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Spitfire receives terrible news. An injury she sustained from their last show may have saved lives... but may not be treatable. They will have to amputate her wing. She must step down as Wonderbolt captain.

Written for Writeoff.me's 'End of an Era' competition.

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Ouch, I really felt for poor Spits here... Celestia, this was both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Now this is a quality sadfic.

Sometimes you don't need many words to tell so much

The feels!!!:fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry::raritydespair:


You just broke my heart!
There isn't anything more too say.

Of course, cybernetic wing prosthetics are pretty much canon now:


So I wouldn't go as far as saying she will never fly again.


7421754 That is also in an alternate Equestria where they made war based advancements (what better way to get a pegasus back in the war then replacing what they lost?), just like how our wars gave us advancements in tech that we wouldn't have expected.


I dunno. We didn't really see any other type of technological advancement in that timeline, plus if Sombra and the Crystal Empire returned at the same time as in the normal continuity (and we have no reason to assume they didn't) they couldn't have been at war for more than a year or so.

Besides, this can't possibly be the first time a pegasus lost a wing, and ponies have both reality-defying magic and a scientific approach to using it. If anything, Cyborg!Rainbow's robot wing seems a bit crude - it wouldn't be strange at all if they had a way to straight up make a new wing. So, maybe she actually had that wing because they didn't have the time and resources to get her better treatment. Anyway, magical prosthetics and/or regeneration magic should be a field somepony would have looked into at some point.

This is really why I have a hard time appreciating sadfics like this one. Don't get me wrong, it's a good story, but... A lot of the time the feels hinge on tragedies that creatures this advanced should realistically be able to deal with. Pony magic can do stuff like transforming living beings into virtually anything, conjure matter out of nowhere, travel through time and reverse entropy, yet stories like this force us to assume they don't have medical spells for fixing fairly mundane injuries. It makes it seem kinda artificial to me, is all.

Clicking the like button multiple time does nothing!

Sad. Feels a bit empty without hearing about whatever happened to her, sort of an emotional disconnect there if you will. Even the story description suggests that we will hear about some of it, not just meet her in the bar, followed by her immediate transfer of position and a sad departure.

While I sort of agree with you that it seems odd merely to amputate and move on in a world with magic, I would point out that we don't yet have a solution to replacing arms and legs. This despite knowing quite a bit about how they work and being able, sometimes, to reattach severed limbs under a fairly constrained set of conditions; not to mention that we have some ideas on how to grow artificial tissue. Also, while the show does show some crazy magic, it's quite possible that those things are not commonly possible and/or not well understood. In other words, some spells exist which seem to work, but they're hard to recreate. So, maybe regeneration is possible, but very few unicorns could do it and it'd need to be dealt with quickly before the wound injury was too much worse. If we equate worlds, then infection and gangrene are still a concern and nerve damage could be a problem among other things. Aside from alicorns, if straight up healing magic was easy and doable it would be unrealistic. None of this deals with where the energy comes from to do things and how you know what to do. A simplistic regeneration spell that simply knows by itself how to fix a complex problem doesn't make any sense and would probably require a lot of energy. Also, you wouldn't have the same muscle mass post regeneration.

TL;DR You'd need a lot of world-building to make such a fix more than a cheap resolution (deus ex machina) to such a plot point as losing or severely injuring a wing.

7422185 The thing is all the examples you used (like the time travel) are fairly advanced spells that are used by rather specific unicorns.

And looking medically at how an injury that would require amputation would be, the magic involved would have to have the ability to create all the parts of said piece of the body, not just fix them.

Also, there are canon examples of ponies with disabilities that should've been impossible based on what you said (like the one with wheels on his hind legs). If they can't fix something like that (which considering his legs are still there it is probably just nerve damage) then how would they be able to recreate and attach something as complex as a Pegasus's wing? Another example os when Raibow Dash gets hurt, instead of using magic to instantly repair the (assumption here, haven't seen the episode in awhile) broken bones, they go through the longer process of natural reparation.

And even if Spitfire was able to get a prosthetic, it would need the same pinpoint accuracy of her now removed wing, which (if we use my above example of the makeshift wheelchair) doesn't seem canonically possible.

Mind you this is just my look at it and theres really no point bumping head canons together, without an inshow example outside of an alternate timeline we really don't have enough information to create a concise answer, I wrote this out for fun more so then less, thank you for responding!

You made me tear up damnit...

What's this watery feeling in my eyes which I haven't felt in a long time?

A sad, sad day... but wonderfully written. Good job.

The feels are strong with this one. An excellent job. :pinkiesad2:

This was good

I've never given much thought to Spitfire. She seems like your generic hard-ass sergeant who likes busting the balls of her subordinates only because it gets her off. Her few appearances on the show has done little to change my opinion on her.

But I can't deny the emotional impact of this story. The amount of respect she's earned from her fellows, how they call came together to wish her, their Captain, a final farewell was a fitting end to a distinguished career. The hardest part was watching Spitfire try to keep it all together, knowing she'll never fly with them again. You've made me feel for her, something I thought I'd never do.

Emotionally perfect. What a story, just plain wonderful.

Bravo, good author, bravo.

Dem feels. Nice job author, nice job.

I know, they really need to fix that...

awwwww that's so depressing and beautiful :fluttercry:

Ahhhhhh! The feeeeels! They burn! :pinkiesad2:
Fantastic fic.

The feels here... :pinkiesad2: I would be lieing if I said I didn't tear up while reading this.

Whoa. Good show, Priest, good show.

Full review here, but in brief: solidly written and it's good to see the genuine respect from Spitfire, but I felt it was a bit too predictable and lacking a real "whoa!" moment. I was expecting the huge 'Bolt crowd, and Spitfire's final tears, from quite early on.

I'm sorry to hear that you weren't wow'ed by the fic. I could happily suggest other stories of mine that were written for a more 'artistic' approach that might be more in line with your tastes.

That said, thank you for the read.


I could happily suggest other stories of mine

By all means! I'm always open to suggestions and recommendations. :twilightsmile:

I personally think you'd be interested in something more along the lines of Hopeless Romantic or Feathers

Permission to Land was a contest piece that was written with a very specific audience in mind that I had tailored to. It was a gamble that didn't pay off. I openly acknowledge the piece has problems. It was written with such intent to capture and hit a target audience that it didn't really enrapture anyone else. Those other two are different stories that I'll let you judge for yourself, if you're interested.

And only now do I discover that Feathers is already on my RiL list! (Probably because it's in the RCL, as that's a fairly reliable source of stories I enjoy.) Going to add Hopeless Romantic as well, though, as its sheer brevity means I can fit in a read when I only have a few minutes spare. Thanks for the recommendations!

Of course. I hope you enjoy them.

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