by Imploding Colon

Things Given

My eyes opened. They were moist, but I was getting used to it.

It was dark out. How long had I been sleeping? Through the night?

I tried sitting up, and I felt the weight of the pendant around my neck, like shackles. I sighed.

The mountains were still around me. I felt like I was in the belly of some unimaginably giant beast, exposed to the heavens. When I reached my hooves out, the mists parted, and I saw rows upon rows of jagged peaks, like teeth.

I exhaled slowly, leaning back down to the plateau beneath me. I couldn't sleep, couldn't fly, couldn't live. Crying was getting boring; I knew that I had to pass the time doing something before I could no longer afford to pass the time. It didn't help that I had the promise of random dizzy spells to punctuate my remaining existence at any given moment.

There was no telling how long it was since I last saw Luna. Most likely, she was worried sick about me, and I was starting to get tired really quick of disappointing her. In a way, she felt like the only soul left in the world worth feeling guilty about.

So, standing up, I flexed my wings and prepared to fly back towards Canterlot. It was then that my eyes were stabbed by something bright and golden.

"Augh..." I shuddered, squinting my eyes as half of the sky caught aflame. After a few seconds, my ruby irises adjusted, and I found myself staring at a flat slit of shimmering plasma. "Oh... wow..."

The sun was rising; it was dawn. The mountains melted under the brilliant glory, casting thick shadows through the fog as the vapors too dissolved in rivulets of gold. There was something cleansing about it, something inviting and frightening all the more. I knew how small I was, but I also knew how insanely smaller everything else was. If the rising sun had burned my coat off, I wouldn't have bothered shivering afterwards.

Hours passed, hours that were mine and mine alone, and still I remained standing there, facing east, breathless.

"Oh girls," I murmured into the morning light, my breath dissolving above the stone lengths of the dead world. "Where does it all end?"