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Thats what everyone calls us. Freaks or monsters just because we have animal ears and a tail. Me and my cousin just want to live a peaceful life without the government hunting us down for their experiments. My cousin, she's just eight years old and I thirteen. We have lived with our 'deformities' since we were born. The doctors couldn't figure out how either of us got the ears or tail. It was later on in my life that I figured out I had telekinesis and other powers, and that just made the government want us even more after finding out. They wanted to turn us into weapons but I grabbed Nate and ran away before they could.

One day we were backed into an alleyway and corned. With nowhere to run I was about to give up, but that was before a tear in space opened behind us. Now I did the smartest thing you could do in this situation, I used my powers on the soldiers before grabbing a few of their weapons, one of their trucks and my cousin before going in. What lied on the other side we were not prepared for.

A/N: This story takes place in a universe where mlp never existed. This will be set in a YHaY universe and the story will take place roughly close to two years before Nightmare Moon returns.. Also the chapters may be uploaded slowly due to school, but I will try me hardest to get them out to you.

Original story belongs to Madmaxtheblack, and MLP is owned by Hasbro.

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This is a rewrite!

So all dislikes are from the first version.Which was disgusting!

I finally finished school only to have nothing to do. I thought of being a professional gamer, but getting sucked into my Xbox wasn't my idea as professional.

Now I'm stuck in GTA 5 with my friends and some of the cast from Vanossgaming. So with nothing else to do we become crooks for hire. Close to three years later, we were are at the end of the Pacific Standard Heist fighting the cops when a bright flash in front of us, which revealed several naked girls. We had no choice but to take them with us, along with thousands of dollars from the Vault.

Once we were safe, and telling them we wouldn't hurt them, they said that they aren't from this world. I told them I believed them. After that I made a vow that I'd find a way to get them back home, or at least die trying.

*A/N* This is a crossover between GTA V and mlp. And no i do not own either tittle.
GTA V is proud property of RockStar Games.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the property of Hasbro.
The TV show Mlp does not exist in this universe, so they have no idea who these girls are.

Cover art and image by: TryHardNinja

Also the sex tag is there because of adult situations (the actual sex scenes will be skipped, im sorry i don't do that idk how to write that stuff) and very lewd jokes. Plus there will be several references in here ranging form several games and TV shows. And by any chance if you remember this tittle from somewhere, its because this is the same tittle of a song on youtube by tryhardninja. If you want to listen to this song click here. Now if the chapter updates aren't what you're used to then get used to it, i'd like to see you come up with something like what i'm trying to.

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