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    Me and my cousin have been called freaks our entire lives just because we have animal ears and a tail. Well luckily we can get a second chance, but is it really?  · Blaze Fury
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    I have longed for adventure. Well one day me and my friend get the chance to have that adventure, but the best part about it is it's on another world!.  · Blaze Fury
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Hey everyone. i'm writing to you now to tell you that my stories are absolute shit and I don't know how you guys still read them. I mean yea I am getting better compared to that train wreck that was my first story. Now the next story I have planned with follow two humans being sent to Equestria as they escape their government, but haven't thought of which kind of Equestria I want to send them to. I've been thinking either the Your Human and You-verse or an Equestria where everyone's human. If you could comment on this blog and I'll do a vote and whichever one has the most i'll do. Also in this story the show MLP doesn't exist.


The premise of the story is that these two boys have been chased by the USA's gov to try and turn them into weapons, and the reason is because these two have magical powers but since they are on Earth they don't have much magic to work with. The two boy's names are Cole and Nate, and they're cousins. Cole being the oldest at twelve and Nate being the youngest at eight. They have been running for the past five years because Cole had to use his powers in public. They also have distinguishable features as they both have animal ears and a tail. Cole having wolf ears and a big fluffy tail and Natalie having a fox tail and ears. Afterwards the government caught on and wanted them, and so they are backed into an alleyway one day and have no where to go, well that was until a tear in space appeared behind them. using the last bit of magic Cole had at the time he made all the soldiers fall to the ground with an increased gravity spell before hopping into one of the trucks with his cousin and driving straight into the tear. Then we will follow them through Cole's perspective as they survive in this new land.

After that I can't really do anything because I want to know which one you want. Once I get a clear vote I'll continue writing, and don't worry for those that might not get the Equestria that they want because I'm going to do something special for you guys. So I'm going to say this again, post a comment telling me your vote and I'll tell you guys the winner. I'll give you guys about... hmmmmm... I'll give you guys a week and a half for the voting and if no one votes I'll just choose, and the only reason I'm doing this is to make you guys, my readers, happy. So with that out of the way,


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>>2236755. When r u going to start doing it grand because im realy looking forward to it

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Thanks for the Fav! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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>>2235698 yo when r u doing. Doin' it grand and it would also make it more funny if vannos come with BEE SURE TO ADD LUIE CALIBER.....LOVE DAT VOICE

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Thank you for the fave on Equestria Girls: Left For Dead. :twilightsmile:

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Wow, one of top favourite crossovers? Squee :pinkiehappy:

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