow Dash grunted and struggled with her bindings in midair.

Roarke smirked bloodily, thrusting her sparkling tail towards Rainbow's gut.

Rainbow held her breath and twirled backwards. Flipping within the anchorage of her restraints, she barely managed to dodge the tail which shattered a hole in a ruined wall behind her. Beating her wings, Rainbow lifted up—taking Roarke with her.

The metal mare grunted and flailed as the pegasus carried her across the ruins beneath the foliage of Foxtaur. Twisting and turning, Rainbow Dash flung Roarke left and right, making sure to swing her body like a lopsided pendulum into walls and tree trunks and more walls. Roarke grunted, taking the brunt of the impacts through her rattling armor. Just as Rainbow Dash flew towards a massive tower of mortar, she sent a blue spark cascading down her armor. The two tentacles of metal retracted, forcing her to shoot up towards her blue opponent.

Rainbow gasped as her body jerked down towards the bounty hunter. The two met in mid-air, with Roarke retracting the cables and grabbing onto Rainbow's flying body from behind. Snickering, Roarke rotated her front right hoof into a taser and prepared to jam it into Rainbow's neck.

Rainbow spun around, throwing Roarke off balance before she could make the strike, Twirling, she sped the two of them towards the old tower—slamming into it with Roarke impacting first. The pair of struggling ponies slumped to the center of a ruined temple, rolling off of each other. Roarke was the first to jump to her hooves, and she charged Rainbow like a bull, her thick head swinging low.

Rainbow Dash rolled out of the way, kipped up to her hooves, and spun in time to meet Roarke's second advanced with a bucking of her legs.

Roarked stumbled back, teetering over the edge of a massive hole in the granite floor.

"Rrrrgh!" Rainbow charged forward and speared into her armored belly. The two equines plunged several feet and slammed hard into the basement corridor below. Not a second passed without Rainbow straddling Roarke and viciously pummeling her with left and right and left and right hooks. "Grr! Rrrgh! Hrrnngh!"

Roarke shoved Rainbow off her, her lips grinning psychotically in a pale sliver of light. Rainbow Dash recaptured her balance and jumped towards her again, only for Roarke to punish with a rising uppercut.

Rainbow stumbled back, wheezing and seeing stars. Roarke advanced on her, swinging a right hoof that contacted and a left one that Rainbow blocked. She slashed her tail outward, which Rainbow dodged—as well as the next sparkling swipe.

Backflipping, Rainbow Dash found an errant sliver of granite and picked it up in her teeth. She used the random bludgeon as a club, deflecting and knocking back several of Roarke's successive tail-jabs.

The two of them proceeded this way for a while, past the dust and arcane symbols and petrified vines clinging to the walls of that deep, dark place. Rainbow's bruised and disheveled form was lit up every now and then from the sparkling impacts of Roarke's tail against her stony club.

Roarke was working up a sweat, and evidently enjoying every minute of it. Her strikes became harder and more fervent. Her grin grew brighter and more ravenous.

Finally, Rainbow's backtrotting took her halfway up a flight of stone steps. One of Roarke's tail slashes managed to wrap several times around the end of Rainbow's club. Rainbow jerked the bludgeon back, forcing Roarke to lunge forward and collapse over a bunch of steps. However, after a momentary struggle, Roarke jerked back, flinging her tail loose, whipping it in the air, and swinging it towards Rainbow's face.

With a grunt, Rainbow jumped back, reared her front hooves, and slammed them down just in time to pin the end of Roarke's unnatural tail to the granite steps. Roarke struggled and jerked—anchored in place. With mesmerizing agility, Rainbow planted her hooves on the taut tail-cord, cartwheeled along the length of it, and came down at Roarke's flanks. She landed while stabbing the sharp end of the club straight down into the bounty hunter's armor.


The black metal along Roarke's spine cracked down the length of her body from the impact. Blue and red sparks splashed out, along with a hiss of hydraulic steam as several bits of armor were unlatched from the metal plugs in her flesh.

"Aaaugh!" she yelped in pain and bucked her rear hooves up.

Rainbow Dash flipped off her, flapped her wings, and hovered just parallel to the staircase. "Hah! Not so ripe when you're unpeeled, are ya—"

"You should stop talking and keep hurting!" Roarke spat with a grin.

"Says the walking tin can with a death wish—!"

Roarke's rocket panels opened, and all of her remaining projectiles flared to life.

Rainbow's ruby eyes bugged as she flew backwards, waving her forelimbs wildly. "Wait!" her voice cracked. "I was just joking! Don't you friggin' do it—"

"Heheheheheh!" Roarke's lenses sparked as she launched a merciless salvo of rockets within that confined space.

Rainbow Dash flew in the opposite direction, find nothing but walls, walls, and walls. She breathlessly spotted a crack in the granite and squeezed her way through the tiny partition. The basement lit up behind her, catching the end of her tail on fire as she barely slid her way through.

The thunder that resulted was deafening. Chunks of marble and ancient stone crumbled in an instant. Outside, the sound of imploding ruins bounced off dozens upon hundreds of trees. The ground shook, sending tremors flying up the massive trunks as dust rose from the belly of the earth.

Several hapless ponies swayed in their nets. Pilate's ears were already drooping. He pivoted his striped face towards Bellesmith.

Inside her net, Belle was shivering. She stared at the rising cloud of devastation below as a mute whimper escaped her worried lips.

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