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This story is a sequel to The Pony Dreadfuls

The Canterlot Free Hive has been disbanded.

In the aftermath of Chrysalis second invasion, the machinations of the Nopony, and Thorax's ascension as ruler of the new changelings, Celestia has ruled that there is no further need of a refugee hive within the outskirts of her city.

With her pony family scattered, and her hive disbanded, Z-978 is taken in by the Freaks of the Belfry as they flee lower Canterlot , hoping to find acceptance, peace, and freedom in Las Pegasus.

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This story is a sequel to The Pony Dreadfuls

Charlie and Diane are monsters. Nopony would deny that. One was a murderous adolescent changeling queen, the other an amoral fan-fiction author who once twisted the fate of Equestria itself for his perverse amusement.

That's why they were sent to where there were no ponies. Exiled to an alternate mirror world where they could no longer menace Equestria, the two outcasts must rely on each other to survive in this dirty little world.

Note: This story is a graphic novel. That means everything after the first chapter is in the form of comic pages. All images are SFW.

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This story is a sequel to Awkward Conversations And Other Stories

New breakthoughs in printing technology has lead to a revolution of literacy, as cheap publication has brought the printed word out of the great libraries of Equestria and into the homes and hooves of all, from the richest to the poorest. Likewise, nearly anypony can become a published writer in this new age. Dozens of magazines compete for both readers to buy their stock, and writers to supply their stories.

This is the tales of "The Pony Dreadfulls", a series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality.

Note: This Story is a Sequel to Awkward Conversations And Other Stories

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Once upon a time a selfish princess who raised the Sun and took an entire world put it inside a dream so she could test a prince she favored. But the princess was afraid she might break her prince, so she tested her dream machine on a vagabond, leaving the vagabond with a happy life inside the dream as repayment for his cruel mistreatment. In the end she she broke her prince all the same, and the world itself inside her dream machine died beneath a melting Silver Sky.

The prince did not loose faith in the selfish princess and would have forgiven any mistreatment, but the cost of breaking an entire world is dear. The world of the selfish princess was itself placed inside a dream by a selfish princess who raised the Moon so that she could fix a pony who was never really broken. And when he awakened the world of the selfish princess of the sun faded away like the silver stars with dawn’s first light.

This is the story of the vagabond.

It wouldn't hurt to read David Silver's Silververse Stories if you haven't already. This is a shared universe story, and the stories do occasionally cross-reference, though it's not strictly necessary to read both, It might clear up occasional confusion.

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This story is a sequel to Putting on a Silver Robe and Wizard Hat

The former human known as Silver has attempted to throw his life away, but neither Luna nor his wife, Night Watch will tolerate this. He claims it was an impulse, but they will cure him of the deep breaks even if it means reassembling him from parts.

His life in Equestria has been full of ups and downs. He has two foals on the way, but has lost as many wives, and many more friends have moved on or away. He has been beaten, burned, and generally abused, sometimes at no fault of his own, and sometimes entirely at his discretion.

Savior of Canterlot, yet feared by many of its people, will Silver Lining find true happiness in this magic world of equines? Stripped of his diplomat status and declared a ward of Luna until such time as she proclaims him cured, he has little choice but the trust in her love, and hope it can fix the breaks within him, without destroying who he is.

Part of the Silver Verse.

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The Text, an odd and capricious being that only talks by printing words into your mind, seems to quite enjoy teleporting people with no preparation into Equestria and seeing what they do. Most get some help almost immediately after reaching there, or get into problems with the denizens, but what happens when one person brings their own problem with them? Surely magic, or perhaps friendship, is the answer!

This takes place in the SilverVerse and like David's works is a self-insertion fanfic. Read on!
You don't have to, but you may want to read his stories for another (the original) perspective on this particular little idea. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/245393/clueless-in-equestria

Additionally, I have begun filling in some more of the 'not teen rated' scenes that in this were a 'fade to black', you can find them over here but be warned, this is Mature rated. You have been warned.

See This Blog for licensing.

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This story is a sequel to You Are What You Paint

Have you lost a dear one long before their time? Accidents, monsters, foreign attack... they can all leave you with a hole in your heart. We can fill it, and give your loved one another chance.

Twilight's little spell does not remain as secret as she would have liked it. Now another, less scrupulous, soul has it and means to make good use of it. There are aliens that are not only willing, but eager to step into the hooves of a pony. Matched up with a pony in need, and everyone wins. Right?

Do you know me, the author? I don't tend to wallow in darkness, but the theme of the story, the central conceit, is pretty dark, so there's the tag.

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He got to meet the creator of Ponyfinder and score some books and a few figures to go with. Which should he paint first? He settled on a pegasus and gets out his paints. This is gonna be good.

Hot button themes present: HiE, Ponified

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The Text is a mystery; appearing to people selected based on a criteria known only to itself, offering to open doors and paths. Such as it was for Nathan Bell. Now in Equestria with little to his name, Nathan's out to find out just where this path that was opened for him leads. The first stop? The ever enthusiastic Swift Mist and the ill-tempered Doppler; long time friends, coworkers and roommates.
[Part of the Silver Verse]
[image source: generalzoi pony generator, Billie W MLP Game]

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Jake is a brony, and he's been sent to Equestria, and this is awesome! He gets to live with, and be tested on by, Twilight Sparkle, and meet all the ponies of Ponyville. But danger looms. Surely Jake can rise against it!

Part of the Silver Verse.

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