• Published 26th Mar 2015
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The Silver Stars - David Silver

The former human known as Silver has attempted to throw his life away, but neither Luna nor his wife, Night Watch will tolerate this. He claims it was an impulse, but they will cure him of the deep breaks even if it means reassembling him from parts.

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1 - Learn to Love the Moon

Luna sat like a sphinx, watching Night and Silver. They were wrestling, with Night clearly the superior combatant. Silver was thrown over her shoulder suddenly, and she landed on his belly, forcing the breath from him before she pecked him on the nose with a soft kiss.

Luna shook her head, "You're not guarding yourself, and you're holding back. You know better, Silver."

Silver rolled to his hooves, wobbling, "She's my wife, and pregnant... I don't want to hurt her."

Luna rose to her full height, "And will you fear for my health?" She spread her wings wide as she prowled at him, "We are warriors. At your best, you may leave a bruise, but don't be so cocky." She suddenly lashed a hoof, knocking him to the ground before she tackled him, pinning him to the ground, "Broken stallion, you're not allowed to hide behind timidity any longer. You will take charge, even if I have to shove you forward to get you going."

Silver squirmed about beneath Luna as Night Watch approached, adjusting her new glasses along the way. Night leaned in, looking at him upside down from his pinned place, "I think she's serious, Silver. You should listen more and complain less."

With a soft sigh, Silver bobbed his head, "Alright, I'll fight."

Luna softly brushed a wing over his nose, and he sneezed. "You are such a day pony. I can hear the hesitation in your voice. I am going to bite you." And she did, lashing at him like a snake. Pinned under her, he could do little to avoid the blow. Her teeth pierced deep into his neck and he shuddered. It felt like when he had been seized by Nightwing, but something was... happening.

His body felt cold, but tingly. Luna was somehow poisoning him, injecting something into his veins. He writhed under her as the coolness turned to warmth. Luna pulled back abruptly, stepping off of him, but keeping one hoof on his barrel, "Night Watch, it is your turn."

Night took her place, pinning him down under her warm form before she struck, somehow biting the same place on the other side of his neck. Luna spoke as Night worked, "We will divest you of this softness. The essence in you pulls you to the night. The touch of your wife will bind you more surely. You two will be of my brood." She narrowed her eyes at Silver, "Before you object, I know they are false protests. Embrace Night, hug her as you feel."

Silver reached up with trembling hooves and pulled Night down. Acting on a sudden overwhelming urge, he bit her, sinking suddenly long teeth into her just as she did into him. "Good," spoke Luna, "Draw on the strength of the night. Shred the frailty. When you want something, you will reach for it. When something threatens what is yours, you will face it with determination." She wrapped her wings over the two as they consummated their relationship in a strange exchange of blood. "Never again be tempted to surrender."

Silver suddenly threw off Night, staggering to his hooves. Everything felt wrong, and yet so right. The dim lighting of Luna's room felt brighter, and yet his vision had contracted slightly. He felt new power pulsing in him, feelings running unfettered. He bared his new fangs, licking them clean of the blood before he looked between the two females that still desired him, despite his many mistakes. He felt less human, but he felt more... He wasn't sure. More something...

Night had bounced back from being shoved back quickly, and she met him in a fierce kiss. Normally he would have been pushed back, belly up, and surrendered to such passion, but this time he met it. His heavy endowment dropped and pulsed in almost angry twitches as he met her as an equal. They bit and nibbles across cheeks and shoulders, but soon he was beyond reach of her mouth as he circled around her. He wanted her, and nothing would get in the way of it. "Night, perfect Night Watch. My love, my wife, mother of my foals." He hopped up on top of her, biting at the back of her neck, "I claim you, even if you own me. You are mine, as I am yours."

Their coupling was fierce but brief, and this seemed right with both. Gone was Silver's gentle touch and unsure motions. The sounds that came from Night told him his confidence was appreciated, but he had little time to enjoy it. As he settled with her, Luna was beside them. "You are not done. The circle is incomplete." She went for Night's untaken side of the neck, making her go rigid beneath and around Silver. He grunted and held her still, assuring her as they shared their moment, though he wondered why a lunar pegasus would need such blessing from Luna.

Luna drew back, licking her teeth clean, "And now, to me, my children, my herd, and my ponies." Silver and Night separated and nuzzled against Luna, working up along her barrel until they both arrived at her neck. Working on some kind of suggestion, or perhaps instinct, they seized her, sinking fangs into the supple flesh of their moon goddess. Silver's ears began to itch terribly, twitching in spasms as new sounds began to reach it. A fresh wave of essence filled his mouth with the taste of copper, and he wanted more. His entire body felt expanding waves of piercing tingles as he softly chewed at Luna. Her flesh seemed unharmed, only yielding more of the strong-tasting blood. He opened a slitted eye, looking to Night enjoying her own taste. His uncertainties felt so far away. So what if he was an outsider? So what if anyone had a problem with him? Luna loved him. Night Watch loved him. He would protect them both. Nothing else mattered.

An unspoken command had them both draw away, panting for breath they didn't realize they were holding. Luna raised a hoof to either shoulder, "I was not entirely truthful, but there shall be no secrets between us now. I am not the mother of the lunar pegasi, not truly. A pair of pegasi came to me."

Silver perked a tufted ear, curious at Luna's words. A glance revealed Night's attention was also held fast.

"I shared a portion of the night with them, as well," spoke Luna. "They were fruitful, and begat the lunar pegasi. While my blood flows through them, it is not truly mine."

Night looked perplexed, but it made perfect sense to Silver. Her magical essence created them, but her genetics were not involved. They weren't 'related', and yet, related. Silver licked his lips, learning to navigate his new fangs, "Do you mean to repeat that?"

Luna nodded, "You will be the father of my second tribe. From your loins come the lunar unicorns. I had considered this before, but Fast seemed ill-suited to being a mother to a species." She nudged Night gently, "I mean her no disrespect, but she is no longer part of your herd, and I will take advantage of it. Night will be the mother, as she has already consented."

Night flushed with a mixture of emotions, "How can I make an entire tribe? I'm only one mare! How many foals do you plan for me to make?"

Luna raised a hoof, "Have little fear. I expect you to make as many as feels natural, no more, no less." She looked to Silver, "You will visit more than one."

Silver took his turn to flush. The idea of studding a tribe was at once appealing and terrifying, but the terror felt far removed. He could handle this. "Provided they are strong, but kind of spirit. I will not lay with any mare I cannot speak with kindly." He rose to his hooves, "I haven't forgotten my ambitions. Are you going to stop me from studying magic? Am I being put out to stud?"

Luna huffed, "If I thought you would enjoy that, but then, if I thought that, you may not be worth it. No, you will continue your studies. You will live." She spread her wings wide, "I did not spare your life for it to be squandered! You will live."

Silver leaned in, nuzzling Night along her barrel until he reached her belly, "What of the foals inside her."

Luna waved a hoof, "That is why she drank. She already has a shard of the night by birthright. Any unicorn within her now holds it as well. She may yet birth the new tribe this time."

Night reached for her glasses where they had fallen and slipped them into place, "What about earth ponies?"

Luna shook her head, "Had I not acted foolishly those many years ago, unicorns and earth ponies would already be part of my night tribes. Each will have their chance, in due time." She raised a brow, "Perhaps you will find a worthy earth pony." She snorted softly and suddenly nipped Night, "Will you return to me?"

Night blinked in confusion, "I'm right here."

Luna shook her head, "No, to my guard. It would be an honor to have you at my side, to have your keen eyes watching over me." She leaned in, nuzzling gently, "Will you think less of me if I said you made me feel safe?"

Night turned as red as her fur allowed, "I had no idea... Won't this get in the way of our... thing?"

Silver shook his head, "Our thing is private. If you're officially watching her again, it excuses you being near her more often. I think it's a good idea."

Night nodded, "Yes, that is sound logic. I was getting bored with my job anyway. I want a real challenge, with real stakes."

Luna nodded softly, "Then consider it done. While the public will know you as one of my subordinates, my heart will know my herd-sister is always at my side." She pointed at Silver, "As for you. You will be released. The public will know you have stepped down from your position. You have served admirably. You brokered peace on behalf of a bitter enemy, saved countless lives, twice, and survived an attack on a changeling hive. All accomplishments few ponies have. Your life remains mine, but I will not hold you here. You must learn to move with confidence. You are... no longer the human I once knew."

Night frowned, "Silver Lining doesn't seem to fit anymore." She tilted her head at Silver, "What about Silver Stars?"

Silver smiled, "I like the sound of that." He shook himself out before looking over his lunar form, "What will my actual position be? I don't want to be a layabout. I feel ready, for anything."

Luna nodded slowly, "Good, because you're serving with Night Watch. You shall be my vanguards. We have a mission shortly." She directed her ears forward, "Be prepared. This is no training exercise. I will want your wit and your eyes. We sail east, to Anugypt, to negotiate terms of a trade agreement. They have been... reluctant, and we fear treachery. Are you up for it?"

Silver nodded firmly, "Nothing will harm you."

Luna prodded Silver in the chest, "Good, and protect yourself. All three of us must return, or we have all failed."

Silver wondered what Anugypt held in store for him. His curiosity felt much stronger than any fear. He could handle what came, with his herd beside him.

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