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Little Wingy

I'm not a good writer, but I'm trying the best I can. I'm writing, because I like it and I'll never give up.

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The Chosen One could be MUCH better · 10:20pm Tuesday

At this moment, when I'm writing this post, I'm in the process of remastering Chapter 4 and... What did I want to talk about? The title of the post says what it's all about. When I was remastering the chapters, I realized how much experience I had gained during those two years. You can take my word for it, the remasters will be much better than the originals. Everything will be better described, the dialogues will be improved, although some of the original ones will remain, because they match

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Report Little Wingy · 23 views · Story: The Chosen One Series ·

Something, about me [Screw it! I know that no one cares anyway]

Favorite ponies:

Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna, Fluttershy, Lyra Heartstrings, Derpy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight.

Things which I love:

Friendship:yay: Horror books and movies, MLP, writing, Nightmare Moon, SCP Foundation, Fallout game series, Creepypasta [No, I'm not Jeff The Killer fangirl or fanboy, I hate Jeff, Jane and Nina The Killer :twilightangry2:]

Things which I hate:

Haters, Clopfics, Idiots, European Union, Politicians


Patient, nice, friendly, usually calm but sometimes very nervous, a horror lover, respecting the opinion of others, helps if you ask for it.

Favourite games:

1. Fallout 4
2. Dark Souls 3
3. Fallout 3
4. Gothic and Gothic II Night of the Raven
5. The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim
6. Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition
7. Half-Life 2
8. GTA: San Andreas
9. SCP - Containment Breach
10. Team Fortress 2

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I just like it, okay?

Thanks for adding my story to your shelf.

What was it about my story that you enjoyed, by any chance?

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