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Oh, I shall. But time is a factor. I scratch away in my notebook when I have time.


But...:pinkiegasp: Like in that movie Ratatouille where the dude says that anyone can cook, well anyone can write or at least learn to do it moderately well. And honestly, just put it out there man, it won't be that bad. You strike me as somebody who could be pretty good at this. :twilightsmile:

Oh, I've thought about it, had many ideas too. But, I'm an engineer, a mechanic and a plethora of other things. An author? Not so much.

To be honest, I still plug away at my little ideas.

Good that you are okay! :pinkiehappy: Random is good.

So have you ever thought about writing something?

I've driven through Peoria, and anything bigger than a prius has trouble navigating. And I'm good, just random.

  • Viewing 288 - 292 of 292
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