• Published 23rd Aug 2016
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The Pony Dreadfuls - No one is home

A series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality. Enjoy :)

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Chapter 21 - Sad But True

“You can stop screaming now Nelly.” Train Wreck said flatly as the pair hovered in protective bubbles of unicorn magic. “Hiya Starlight, funny meeting you here.”

“I WAS chasing Discord,” The pink mare snarled with disdain, “He plastered the entire castle with pictures of me and my best friend… errr… I’m not even going to say it!”

“You and Trixie?” The giant beast snorted out loud. “I totally ship iiiiiiitttttttttttt.”

“Oh no! Prince Train Wreck! How could you!” Nelly fixed her tear filled gaze met Starlight Shimmer’s as the tazzlecorn plummeted.

“He’ll be fine.” Starlight Glimmer rolled her eyes. “I doubt the explosion itself would have done any permanent damage. Are you alright?”

“I- the train- he- he saved us!” Nelly stammered. “That explosion would have thrown the whole train off the cliff, and he saved us, AND YOU DROPPED HIM!”

“Pfft, he was being a jerk.” Starlight Glimmer rolled her eyes. “And like I told you, he’s fine. I’ve personally seen Twilight drop him from way higher than this…”

(3 months prior…)

“Are you sure this is okay?” Diane’s shark-like smile broke for a moment and the pink changeling looked worriedly to her adopted mother.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine honey.” The green straight-maned mare smiled at her daughter. “You know how tough Train Wreck is, and Twilights already run a bizillion tests, so I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.”

“Surprise is right, your uncle will be fine. We just have to make sure we’re far enough back from the impact. He’s going to make quite a crater if my calculations are correct.” The Princess of Friendship and Nerdom gave the family a reassuring smile.

“You know I’m standing right here, right, I can totally hear you.” The giant monster rolled his eyes.

“Train Wreck must be quiet!” Z-978 stamped an angry hoof. “Z is trying to watch an important experiment! The Twilight Sparkle say’s that it is that thing Carrot Plate likes so much, it is educational!”

“It’s Okay Z.” A red unicorn mare nuzzled the brain addled changeling. “The interesting parts gonna be really loud anyway.”

“There is going to be a kaboom? Z-978 left little Face Hugger with the dragon who is spike because The Twilight said there is going to be a kaboom.” Z pranced in anticipation.

“So we’re going to start you out with a drop from about 20,000 meters, okay?” Twilight smiled, activating the teleportation


“Hey. Hey, buddy, you’re okay right?” Train Wreck looked up to see a cyan maned changeling stallion poking him in the side. “We really needed to get away from everypony, you know, just to talk.”

“You tried to kill them. You just tried to blow up a train, and you just want to talk?!?!” The beast stood effortlessly from the crater.

“And if we’re being honest, I was really hoping that would work out more… I don’t know… is murdery a word? I was at least hoping, at least, YOU would be more broken. Wow, I thought you were pretty intimidating back when you all Freddy Kruger, but damn.” Nopony smiled nervously at his antithesis.

“What do you want? I should kill you now!” Train wreck unleashed his snakes, each hissing violently at the interloper.

“You really should. I’m sure if you could then you would. But you can’t, So. You. Won’t” The nightmare grinned. “We both know it. Discord made you so you can’t kill yourself. We both want the same thing… what’s best for my daughter.”

“SHE’S NOT YOUR DAUGHTER!” Middler coiled around the changelings throat and spoke directly.

“Oh genetic science, even the really wonky equestrian version, begs to differ.” The changeling laughed. “You don’t remember, I know. I overplayed my hand. I thought I was the only one who made a deal with those damned words, but The Writing on the Wall promised the D man a protege who could take Celestia in a fight. But that doesn’t mean you can kill me.”

“What do you want?” Train Wreck released the pony who wasn’t there and fixed his disinterested gaze.

“I need a queen. I need a changeling queen who's been programmed to feed her own hive.” The changeling pimp grinned as he paced. “You spend a decade or so building a plan and you get attached. It’s not like I’m coming empty handed. You have another daughter. You have your own changeling dependent to concern yourself with. Do really think your princess crush can protect Z? From me?”

“We’re going to kill you.” Train Wreck snatched up the changeling breeder and slammed him into the smoking crater of his landing point in a spray of blood. “The only pony who would ever hold us back is gone! We will hunt you down and we will break you. I don’t care what it costs!”

“That’s all I ever wanted to hear.” Iam Noone flickered and the pony who wasn’t there wasn’t.

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