• Published 23rd Aug 2016
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The Pony Dreadfuls - No one is home

A series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality. Enjoy :)

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Chapter 28 - Careless Wishes

“Z-978 does not blame the Train Wreck, and she does not trust the evil changeling who is obviously evil.” Z hovered, cradling her cthulian grub in her fore-legs. “Z-978 is not a foal. She has marched over the broken bodies of ponies in a triumph that broke her heart and forced her to abandon her hive and live in the ruins of this city when it was ruins and changelings conquered the ponies.”

Hushed murmurs flowed across the court, when a voice rang out, “What does she mean ‘when changeling conquered the ponies’?”

“Order,” Celestia’s voice rang clear, “I’m sorry dear, please continue.”

“Z-978 watched her sister fall in that terrible battle. And she swore that she would not take away anyone else’s sister. She would not share that pain, and she lived alone. The others say that it made Z sick in her brain, and Z-978 knows she is not a smarty pants changeling.” The mare bowed her head sadly.

“Your majesty!” Fancy Pants stood and adjusted his monocle, “Everything this poor… creature… say’s only reinforces what my peers and I have said from the beginning! The beast known as Train Wreck Pastel is a brute and a monster! This poor thing is clearly mentally deficient, and the beast has played on it’s insecurities to pressure her into it’s ‘herd’. Given what the crown now knows about the unfortunate thing’s age…”

“I never liked you Nancy Pants,” Train Wreck glowered. “And you have one more time to call Z a thing, and then I’m going to rip you in half. And Celestia, and all her guards can’t stop me. They may put me down like a dog, and I’m sure they will, and I hope your front half is still breathing when they do, because I want the last thing I see to be you’re ego-driven torso choking on it’s own blood.”

“Please stop!” Z’s voice cut the beast to it’s core. “This is not the Train Wreck! This is not the father of Z’s perfect grub! You are scaring face-hugger!”

“I’m sorry Z…I pushed things too far. I was stupid and I…” Train Wreck was interrupted by the suddenly angry mare.

“You do not even know what you are sorry for! Your anger, your loneliness, it is more important to you than Z! It is more important to you than Diane! It is more important than your own grub! You run away just because a stupid smelly changeling queen tells you to! Z-978 wishes the Train Wreck would just DISAPPEAR!” A gasp rang out through the court, followed by silence. Z stared at the empty spot on the floor in horrified shock.

The deathly still was sliced open by the sound of a single changeling slow clapping, “Well since he just ceased to exist, I’ll just collect my offspring and be on my way then.” Iam Nooned grinned widely as Celestia’s visage shifted from shock to anger. Before the Alicorn could express her frustrations, however, a keening wail reverberated throughout the castle.”



// She’s screaming for me to give you back now.

“Goddamit! Why are you doing this to me???” Train Wreck lowered his shoulder’s unleashing his serpents.

// Why are you doing this to them? I could send you back to Z-978. If I do, your other wife, or adopted sister that you sleep with, or whatever you call it, will not survive.

“Don’t you dare threaten Carrot Plate!” The beast growled.

// I’m not the threat. I’m just telling you what will happen. I’m giving you a choice really. Opening a new path.

“Like the last path you opened?” The monster cocked an eyebrow.

// I sent you exactly where you said you wanted to go. I put you in front of a train, with nothing. Just like you begged me to. Now I’m offering you a chance to save a pony you supposedly cared about. Or be reunited forever with you beloved changeling family. Either one works, but you can’t have both. Save the one remaining pony in your life, and leave Z and Diane to face Iam Noone alone, or return to your little changelings and allow Carrot Plate to become his first victim…


“Open it!” Sour Sweet pranced with glee, as Carrot examined the white gift-box with it’s tempting red bow.

“You know it’s some kind of prank, right?” Carrot rolled her eyes. “It’ll probably blow up and cover me with meringue or sticky syrup or something.”

“I know! It’s gonna be SO funny. Come on! Don’t be chicken, that human went to a lot of trouble to set this up! We could be the first ponies to see the prank!” The young mare could barely contain her excitement. “A HUMAN prank! We are so lucky!”


“I told you not to bring her here!” Celestia glared at the two royal guards escorting a panic-stricken pink changeling filly with a shark like maw, devoid of it’s usual grin.

“We apologize your majesty, but we were under very explicit orders.” The lead guard grinned maliciously as his form melted in a flash of changeling magic. Both guards, now revealed seized Diane suddenly.

“BOOM!” Iam noone jumped into the air hurling confetti and streamers in all directions. “So raise your hoof if you had any friends or family attending classes at Baltimare University today!”

“Guards! Stop those changelings!” The Princess screamed the order knowing it was already too late. A general panic began to descend over the court as the changelings flew out through a second tier balcony with their captive, while the instigator of the pandemonium examined the back of one hoof with an absent smile.

Celestia slowly became aware of the words the messenger-pony was whispering in her ear, and her blood froze in her veins. “No.”

Almost nopony noticed the small despairing changeling in the middle of it all as she wept, her hooves wrapped tightly around the last member of her family that had not been taken from her in a matter of seconds.

Author's Note:

Well, that escalated quickly. :pinkiecrazy:

Finally got this update done! Been a mite busy of late, I will go back and fix typos and reply to comments etc., promise! Things have just been a bit crazy of late. Hopefully I can get back on a semi-regular update schedule soon, if nothing else... :scootangel:

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