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He got to meet the creator of Ponyfinder and score some books and a few figures to go with. Which should he paint first? He settled on a pegasus and gets out his paints. This is gonna be good.

Hot button themes present: HiE, Ponified

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Then feed on this comment!!
1. There was a mistake:
... whatever he was becoming." <<<<<<right there

2. Never knew this wasgoing to be a displaced fic!!

3. THIS! IS!! AWESOME!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

Hi, have a comment and :moustache:

WALLL this is gunny by FUN :pinkiehappy:

7261101 Damn Displaced for claiming dibs on this entire formula. I am a merchant. I go to cons. I sell curious things. We've been doing it long before Displaced became a thing. *sob*

Why does the story have 1,112 words and the only chapter have 1,111 words?

7261134 It's a nice twist on the displaced theme. :twilightsmile: And so much product placement. :trollestia:

O this is going to be a good story.

Browser history never lies.

I want to know who dared to give this story a down vote? this story is most defiantly going to be a huge hit..

black ink - black paint

It would be simply - It would be simple

transition in bands - transitioned in bands


It's off to a good beginning!

I'll keep reading and let you lnow how I like it. At this point I'm intrigued and there's already another chapter up! :twilightsmile:

7261310 Typos for the typo pony! All fixed, except the one that turned Aqua into what he is now. What would you do?

Like my almost me in the Silververse It would be a tough sell. I have someone I'm strongly tied to. I could never accept something so fantastic if it meant separating forever. And no reassurance that my absence would cause no pain would be believed without some sort of irrefutable evidence.

In other words I'm boring. :derpytongue2:

7261358 What if we dragged him or her along?

In the particular turn of events where we are both willing to take the risk together... Where are the paints and is there a lunar pony blank in here anywhere? :twilightsmile:

interesting story so far. The idea of a human becoming a pony by painting a figure is very interesting.

where he left it - where he had left it

sky with them. Could he - sky with them... could he

words felt hallow - words felt hollow


Curiouser and curiouser, it seems the text dabbles overtly in many universes with impunity.

Nothing text has said so far would convince me to play along and being told that I would not be missed, if I could be convinced it were true, would kill a part of me.

Appealing to a sense of altruism and self sacrifice might. But again only if I could be convinced of text's sincerity.

Fortunately I am not Aqua.:derpytongue2:

She could be more than friends, if you play your cards right.

Aqua felt blood rush to his cheeks. "I'm not a clopper!"

Your browser history implies differently.

LOL :rainbowlaugh:

7261292 MIEN DUES all the time :applejackconfused:

"Are you ready for adventure?! Come and see what exotic treasures we have brought for you!" A dark-skinned man with a black shirt and equally black pants was looking at him pointedly while waving at his table full of... books? Books were not the usual fare at these cons.

For those that don't know, this is actually how the author looks and sounds in real life when hawking Ponyfinder. And he probably sounds much weirder than you are imagining. Could give the merchant from DOTA 2 a run for his money.

7261461 Typos sacrificed to the typo pony. I will lure you into my horrible tales eventually, just you wait!

Poor guy. I can understand his desperation, but logically, he doesn't have a leg to stand on. Given his surroundings, the decision has already been made. Now it's just a question whether he wants to live a comfortable life or spend the rest of his life as a half-anthropoid abomination.

In any case, color me intrigued, preferably in a way that doesn't transform me. I look forward to more.

7261662 But you'd make a fantastic derpy. We'll even toss in the fake horn for free.

He got to meet the creator of Ponyfinder

First legit self-insert I've ever seen. Added to the "Read it Later" pile :)

Interesting ... I'd love to see where this goes. I wonder if whoever was talking through the TV screen will ever show up ... kinda reminded me of The Matrix.

7261295 Downvotes happen. You can't stop them, you can only embrace them and continue.

Ooh. Very intriguing chapters, short but to the point. It leaves me wanting for more. More info about Aqua, how does Octavia know Aqua, and so on? Great job so far!

Wow, this is going faster than your other stories. You need to slow down the pacing.

Also, it's a bit confusing as to what exactly is going on. The pacing contributes to that, it's this, then that, then this, then that. No time to really process anything.

Still going too fast. Still confusing. Because there's no more chapters, this is where I hop off.

Au revoir!

7261134 DON'T CRY!!! And yea, con was a thing before displaced was, merchants just became the target!! Besides, its still AWESOME

7263367 You think you're confused? The protagonist has it worse. It's supposed to be fast and jarring, because that's what it is. It slows down in the, now posted, next chapter.

I can understand that, but that's detrimental to the reading experience. It can be confusing, that's fine, but combine it with the fast pacing and you have something akin to an incoherent mess.

No offense.

tupperware - Tupperware (There was an Earl Tupper in Equestria too? :derpytongue2: )

beats wavers away - beats wavered away


Blocked at every turn by ponies he doesn't want to distress. The jaws of this trap are padded with velvet.

Still, I have to admire Aqua. He may eventually surrender to circumstance, but he'll do it on his own terms or at least reach a favorable compromise.

to see Ocatvia - to see Octavia
cancelled - canceled
well being - well-being
Was Aqua and Octavia? - Were Aqua and Octavia?

Found a few more on the second pass. My fault for trying to rush it. :facehoof:

7263662 So many typos, you eat well today! Aqua attempts to come to grips with the situation he's been dropped in without being a total jerk to everyone around him. The ponies he's dealing with certainly are being nice, returning the favor with spitefulness just feels wrong, even if the situation is thoroughly out of his control.

Will smashing the statue send him flying back?

Hmm. Aqua seems to have made more of an impact on those close to him than the human did... assuming the voice in his head can be trusted. Still, it does feel like he's struggling against the inevitable. Reversing the spell probably isn't as simple as smashing the figurine or dousing it in paint thinner. Probably.

Still, if the poor protagonist really is in Ponyville, he has one of the best magical minds in the world available to examine the thing, assuming that Twilight has the free time and the magic is of a sort she can analyze. And that may be a very big assumption indeed.


Will smashing the statue send him flying back?

I'm presuming that there is some sort of sympathetic magic going on here, in which case destroying or altering that figure would probably go very badly for him.

One wonders what happens if he solders a horn onto it... :derpytongue2:

7263698 As the picture of the story implies, the pegasus he's painting isn't exactly him, besides being a pegasus. Attaching a horn may not result in cosmic powers.

7263691 Hey now, be fair. He said he had friends and a life. We just didn't get to meet his human friends very much since the story gets to his adventure in pony land. We don't even know what he did for a living, which is likely going to come up.

Ah, then that's fortunate since I seem to recall the figure he's painting is a mare. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :twilightsmile:

7263629 After some thought, I realized I should thank you. You at least said what you thought was wrong, which is better than at least 3 other -1s that left their downvotes with nary a whisper.

No problem. Just offering critique in as friendly a way as possible. I try not to be an asshole.

7264415 So, what events were confusing?

7261295 you used the wrong definitely for that. The story is not defiant but it is definitely good.

My friends would not miss me I hear what they say about that" psychopath" when they don't think I'm around. But hey I'm a neutral party for their problems so they stick around. But I would not be missed or remembered for long at all. Another plus for being me I guess.

7265260 So his conversation with David at the convention?

Him painting a figure?

Him turning into a pony?

Was it Octavia showing up?

Like I said, everything. There were only a few moments that I was able to understand.


He walked into the vendor's room. Everfree was in a new hotel that year, which threw him off a little, but he planned to get some good stuff now that he had found the mecca of pony stuff. Maybe something with Rainbow Dash on it, seeing as she was his favorite.

Did that make sense? If not, what didn't?

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