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Fundraisers at the Pet Center always came bundled with all kinds of emotions for Fluttershy. She knew all her little animal friends needed homes, but she couldn’t deny she was also quite sad to see them go.

Thankfully, Pinkie Pie was there to help.

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Comments ( 9 )

That was a very heart warming story! I loved it. ^-^

I can't believe it's not FlutterPie! :pinkiegasp:
How did this not have a romance tag? I don't even KNOW you anymore! :fluttercry:

Heartwarming and sweet. Now write a secret friends fic with Diamond Tiara and a CMC. Because it'll be my birthday in a couple months. :x

I kid. You really don't have to! xD I'm still just getting over the whole "This isn't Rarilight. But it claims to be done by Monochromatic. Does not compute!" moment.

P.S. I can't help it. I have to ask. How did you not end this without Fluttershy noticing she was being carried away by balloons with all the ones Pinkie ends up tying on her tail by the end of this? xD

Now that was heartwarming. I could feel that ending coming from a mile away, but it's the journey that counts, eh? Good jorb as usual.

I liked this. I should think I would like to see more of this. But then, short and sweet is very much a good thing as well :twilightsmile:

*Squee* Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie interactions are (almost) always so cute!! I'd say you wrote them very very well, I especially like that Pinkie Pie notices how different ponies express sadness, even ones as subtle as Fluttershy. That's a great addition to this story!

Two lil typos, no bigs:

Her eyes wandered over the crowd of ponies gathered outside her cottage, each one entranced by the all animals running around and finding new owners.

She giggled when her voice caught the kitten’s attention, promptingit to run back to her.

Otherwise, a super cute story showing Pinkie's caring side!

What a lovely, heartwarming story. We could use a lot more stories about how caring and empathic Pinkie is, especially with Fluttershy (since so many fans are still mad about the "Filli Vanilli" episode).:pinkiehappy::yay:

Daww that was sweet

Very well done, and just LOADED with the feelz!

Welcome to Pinkie Pie Stories.

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