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Just how different are mares and stallions in approaching friendship problems?

Twilight and Spike intend to find out, and it seems like the perfect excuse to jump into an alternate universe. Specifically, one where everypony was born the opposite gender.

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Well. Dude of Coolness or Alicorn of Chill?

This short is a one point spear...

...but I am much pleased.

This was actually pretty funny.

Huh... I have to admit, that probably would have happened. Stallions will be stallions and all that.

Hah! That was great! Made me laugh, kept it short and sweet and ended with lunch. Awesome!

Trixter smirked. “Ready to give up, Nerd?”


Heh. Nerd power! EXCELSIOR!

Entertaining! I'd love to see more episodes redone this way, complete with commentary.

hahahahaha I loved the whole thing xD

and MAN it moved fast!

Well, that's definitely one way to solve a problem :rainbowlaugh:

Friendship? Nah man, Dusk's just more genre-savvy.

Must admit I think you could have done far, far more with this concept, but cute little story. Made me chuckle a couple of times.

Do hope you give this concept another whirl down the line.

keks: I have some.

rule 63 is best rule


:rainbowlaugh: Oh, I love what you did there. I hope he has the giantest afro and speaks exclusively in rap lyrics.

Twilight felt heat rising to her cheeks, and she quickly whirled back around to continue down the stairs. “No, Spike. We are not measuring my horn.”

Oh God, I am dying here.

That was nice. Dicks are a major parts of a guy.

That was hilarious and brilliant! Makes me disappointed we didn't see the other mane 6, since horn jokes aside you really seem to have a good characterization going here.

Oh yes, much good done here.

Now if we could have a sequel that would be much appreciated as well.


6409096 So unicorns love horns, and I can imagine pegasi having a thing for wingspan. But what about earth ponies?

6410472 As it stood, this scene was the only one I had developed sufficiently, and that was as far as I dared to take the horn joke without fear of it growing stale. But who knows, I might give it a go with other characters and different friendship problems.

6410463 Those tabletop games really do pay off!


Oh, I love what you did there. I hope he has the giantest afro and speaks exclusively in rap lyrics.

I'm getting the impression that I might've accidentally referenced a real life person. :twilightoops: Have I? I was just trying to come up with a male name for Zecora using the same letters.

Not really, it just sounds vaguely like some Latin American rap artist I know of. Rico something, I think? It's been a while. Also, I think that's a funny male equivalent to mohawks and rhyming.


I was thinking more the 'differences from the world being r63'd' than the phallus stand-ins.

But yeah, probably for the best you didn't go further with that one. :twilightblush:

While it's just a squib I like that this time the rule 63 universe actually does have a few differences. The previous efforts I've seen have been just pointless with the only difference being names.

Oh please, please, pleeeeeeeese tell me you're going to write a follow up! I so want to see what happened in Look Before You Sleep, or maybe Lesson Zero, or how about how they all first became friends at the beggining?

This definitely needs to become a multi-parter or something.

I absolutely would read it if it did, I'll say that much.

6411082 How about "Make New Friends but Keep Eris"? That was we can have Eris, and Prince Solaris can show up too. Also, Treehugger would probably look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

That was fun to read :derpytongue2:

Earth Ponies like butts.

Like normal people. :rainbowwild:

6410605 MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
Also, nice story bro. Dude is definitely becoming the Alicorn of Chill. Of course, the question remains...

Whose BROMANCE is the strongest?!?

You don't need to measure it, Spike. You know she's got the measurement memorized.

Hehehe I just had a random thought...what if Twilight wanted to re-visit that R63 unverse but got distracted right when she cast the spell and ended up in [dramatic music] Alternative universe 34? :rainbowlaugh: :facehoof: :trollestia:

6411082 But a MALE Night... stallion Moon might be COMPETENT and psychotic and just kill them all, which would make far more sense than making scary trees and poking manticores with thorns!

But then... they might be more competent too and come up with a comprehensive plan for sneaking off while Nightstallion Moon is gloating over his master plan (cuz all over-the-top villains grandstand no matter what the gender) and stealthily sneaking through the forest to get the Elements.

Dusk might keep his mouth shut and not reveal that he's the only pony in the room who knows about the whole story of NSM's past, thus not attracting the attention of the god-level murderous tyrant...

It could work.

Plz do a bit more of this i meen Twilight can't be happy with only 1 reference point. shes bound to do some more investigating into this now that its started. maybe show something that Twilight had a more or less easy time with that they will have a hard time doing.

Would have been funny if they went over there and there was no fight, because men don't hold grudges as long as women.

What? It's true most of the time!

6412080 I would beware of equating "male" with competent. Nightmare Moon wasn't inefficient because she was female. She was inefficient because there was a big part of her that wanted to lose.

6411082 the universally panned Mare Do Well scenario if the mane 6 were stallions

Dusk- "Blitz, shut the fuck up dude. Get your head out your ass, cause you're being a dick"

Blitz- "whoa, harsh words egghead. I'm not being an asshole, right guys?"

Elusive- "well, you are sort of behaving like a... how to put this nicely...an egotistical showoff"

Pinkie- " you're no fun when you take yourself too seriously bro"

AJ- "Ah'm gonna be honest. Yes. You are acting like a dick right now Blitz."

Flutterguy - "um... maybe the teensiest tinest bit...sorry"

Blitz- "oh, jeez bros., I didn't realise I was that bad... thanks for being honest with me. I guess I needed somepony to tell me that"

6412277 Nah, beeyatches be crazy! :trollestia:

I like the concept. It'd be nice to see them collect a few more data-points though...

Short and funny. Good job sir :ajsmug:

Ehhh, kind of true I guess, I mean the saying do goes:
"Women forgive but never forget, Men forget but never forgives."
You can't hold a grudge if you can't remember it.:twilightsmile:

Never heard that one. In my experience though, after a good fistfight, men tend to let it drop. Women, however, will remember every little slight from 15 years ago.

You know, what I actually liked about this story is that it didn't actually make any big statements about genders. Everything is kind of different, but also mostly the same and done in a funny way that's not mean-spirited. If you actually make a sequel to this, it better not be the kind of "hoo-ah, mens rule!" crap some people are demanding in the comments here, because that is exactly what it doesn't need.

Seriously. Do that and I will mock you until the day you die.

I'm not joking.

6413888 Your lack of faith wounds me. :applecry:

Seriously, though, I'm aware of the danger. I was already worried that some might come to that conclusion with what's here already, what with Dusk 'solving' it more quickly than Twilight and all that.

Aw, I'm sorry. Don't worry, I think better of you than that and I believe you did a good job. Think of it as a statement for posterity. :derpytongue2:

Seriously, though, I don't think anyone with half a brain could see that problem solved with the equivalent of a dick measuring contest and think it was some kind of genuine superiority thing from your side. Anyone who does must have left their brains in their other pants.

Heh, this was great. I laughed and all, so, thanks for that, it was a delightful read.


Only a guy could think of that contest! :rainbowlaugh:

Also, "Horn length is superficial."
I'm sure it is. :ajsmug:

Ha! That was great!

A possible solution is to come up with something that was a huge ordeal for Dusk that Twilight solved so easily it wasn't worthy of an episode.

Of course just doing a simple reversal sequel is kind of uninspired.

That's what I'd have suggested, too. Well, something like it, at any rate. To keep it a good story instead of one-sided self-congratulation, it would really also need at least a few examples of the opposite of this one - the Male Six' approach makes an easily solved problem a lot more complicated and difficult than it would have had to be. It's kind of the natural progression of the theme.

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