• Published 26th Dec 2013
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The Irony of Applejack Aftermath: A Warm Hearth - Mister Friendly

A return to normal couldn't be too much to ask for... right?

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“And then they all lived happily ever after. The end.”


“The story’s over already?”

“You could have ended it a little better than that, AJ.”

“Oh hush, sugarcube. If Ah let ya tell the story, they’d never get ta bed.”

“And you know what happens to bad fillies who don’t go to bed early on Hearth’s Warming Eve, right?”


“Breezies come and take ALL their presents away!”

“No!” “NO!”



“Honestly… Now, now, settle down, the two of ya. There won’t be any present-thievin’ goin’ on tonight, but it is time fer the two of ya ta go to bed. Come on now…”

“… Can we please have just one more bedtime story? Please?”

“Another one? It’s already way past both yer bedtimes.”

“Pease, Mommy? Pwetty pease with peaches on top? I pomise I’ll be weally sweepy.”

“Well… alright, hun…, then, just one more…”

Author's Note:

Rainbloom & Summerfree

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Comments ( 47 )

The dream is an obscure reference to the Crystal Empire, which hasn't come back yet. Yet.

Maximum AppleDash overload...
Error...error...too much cuteness....
Self-destruct....in three....two.....one.


Best...ending...EVER! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

So, Rainbow and Applejack kids!?! Yippee!

OMG OMG OMG a million time more!!!!!!! when I heard:

"Pease, Mommy?"

I knew exactly what was going on! OMG OMG OMG a million times more!!!!!!! I'm SO hoping and almost totally expecting a sequel THERE HAS TO BE A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have some ideas. Bits and pieces, really. But they'll have to wait for timeline reasons. Sadly, we probably won't be seeing much of Summerfree and Rainbloom for some time.

A wonderful and heartwarming story, well worth the read, and I hope worth the effort of writing it!

The events of the pageant predate Celestia's rule, but the pageant itself does not, and neither does the stage. If you watch the season 4 finale, when the princesses tell the story of Tirek and Scorpan, you can clearly see that Starswirl was alive at the same time Celestia and Luna were ruling Equestria. So, it's not unreasonable to think that Starswirl created the stage at some point in his life to improve the pageant that already existed, perhaps as a favor to the princesses or as a gift.

Basically, the timeline goes like this: the events of the pageant take place --> Canterlot is founded --> A few generations later, ponies decide to commemorate the founding of their country with the pageant itself --> Starswirl creates the stage for the Canterlot division pageant.

I've heard some talk that Starswirl's exact place in the timeline of Equestria is kind of... difficult to nail down correctly, but with Celestia basically pointing him out in the Season 4 finale, I'm going to use that as the timeline for when he existed, which would make everything make sense. So in short, there aren't really any plot holes there.

Regarding the timeline, it is now canon that Starswirl was actually a teacher to Celestia and Luna before they got their cutie marks and started their job as sun/moon movers (in fact, he was the one, who was doing it right before them). He was alive during the initial Hearts Warming event, and two young alicorn blank flanks were crowned shortly after it as a result of the three tribes unification. So it's quite possible, that he was the one, who had created the pageant in the first place.

Hmm, I must have missed that. Oh well, I'll accept your version of things. It still works, regardless. As mentioned, Celestia was only there when it was established, so it's entirely possible Starswirl created it himself. I'll leave it up to readers to decide for themselves how that went.


Pretty sure he's talking about the comics, and there's debate whether they're exactly canon or not, since they conflict with the show at points.

Also, an interesting note. Celestia moved into Canterlot after the Everfree Castle and its apparent castle-town was wrecked in her fight with Nightmare Moon, as was shown. One might assume then, that the Everfree was the original capitol of Equestria once Celestia and Luna took the reins, and it became Canterlot afterwards. If Canterlot was the Equestrian center of the arts at the time rather than its principle political center, it would make perfect sense for Starswirl to create such an elaborate setup for the theatre and history.

Ooh, I look forward to learning more about the kids when we get to that!

Yeah, that's what I'd heard. About the comics, anyway. I try to only reference and extrapolate from the show itself, so that there's little question about what really is canon. I don't reference the comics just because of the contradictions and questionable nature of them.
But whichever side of the fence one sits on, there's good explanations for both.

I do like the idea of Canterlot being more of a historical or even borderline sacred place in ancient times. One could even say that Celestia's and Luna's decision to rule from the Everfree was a deliberate political move, since Canterlot is almost synonymous with unicorns. Showing favor to one tribe over the others might not have been a sound decision for a fledgling diarchy. Really, potential explanations are endless, and for some reason, I love it!

5447149 No, he's not talking about the comics. He's talking about a certain book, that was released this summer. :derpytongue2:
It contains a lot of interesting details about how Equestria was founded, how Celestia and Luna came to rule it, and other things like that. And it's canon to the show until proven otherwise (at least, the show staff claimed it to be).


One could even say that Celestia's and Luna's decision to rule from the Everfree was a deliberate political move, since Canterlot is almost synonymous with unicorns.

Considering Equestria was devoid of the cities due to being just founded, there were not much association of any place with any tribe. But there is one thing in the Everfree, that even if it wasn't stated in that book as such, was a very good reason to establish a castle with the rulers, who represent harmony (being of all three tribes at once) in a country, built on the principle of harmonious coexistence (as is shown in the pageant), right there. :twilightsmile:

“Pease, Mommy? Pwetty pease with peaches on top? I pomise I’ll be weally sweepy.”

“Well… alright, hun…, then, just one more…”

You sly dog, you. :ajsmug: A bit spoilerific as far as the future of the Ironyverse goes, but still, I gotta admit, I like, I like it a lot. :moustache: Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Mister Friendly!!! :scootangel:

What can I say? I may put my characters through hell, but I'm a sucker for happy endings nonetheless. Plus the idea wouldn't leave me alone, so there ya go.

Well Dinky's clearly a Changeling, that was implied earlier in the story, but I'm not sure about Sparkler. It depends on whether or not she's been adopted (which she is in a lot of fanon). My guess is she isn't and was just adopted by Derpy in this continuity based on what I've read, but you'd have to check with Mister Friendly to confirm that.

This chapter only leaves me with one question: Adoption, or Conception Spell? :applejackconfused::rainbowhuh:

...but seeing as you have already flat out stated that we will see these two foals again ((both fillies if Conception Spell (no "Y" chromosomes), otherwise the names are gender neutral for Ponies)), I can only assume that the answer to said question will have to wait until the story arc after Advent wraps up.

Correct: Sparkler is an adopted pony, while Dinky is a changeling and Derpy's biological daughter. Doctor Whooves/Time Turner (whichever you're more inclined towards) is also a pony, by the by.
It's mentioned in the first chapter, when the bullies are confronting Sparkler; one of her comebacks was to say that she didn't see his mother taking her in.

There's a story there, but we'll have to wait and see if I feel like taking up another project...

I kind of laid out how changeling reproduction works in an earlier comment, so you can be the judge. Basically, it comes down to this; changeling anatomy is whacky.
There will certainly be a story centered around that whole... ordeal. Can't very well tease you folks like this and leave it at that. But at the moment, it's at the back of the line, in terms of timeline progression.

No, not this time. In this case, it's referring to Hyacinth, Applejack's blood-related aunt.

5478831 Cherngelerngs reproduce in the same way as that one sort of green slime mushi in "Mushishi". A piece of them enters a pregnant mare and devours her embryo, then takes the form of the new foal to be born.

After birth, the cherngelerng instinctively acts like a perfect baby, sweet and delightful, receiving proper instruction from the hive mind on how to behave to receive the best results and the most love. They develop rapidly, and within a year are practically adult in both mind and body. The poor parents, by this point, are nearly drained of love, weak and listless. The chernglerng then drains the last of their love, rendering the ponies into feeble husks of nothing but negative emotions, doomed to spend the rest of their brief lives able to think of nothing but becoming lawyers, and leaves to join the hive and partake in its evil activities!

And now you know how those diabolical cherngelerngs produce their demon spawn! :pinkiecrazy:


5524719 Truth and accuracy have no place in propaganda! :pinkiecrazy:

That was fun. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

We'll just pretend somepony in charge didn't have much holiday spirit in him/her :rainbowlaugh:

Finally, finally got this read. And I'm very glad I did. A touching tale all around, with a very clever solution to the problem. (And best pony was key to the plan which is always nice to see. :derpytongue2:) Thank you for it.

I can assure you, it's just a coincidence, since I've never actually read Winter Bells. I'll just chalk it up to great minds thinking alike or... something.

You have it backwards. In the main story, Lily pops up as a pony. Twilight assumes she isn't (I think she asks her where her badge is, to which Lily says she didn't have one and is mildly concerned whether she should or not). I think that's how that goes, and if not, I'll need to go back and fix it. Roseluck is the only changeling of the trio, of that I am dead certain.

Um...I need a explanation.

(this should be noted is also a general story critic here in this "after chapter"(?), Because frankly I am confused by what exactly is going on.)

Consider it a teaser. It's really nothing but bait for things to come.


Very well, Thank you for your reply and time, I look forward to getting back into the main story again.


Soooo... gonna go out on a limb here and guess that those are AJ's & RD's little hatchlings.

As far as events go, it doesn't deviate much. If I can, I'd like to connect as many canon events as possible/ within reason. I do this mostly so I don't have to go back and explain why this is this way instead of that. So, operate under the assumption that all the major plot points of the canon still take place, unless I go out of my way to state otherwise.

The biggest differences of course are the fact that Applejack is a changeling, several background ponies are changelings, and so their history is a little bit different from what it might be canonically.

Edit: To expound, when I refer to canon material, I am talking about the show. by and large, I disregard the comics, because as far as I know, the epic adventure ones are done mostly by a third party with little to no involvement with Hasbro's writing team. And from what I've heard, there are a lot of contradictions in the comics, so its best for me to just ignore them.

6858463 Cool, I only ask because it's heavily implied in the show that seasons 1-4 and part of 5 all occur in a single years time, and well, Twilight is still a unicorn here. It's not a major thing but it does give me some sense of place as I move on to the Advent of Applejack. I have very much enjoyed this and the Irony of Applejack, and am excited for the next undertaking.

While being physically changeling, it's almost guaranteed that little Butterfly will develop Verily's personality traits, though probably not completely, since she was conceived with Verily's magic. So while Butterfly and Verily won't be sharing any 'hardware' (biological traits, family illnesses, etc), they will have a lot of 'software' in common. So, further down the road, Verily and Butterfly are either going to be the best of friends, or hate each other's guts.

Rainbloom & Summerfree

But how much pony are they and are they queens?

So, pony-changeling pairings result in more changelings. As time goes to infinity, this could be a problem. Though it is more of a problem in the short term seeing as how changeling drones bond to the queen and how the queens changes affect them. That is, unless changelings with a pony parent are more centered and distant from the hive.

It's never too late for Appledash!

... ...
... ... ...
... ... ... ...

sorry, got a little excited there, :twilightblush: but i finally come back to fimfiction and see this Series... :pinkiehappy: Thanks to you i lost 90% of my weekend and loosing hours of sleep on school nights :twilightsheepish:

I was wondering how you wright so well, I'm writing my own story for the first time and my chapters don't even reach 700 words. If you or anypony could help with that and/or tell me how to keep cannon characters in character for "when" I get there it would be a huge help. Thanks:scootangel:

P.S. you made my day soooooooooo many times with Pinkie Pie (π)(3.1415926535898......) thank you so much


Well I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

When it comes to writing, I have two main tips. Chief among them: Show, don't tell. If the story takes place on a nice day, don't just write "it was a nice day". Describe what makes it a nice day. Set the scene! Is the story taking place in a park? Well then, describe what's going on in the park! Sugarcube Corner? I bet a bakery smells awesome, not to mention is busy. Describe it! Pretend we the reader have never been there before and give us a literary tour. With some practice, you'll hit that sweet spot of descriptive prose without going totally overboard.
Number 2: practice, practice, practice. Creating characterization is just something you'll have to figure out yourself: I don't really have a cheat sheet when it comes to that. What helps me is to pull up an episode or clip from an episode with the character in question and study how they speak or behave in certain situations. Because each of the Mane 6 have such distinct personalities in the show, they aren't too complicated when it comes to imitating their personalities. Even if you just pick up on some common words (IE, Fluttershy's constant "um"s and Rainbow's distinct use of words like "totally"), you're that much closer to making the characters feel authentic.

Hope that helps some. Writing, like all things worth doing, takes practice. Don't be afraid to try different things, and sooner or later you'll hit on something that just fits. Just stick with it!

7056542 Okey Dokey Lokey:pinkiesmile:

thanks for the tips, I'll try to make good use of these Especially pulling up the clips and using that to help me:pinkiehappy:

if you haven't quit the other sequel Please finish it so i can start(I NEVER start an incomplete story, [to many just left to die])

7217158 Actually, it's Dante the dustox from the Nuzlocke comic Alterity.

Wow this technically a big spoiler for future installments for the series.

And I absolutely Love It!!!!

Can't wait to see a sequel to Advent of Applejack with some sort of story of the birth of the new changling queen's kind of like your story Pristine Sky

Great great work love the story My only complaint is Applejack doesn't have the common changeling queen powers of Love powered superpower and hive mind communication.

*spits out coffee*

I'm sorry what?

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