• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Eljunbyro - Imploding Colon

Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

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Lonesome Spark

After a major dunking, I flung my head straight up. I gasped as my wet mane filled the air with a wild splash of lake water. Reveling in the cold sting, I grinned devilishly, slipped Scootaloo's goggles down, and took off once more towards the sky, burning a straight path for the rising sun. The air bit harshly against my wet face. It served to remind me that I was alive.

"Why would you keep flying if there was no place for you to go?"

With my teeth gripped over the hatchet, I carved the last of five initials across a wooden panel. I stepped back from the abandoned cabin and observed the tiny memorial I had made. It wasn't much, but the place in between mountains was far holier than when I had first arrived. Putting my things away, I turned my back to the structure and soared east, blurring above the peaks of the rocky ridges.

"Why would you pursue life if you were nothing but death?"

I munched on celery, smirking across the campfire as Red Turnip and Ironhoof exchanged bickering diatribes, much to the snickering amusement of their fellow Wintergaiters. Fulltrot spoke under the hush of night, asking me a few questions about my travels. I answered limply; all the while my ruby eyes were locked on the unassuming motions of the "stallion" named Gold Plate.

"Perhaps the very reason is because she herself was life, something that could be encompassed in death, but never defeated by it."

I kissed her ardently. There was a gust of mountain air. I gazed at her, and her eyes weren't green. My body froze from the inside out. Before the tears could spring loose, I murmured something and took off for the stars. Gold Petals sobbed something, and I flew even faster, burning my way east.

"She gave up so much: her home, her Princesses, her friends' families. And for what? If she stayed where she was, all she would have done was died."

Gritting my teeth, I climbed up the rigid mountainside. My body was pelted with snow from all angles. I hissed as I forced my muscles into the brutal ascent, mentally begging for a break in the blizzard at any second. Many thoughts pulled at me, both tender and happy. I shook them off and trudged on, hoping to make it to the east side.

"She chose not to die slowly. She chose instead to live swiftly, like a comet streaking against the black canvas of night, burning out within a blink."

The cloak billowed around me as I bucked the ball down the field and past Cherrymane's gasping line of defense. I skirted past two or three more ponies before charging Grassy Fields. With a shout, I spun in the air, kicked the ball upside down, and watched as it victoriously ricocheted off the stallion's head and flew into the goal. The young populace of Ridgeside cheered all around me.

"If that blink would be the only slice of light afforded her, she would make the most of it. She would split it apart with a sneer and relish the colors that fountained off her wings."

My eyes sparkled as I flew over the wide valley of Emeraldine, only to stumble upon an impossibly tall spire in the middle of the landscape. Verdestone stretched towards the sky's ceiling, its alabaster rock glinting in the sunlight. Below it, sprawling far and wide, the world bustled with life. A sharp breath escaped me, and I grinned as I flew towards the sacred urbanscape before me.

"She didn't know it, but she was destined for more than even she had the capacity to hope for. There was a reason for all her struggles and trials."

I held my breath as I descended like a dull rock against the pelting sandstorm. Once I landed on the dry flats of scorched earth, I wrapped a blanket over me and tilted my mouth away from the surging sediment. I wheezed and hissed, hoping for a break in the madness, and another chance to fly east.

"She was more than just a daring pegasus, she was a spark of life... the spark, the one and only spirit of animation and courage that this world needs."

I gazed at my hooves as I trudged limply through the hazy, gray ruins of Silvadel. Sam Rose scouted ahead while Ember Speak, Swirls, and Stu guided me through the crumbled wreckage of ancient buildings. In spite of the grim situation, the survivors managed several hushed conversations and chuckles. I couldn't stop looking up through the cracks in the ruined surface of the world, hoping for a sliver of moonlight.

"She flew herself into her own destruction. It was an act of bravery on her behalf, but it was the product of too much spark and too little purpose."

I crawled across the cave floor, my body throbbing in agony. The earth rumbled around me, and then a huge claw split my wing down the center. I screamed in pain, only to be grabbed in Axan's hand and thrown against the far wall of the place. Somewhere in the beating, I thought of smiling faces.

"On her own, Austraeoh will accomplish many impossible feats. But the entire journey cannot be a lonesome one. The spark needs to be re-lit, for her endurance to be reborn."

I was flying somewhere. My body was numb. My eyes opened, and I saw a tiny village resting on a plateau of arid stone. Dozens of earth ponies gawked up at me as I drifted slowly to the ground. Several claws deposited my bandaged, broken body. There was a gust of hot air, and I saw the shadow of a giant dragon darting off towards the craggy hilltops. The ponies galloped towards me, and that was when my eyes rolled back, surrendering to cold darkness.

"She has so many gifts, but there is one thing she is lacking..."

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