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Ponyfeather Publishing: Call for Submissions CLOSED · 11:32pm May 29th, 2019

Hey folks,

I thought I'd tentatively try out assembling Ponyfeather Publishing's first anthology print. This is a bit of an experiment; I have over 10 books in production now (but only three are public? huh! more on that later), but all of them are single-author titles. I've never done a book working with a bunch of different authors and I'm a little bit leery of it... but I had an idea for an anthology that I think would be pretty neat, especially given that the show is wrapping up, so I figured I'd test the waters and we can see how this goes! Worst case everyone gets some fic recommendations in the comments here; best case, a bunch of ponyfic authors get their names in print.

I want to put together a book that's full of short stories by as many authors as possible, "big names" or small, where the stories are the most heartwarming, honest, wholesome, sincere embodiments of the theme friendship is magic. I want to put together a love letter to the show that brought us all together, that inspired us all to create, that built new friendships and communities and interests and skills.

If you know of a story that makes you feel the way watching the show makes you feel, I want to know about it! Comment below with a link.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Must fit the theme! Obviously.
  • Author must still be active! As much as I would dearly love to include, say, AbsoluteAnonymous or TheDescendant, I cannot print a story without author approval.
  • Strong preference for stories under 10,000 words -- under 5,000 words would be better! I'd like to represent as many authors as possible, and I can fit more shorter stories in a book!
  • Strong preference for rated E; willing to consider rated T. Rated M is out! Any red warning tags are also probably a dealbreaker.
  • EDIT: Strong preference for MLP:FIM over EqG!
  • Self-submissions are accepted! Just be aware that I'm looking for publication-quality stories; please try to show a little self-awareness of the quality of your prose, for the sake of myself and whoever else I rope into helping me sort through submissions.
  • Of course, feel free to submit other authors' work as well!
  • Comment on this post with links to your submissions. Comments on other posts, DMs/PMs, emails, etc. will not be considered!

I don't know exactly how long I'll be accepting submissions; it's probably going to depend on what kind of response I get here. Please don't dawdle if you have a fic in mind -- let me know about it! I will edit the post title and probably make another blog post to announce when submissions are closed.

Once I've selected the stories to include, I will contact each author to secure their permission and approve any needed copyedits.

Help me out, authors and readers! Let's put a book together that could be a souvenir of our time here, to help us remember that friendship is magic.


NOTE: This title is not going to be available at Aquaman's bookstore at BronyCon. Assuming it comes together, it will be released sometime after the con.

Comments ( 75 )

Hmmm, maybe I can submit my best work, Feeling That Way

the most heartwarming, honest, wholesome, sincere embodiments of the theme friendship is magic.

Oof, okay, nevermind.

I'll look through my favorites and make some suggestions.

Majin Syeekoh

I submit to you this and this.

NOTE: Rather than make a YAYton of comments, I'm just going to keep editing this one, so check back every so often. I'll make it clear when I'm done searching.

Okay, the first story that immediately came to mind is:

EThe Sweet Spot
The Cutie Mark Crusaders receive their most unusual, and potentially challenging, case yet: Fizzlepop Berrytwist.
Piccolo Sky · 16k words  ·  556  9 · 8.9k views

While clocking in at 15,000 words, it is a masterfully written story that reads exactly like it is an actual episode of the show. Highly recommend.

So, with some search parameters, I whittled my favorites down to 768 stories. I'mma go through this list: https://www.fimfiction.net/bookshelf/91941/favourites?q=-%23mature+words%3A%3C16000+-%23dark++-%23sex++-%23tragedy+status%3Acomplete+wilson%3A%3E70+-%23sad&order=top and pick my favorites which I feel best embody the stated them. Wish me luck!

Alright, Imma do this one page of results at a time!

Page One:

EThe Lazy Dragon of Dragonvale
Once upon a time there was a very lazy dragon who did not want to find a town to pillage. So he decided to make one of his own.
Georg · 3k words  ·  1,720  19 · 15k views
EA Simpler Time
Two friends realize their friendship goes back farther than either of them ever realized.
DJLowrider · 4.1k words  ·  3,080  41 · 40k views
ESunny Skies All Day Long
Celestia's Day Off
PhantomFox · 8.5k words  ·  9,294  146 · 102k views
EHow Many Princesses Does It Take
The sun has just gone out. This could be the end of Equestria. Or just a bulb.
Georg · 3.4k words  ·  1,938  22 · 17k views

Page Two:

EThe Brief Reign of Princess Twily
Princess Celestia was quite clearly overworked lately. Twilight just had to find a way to help. Unfortunately, the only answer she found was a bit odd.
Forthwith · 3.5k words  ·  2,778  35 · 27k views
Twilight tries to figure out how rock farming works.
Kwakerjak · 6.7k words  ·  3,472  50 · 57k views
TShipping Sickness
Twilight Sparkle and her bedside table: like two 'ships that pass in the night.
Skywriter · 2.3k words  ·  2,582  33 · 31k views
EMartial Bliss
Shining Armor learns the most important tactical lesson of his life.
Skywriter · 1.5k words  ·  2,824  36 · 30k views
EKeeping Your Hooves On The Ground
Dash tells what happened to her and Fluttershy immediately after her first Sonic Rainboom.
InsertAuthorHere · 8k words  ·  3,124  43 · 43k views
EAll the Mortal Remains
Twilight Sparkle discovers an urn, and a decade's worth of questions, in the ashes of her library.
Cold in Gardez · 9k words  ·  1,965  25 · 18k views
TA Story to Relate to
On Scootaloo’s worst day ever, Applejack tells her a story to put things in perspective.
SockPuppet · 6.2k words  ·  170  15 · 2.9k views

Friends step up for Scootaloo?

Does have a red [gore] tag for emergency medicine.

I humbly offer one of my stories that I feel is most conforming to a show episode: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/368336/shining-armor-is-best-colt

Oh, neat!

I will be totally narcissistic and suggest two of my own.

First, the story I think is my most "literary" and that I would *adore* seeing published because it deserves so much better than it's gotten, though the best of it is owed to my editor, not to me.

EOver a Cardboard Sea
A tiny filly stands on an open plain. Somewhere in the distance a fleeting glimpse of white leads her on, her heart yearning towards it. A dark power with her face attempts to stop her. And nothing here is quite what it seems...
SPark · 3k words  ·  169  5 · 2.1k views

Second, since that one is not super "friendship" themed, as it is largely Luna alone (though her sisterhood with Celestia runs through the background of all of it, of course!) a more overtly "ponies helping ponies" story that I also feel is good.

EBlack Hole Sun
Young Princess Cadance has gained the ability to see ponies' emotions, but sometimes what she sees puzzles and confuses her. Surely Princess Celestia can't actually be depressed?
SPark · 1.3k words  ·  519  10 · 5.7k views

(I've written other things I'd also love to see published, but they're either more sexual or more shipping-focused than you seem to be looking for here.)

Alas, most of what I'd want to suggest as the best-of-the-best from other authors is from people who seem to have moved on from ponydom.

I'd like to submit Keeping Your Hooves On The Ground for consideration.

From my own library, I'd like to suggest Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns and/or The Cycle of Flame.

(The rest of the ones I know are WAYYYYY too long for this!)

Um, I have this one! And I am gonna go look through the stories I reviewed for EFNW and SA!

Secret Keepers

Well, not sure if I'll make it but it can't hurt to give it a shot!

The Last Day of Christmas! is my fic and I think its the only heartwarming one that actually fit within the word limit :P And even if I don't make it, I hope you enjoy it!

I guess this and this? Maybe this but idk.

I know you're a fan of Reading Rainbow. I wouldn't mind you putting that in there. That said, if you do select it, let me know via pm, because I don't believe the re-vamped version is what's live on fimfic.

I'd like to humbly submit my own "A Carrot Christmas Carol" for consideration.

I'd intended to nominate other authors, but most of my favs are unsuitable due to rating, content, or word count. Sorry!

Ok, you want SHORT E-rated stories focused on sincerity to the core of FIM. I can suggest that.

EFriendship is Strawberries
Twilight Sparkle has learned many lessons about Friendship in Ponyville. On this beautiful spring day, she learns a very special lesson that she never anticipated.
Georg · 3.1k words  ·  249  4 · 2.2k views
EFalling Leaves of Oak
When the Ponyville library is destroyed by Tirek’s rampage, the last Oakleaf is called to cure the destroyed oak. It is an impossible task. However, this is Ponyville, where the impossible happens every day.
Georg · 4.2k words  ·  322  2 · 2.6k views
EThis is a Stick-Up
Many years ago, Ponyville was even smaller than it is now. But not too small to experience its first bank robbery. In distinctly Ponyville style.
Georg · 5.4k words  ·  827  6 · 7k views

And I'd be so tempted (snerk) to put this one in too, except it includes nudity.

TThou Shalt Not Eat Of The Tree
In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Pony discuss life, truth, and ear scratches.
Georg · 2.5k words  ·  216  6 · 2.2k views

Throwing my hat into this.

EA Feather In Her Cap
By Scootaloo's age, Rainbow Dash had won many competitions. As Ponyville's Annual Bounceball Competition approaches, Scootaloo dreams of following in her hoofsteps. With her drive, she knows nothing will stop her... except, perhaps, herself
GaryOak · 6.7k words  ·  131  7 · 4.3k views

This story was adapted from a spec script I wrote of the series. In essence, it's a "this could be an actual episode of the show" style of story.

I offer up Diamond Eyes as tribute.
Here it be. I'd love to see any of my work put into print.

In terms of my own stuff, I think these two are the best candidates. I'll go looking through my favorites shelves for more.

EFruit of the Problem
It's the first market day of spring! So what's got Applejack so down?
FanOfMostEverything · 5.5k words  ·  123  2 · 1.9k views
EA Hearth's Warming Mandible
One chance glimpse of a cutie mark makes for Smolder's most memorable (and first) Hearth's Warming
FanOfMostEverything · 4k words  ·  143  3 · 1.8k views

I feel ok mentioning a story of my own first, since pretty much everyone else is doing that too. This is the one from my output that I think best matches the tone and outlook of the show, and is only 4,000 words:

EBest Pegasus
Spitfire just wanted a nice quiet train ride back from Rainbow Falls. Not to end up talking philosophy with a strange mare.
forbloodysummer · 4.3k words  ·  46  1 · 1.4k views

Also, if this publication is to be part of FIM's legacy, I think it's very important those two characters are represented.

I also looked through all my favourite bookshelves, and this was the only one that stood out as fitting the brief. It's very, very good.

EPrincess Celestia's Newest Arch Enemy
When a colt named "Bad Dude" storms into Celestia's personal study and declares himself as her latest arch enemy, the Princess can't help but nearly gush from the sight. But is there more to "Bad Dude" than his cute exterior would suggest?
naturalbornderpy · 4.7k words  ·  2,696  35 · 25k views

This is the part where I recommend all of my qualifying stories.

Ahuizotl threatens to sue A. K. Yearling for libel unless she stops writing the Daring Do books. She makes him a counter-offer.
Baal Bunny · 9.9k words  ·  650  5 · 5.2k views
ESunny Skies All Day Long
Celestia's Day Off
PhantomFox · 8.5k words  ·  9,294  146 · 102k views
EGoing Up
The story of a very ordinary pony's extraordinary day.
Chris · 4.6k words  ·  597  8 · 7k views
EYes, Apple Bloom, there *is* a Santa Hooves
"Dear Santa Hooves. My name is Apple Bloom, and I don't want presents for Hearth's Warming this year. I just want my cutie mark..."
Lucky Dreams · 2.8k words  ·  944  10 · 17k views

These four all seem like great options. Lots of wholesome good lessons all around.

EThe Great Ponyville Snowball Fight
Applejack's Army battles Rainbow's Rebels for control of Ponyville
8686 · 11k words  ·  793  8 · 9.5k views

This one is in the same camp as the above, but it's slightly over 10k.

After her failed takeover, Sunset Shimmer and the Elements of Harmony have a conversation.
Fallowsthorn · 6.6k words  ·  418  6 · 4.6k views

When you gave the requirement as "the most heartwarming, honest, wholesome, sincere embodiments of the theme friendship is magic," I don't think I can think of a more fitting story. It captures the spirit of the Elements perfectly.

For more questionable entries:

EA Simpler Time
Two friends realize their friendship goes back farther than either of them ever realized.
DJLowrider · 4.1k words  ·  3,080  41 · 40k views
EThe Fires of Friendship
Applejack and Rarity must confront their past in order to save the future of their friendship.
Ponydora Prancypants · 9.9k words  ·  1,028  17 · 18k views

These two authors appear to be inactive, but these stories would be great if they could be contacted.

EKeeping Your Hooves On The Ground
Dash tells what happened to her and Fluttershy immediately after her first Sonic Rainboom.
InsertAuthorHere · 8k words  ·  3,124  43 · 43k views

Someone already recommended this, and I would second that recommendation. However, it seems IAH is dead. I'm not sure how you want to handle posthumous entries, but this one is certainly as deserving as anything else I've posted here.

Site Blogger


I'm not sure how you want to handle posthumous entries

Jeez. Prrrobably not at all? :twilightoops:

Wanderer D

Ugh. I hate submitting my own stuff. Instead I'll second 5066560 with the rec for...

After her failed takeover, Sunset Shimmer and the Elements of Harmony have a conversation.
Fallowsthorn · 6.6k words  ·  418  6 · 4.6k views

Yeah, that was my assumption, but I figured it was worth recommending since it does fit the requirements quite well.

Site Blogger


I hate submitting my own stuff.

Do it if you think it fits!


ETough Little Pony
Discord dares Rainbow Dash to go a day without her wings to show her what Scootaloo's life is like.
Isseus · 12k words  ·  420  28 · 6.1k views

How this was not made into an actual episode, I will never understand.

Upon checking my Slice-of-Life folder, these are the gems I found that meet the requirements and have yet to be submitted, though some are a bit on the long side. Also, I haven't read a few of these in forever, so they may not match the tone you're seeking 100%.

EBowled Over
While trying to help out in the kitchen at Sweet Apple Acres, Starlight Glimmer accidentally shatters Applejack's old mixing bowl. Complications ensue.
Baal Bunny · 5.2k words  ·  139  1 · 2.2k views
EOf Dreams And Faith
An uncertain Luna fears confronting visions of herself as Nightmare Moon as she takes up the task again of dispelling nightmares. Is she up to confronting her past as well? Or is there more to a foal's nightmare than meets the eye?
ASGeek2012 · 7.5k words  ·  49  2 · 944 views
Sixteen years old and still without a cutie mark, Apple Bloom faces an existential crisis until a new opportunity presents itself, one that might solve her problem—if she can take the first step. ⭐️ EQD Featured
OleGrayMane · 13k words  ·  118  1 · 1.7k views
E"Teach Me Goodness"
Cheerilee bids farewell to her friends and students before going back to school in Fillydelphia.
Posh · 22k words  ·  279  5 · 2.6k views

5066596 *slides you a fat stack of florins and some baguettes*

Aww, thanks! Not for the imaginary stuff, but for the knowledge. Thanks to google, I now know what a florin is.

Hap #30 · May 30th, 2019 · · 1 ·

There's an awful lot of good stories recommended here.

I'll plug one of my own:

EThe Donutier
My name is Twilight Sprinkle, and I'm not who you think I am. I don’t have friends, I don’t have books, and I sure as the sun don’t have any wings.
Hap · 13k words  ·  1,162  45 · 7.4k views

And I'll recommend one from Zaponator:

Trixie and Starlight Glimmer experiment with time magic.
zaponator · 7.5k words  ·  302  5 · 3k views

Apparently most of my favourites are either very long, or don't fit the theme.

quietly uses as general reading recommendations instead

Comment posted by Dave Bryant deleted May 30th, 2019

Well, I'm sort of stuck on which of my stories I think best fit, so I'll toss three your way and you can decide for yourselves:

TMaking an Old Lady Cry (and other hazards of espionage)
A changeling infiltrator gets a new perspective on Equestria and Princess Celestia. Mostly that of a dead person.
Nyronus · 2.9k words  ·  859  7 · 10k views
EThe Teacher and the Hippogriff
Cheerilee meets a surprising new resident of Ponyville, and is reminded what it means to be a teacher in the process.
Nyronus · 6k words  ·  293  2 · 3.2k views
TA Night of Dashing Dreams
Luna decides to take Dash up on her interest in dreamwalking. Dash decides to be awesome. No one is ready for the consequences.
Nyronus · 9.6k words  ·  76  2 · 851 views

And to avoid tooting my own horn too thoroughly (and thus making life harder for you RBDash), I will also submit, for your consideration, SoloBrony's Librarian Twilight trilogy:

ELibrarian Twilight Sparkle, Tutor of the CMC
Twilight starts to feel socially isolated by her title and fame, and comes up with a silly plan to deal with it.
SoloBrony · 7.6k words  ·  132  2 · 1.8k views
ELibrarian Twilight's Plan Gets Bodychecked By Rainbow Dash
Twilight tries to come up with a scheme to solve a friendship problem, only for Rainbow Dash to ruin everything with honesty, loyalty, and violence. If Dash can't beat Twilight at being the Princess of Friendship, just use MORE Dash!
SoloBrony · 5.8k words  ·  91  4 · 1.7k views
ELibrarian Twilight Commits Abduction, Extortion, And Treason To Solve An Inconsequential Friendship Problem
Twilight Sparkle has been on a ROLL solving friendship problems lately, but there are some lines even she won't cross for a friend. At least, that WAS the case, until she became inspired by Rainbow Dash's antics; nice knowing you, Twilight!
SoloBrony · 5.3k words  ·  104  2 · 1.9k views
Wanderer D

5066586 Eh, the only one I have for this category strictly is not print-worthy IMO. If you ever do another anthology with a different theme I'l pitch in on that one. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, my only good entry doesn't really fit the theme either. At least reading all these suggestions makes for a good reading list.

I'll plug a couple of mine, both short enough to skim and see if you like them for this project.

EThe Tour Pass
While on a tour of Canterlot Castle, Chipper Blaze gets separated from his tour group and accidentally discovers his "All Access" pass unlocks a lot more doors than it's supposed to.
Caligari87 · 3k words  ·  27  3 · 374 views

This is technically a QnB universe story, but it's show-canon-friendly, and familiarity with the one QnB-specific character is only a bonus, not required.

TImmaterial Heart
A changeling drone must cope with the feelings he has for his Queen.
Caligari87 · 1.5k words  ·  34  2 · 726 views

Maybe on the fringe of what you're looking for, just a little on the darker side of show-friendly, but I think it still qualifies.

Eh why not, I'll throw one in.


For the record, it was written before Bulk Biceps had a name, and Snowflake was the common fanon name, so that's something to change if you want to use it.

Depending on when you were planning to deal with design and lay-out, I would be willing to volunteer my professional skills if I could fit the project into my schedule.

Site Blogger

I appreciate the offer! (And it's great to see you -- I had no idea you'd moved over to FIMFiction!) I do have a layout workflow I'm satisfied with, though.

You're a noble soul. :twilightoops: Don't kill yourself over it...

Oh shit; I didn't realize he died! :raritydespair:

Ooh, that sounds like an amazing story concept to begin with!

These are some of my favorites:

EThe Brightest and the Best
A look behind the scenes at the entrance exams at Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns.
Pineta · 2.5k words  ·  1,788  25 · 19k views
EBig Trouble
The CMC plus a wagon full of fireworks equals cutie marks.
Corejo · 1k words  ·  75  0 · 1.2k views
Ahuizotl threatens to sue A. K. Yearling for libel unless she stops writing the Daring Do books. She makes him a counter-offer.
Baal Bunny · 9.9k words  ·  650  5 · 5.2k views
EReading Rainbow
When Twilight is admitted to the Ponyville hospital, Rainbow Dash is there for her.
Corejo · 7.4k words  ·  3,978  67 · 57k views

…and a couple of my own that fit the bill:

EFriendship 101
Twilight Sparkle’s cute-ceañera is on Friday. Finding some guests is proving harder than Twilight Velvet expected.
BlazzingInferno · 3.9k words  ·  334  3 · 3k views
EApple Knots
Ponies will tell their masseuse all sorts of things, things that not even their closest friends know.
BlazzingInferno · 4.5k words  ·  820  8 · 11k views

I finally broke down and opened an account about two and a half years ago. The first story I posted?

EThe Farmer in the Dell
Dale was a simple pony of the land, a widower with foals grown and moved away, and it looked like he would be the last of his line to work his ancient farm—but when an unexpected visitor literally drops in, everything changes for both of them.
Dave Bryant · 3.7k words  ·  90  2 · 1.4k views

. . . And I would be happy to contribute it to the project at hand.

Three humble suggestions:

ESomething Like Feeling
Bon Bon reflects on her companionship with Lyra.
shortskirtsandexplosions · 6.6k words  ·  636  15 · 6.2k views
E100% Move = 50% Fire
For some reason, Twilight never got around to emptying her old Canterlot residence, and the Archives are fed up. She has until sunset to pack and leave. And for the first time in her life, she doesn't seem to be paying attention to the deadline.
Estee · 10k words  ·  1,225  17 · 13k views
Nothing shall stay the messengers of Griffonstone's postal service from their sacred duty. Not even when it's the worst winter in a lifetime, when Gabby's the only postal griffon around, and when windigos haunt the skies...
Carabas · 7.5k words  ·  196  3 · 2.3k views

Hmm... lots of great stories here, but I think not many of them actually do what is required.

the most heartwarming, honest, wholesome, sincere embodiments of the theme friendship is magic.

Well, here's one. :pinkiehappy:

If it's not too late I'd like to recommend one of mine:

EMy Wings Will Keep You Safe
A little filly lays terrified in a library through a raging storm with only an Alicorn princess to comfort her.
Astral Phoenix · 9.7k words  ·  248  10 · 14k views

I’ll go ahead and nominate

EPetunia and the Coelacanth
Princess Luna intervenes when a young filly's dream seems impossible.
CoffeeMinion · 2.7k words  ·  206  2 · 1.6k views


EThe Counselor
On what's supposed to be the happiest day of Apple Bloom's young life, a lingering question drives her to seek out a pony she trusts.
CoffeeMinion · 1.2k words  ·  234  6 · 4.7k views

Well, I'll throw my hat into the ring. But I suppose it's teetering on the edge of your requirements


This is also a possible work that you may be interested in


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