• Published 23rd Aug 2016
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The Pony Dreadfuls - No one is home

A series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality. Enjoy :)

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Chapter 35 - Awkward Reunions

“You should understand that sending somepony TO another world is far more difficult than simply conjuring a willing being from a random timeline.” I never liked Dr. Fetlock, I know what she did was important work for the war effort. And I know humans make super-good soldiers. And I know all the humans she pulled through asked to come here. But I never met one that didn’t change their mind after their first battle. “Pay attention Pinkamena, this is important. I can’t send you specifically to the source of the anomalies, because we don’t know where that is in six dimensional space.”

Doctor Pony Stein (I’ll always call her that behind her back, because what she did was just wrong, even if it did help us win the war) casually blew her mane out of her face. “What I can do is push you outside of six dimensional space, where we believe your… specific… abilities and personal ties to the missing soldier will allow you to navigate to the origin of the anomaly, or at the very least to the missing soldiers present location.”

“So you kick me out of space time and I follow whatever trail of pace time stuff leads to Charlie, got it.” I scowled. “Are we ready to go?”

“Lt. Pinkamena,” Celestia gave me that kind-but-sad smile she always gave when she was sending us on one of the super-special “volunteer” missions, the she said the stupidest thing an immortal princess has ever said in the history of ever. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Yes I do. I left a note for Maud. Can we get this over with before she reads it and tries to do something stupid like say good bye.” My scowl warranted a brief look of worry across me commander’s face. Which is understandable, because who in their right mind scowls at Princess Celestia.

“Very well, you may proceed, Dr. Fetlock.” The Princess sighed, and I let out a relieved breath myself. For a minute there I was afraid she might call the whole thing off.

It only took a moment and a brief flash of magic, and I wasn’t in Equestria anymore. In fact I wasn’t anywhere anymore. I spent a long time in that place, before I finally found Charlie. The problem was he hadn’t left yet. And he had to leave or we wouldn’t ever meet. And then I waited. My pinkie sense told me he would come back. Either back to the hospital, or back to that train where he disappeared. It took a long time for me to get the hang of being in the world again, and in a lot of ways I never really was in the world again.

I was the pony-who-wasn’t-there. I was a nopony. I was the Pink Ghost.


“Okay, so you guys have SEVERAL things wrong.” Train Wreck rolled his eyes at the assorted ponies and human that surrounded him. “Starting with I’m not from one of the teams you sent to find Equestria. And ending with the fact that there’s no way I’m turning Carrot Plate over to the CDC to use as some lab rat.”

“Lab rat?” Dan, the human, rolled his eyes and finally lowered his weapon. “What kind of mad-science shit do think is going on around here.”

“More importantly, who are you? And if you’re not part of one of the expeditionary teams, then what are you doing with here with an uninfected native Equestrian?”

“It’s complicated. My human name was Kiki Charles Steen, and this is my… wife? Yeah we’re gonna go with wife, Carrot Plate.” Carrot rolled her eyes eyes the giant tried to explain himself.

Suddenly the air was alive with crackling pink energy.

“Shit! The unnamed blue Unicorn cursed. “We have Pink Ghost activity! We should really finish this talk somewhere else.”

“Charlie you two timing son of a crystal whorse!” An angry voice cut through the minds of everyone present.

“Diane?!?!” Train Wreck’s face split into a stomach turning grin. “You’re alive?!?!”

The angry form of Lt. Pinkamena flickered into existence directly in front of the monster. “What do you mean, I’M alive?!?! I’M not the one who just suddenly left the universe and married some background-pony civilian!”

“Actually, I’m more of a herd sister than a wife really…” Carrot Plate shrank back from the wrathful mare.

“I KNEW IT!” Dan proclaimed. “A damned herd! It’s always the same with these damn royals! I bet you there’s another royal involved too! Either a princess of a changeling queen! Probably knocked up some poor teenage pony girl, too, while he was at it.”

“That’s oddly specific.” Pinkamena raised a critical eyebrow.

“And uncomfortably close to home…” Carrot plate blushed fiercely.

“Okay, the changeling queen is my adopted daughter.” Train wreck glared all around. “And nobody told me Z-978 was that young! I mean she was a soldier drone who’d defected from Chrysalis’ army. How was I supposed to know?”

“A herd? You ran off to another dimension and started a herd???” Pinkamena’s fury grew exponentially.

“It’s not like that, Diane.” Train Wreck tried to explain.

“That’s Lt. Pinkamena, to you buster!” The Pink Ghost Flickered angrily.

“Look Surprise handed me this card, and she told me the time loops were going to collapse and everything was going to go back the way it was… and back the way it was… I was dead and we had never even met.” Train Wreck lowered his head and looked away. “And then the universe just seemed to fall apart and I was somewhere else. And I thought you were gone…”

“I… You…” Pinkamena stuttered her anger finally ebbing. “You were dead?”

“Not me-me, just that Equestria’s me. I thought you were gone… and then everything moved so fast, and we met Z, and then Discord turned me into THIS… and…” The behemoth was cut off by a bone crushing hug.

“As touching and weird as all this is, and it is touching…” Mary Beth rolled her eyes.

“And weird, definitely weird.” James cut in. “And this from a guy who got turned into a tentacle pony.”

“Yeah, anyway, everything you’ve just said only makes it that much more important to get you to the CDC. The UAC bigwigs are gonna want to ask you a lot of questions, all three of you.”

Author's Note:

And Train Wreck is finally reunited with Lt. Pinkamena. :pinkiecrazy:

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