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True magic has returned to the surface.

Twilight and the Elements of Harmony had awoken to a world completely unlike their own, where the abilities they saw as natural were lauded as rare and powerful. The last few months saw them deal with bounty hunters, the depths of the sea, and the deadly politics of this new world. And lose.

Twilight, in a desperate bid to save her friends, had harnessed a power unlike any other and conquered her enemies in one fell swoop... at great cost. Now she is separated from her friends and tasked with a mission to bring back the Equestria she once knew, all while tainted by strange magic she barely understands.

At least she isn't alone.

This story takes place after the events of Empty Horizons and is technically a sequel spin-off. - Nothing in this story is canon to the EH universe, it is my take on Twilight and the Other following the events of EH's finale.

Thank you Goldenwing for his amazing story which inspired me to write this in the first place, and all the people on the Empty Horizons Discord for the support and encouragement! Specifically Patchy and Gold for their editing work!

If you love the story, come join us on the Discord!

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to The Cost of a Sunrise

Along time ago, but still somehow in the future. Welcome back to Post Apocalyptic Everglow. Bullette Bell was prepared for the world to die. Was she prepared to send her daughter into the world that lived?

Newest in the "Bit's of Ash" Series, and a side story to "Duet in the Dust".

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Bits of Ash

Join Twilight and Thorax as they set hoof on Discord's Magic School Bus for a trip into the post apocalyptic future of Everglow.

They say the road to ruin is paved in the best of intentions, and no where is this more true than in the Ashen Waste of Everglow. Slapstick LeFaux, a unicorn colt blessed by the goddess of the doppelgangers is the sole survivor when his circus caravan is ambushed by raiders. Sunrise Flare is a young mare who's life was upended when a doomsday cult of crazed pony fanatics remade her in their twisted image of an "ideal" monarch. In a world that hasn't seen the sun in over two hundred years, a careless wish can invite disaster. And nothing costs as much as a sun rise.

This story is based in the world of David Silver's Ponyfinder RPG books. Specifically the upcoming campaign setting From the Ashes, available now for pre-order!

Also this is a sequel/prequel to my previous story Bits of Ash. Although, being a prequel, although reading that is in no way necessary to enjoy this story. Has many funs! :pinkiecrazy:

Chapters (14)

Friendship... Friendship never changes. In the war ravaged future of Everglow, ponies have all but destroyed the planet in a mad, genocidal drive to re-establish their once great empire. Two unlikely companions struggle to find place to belong in this burned out, hellish ash-scape. Of course Discord thinks this would be a great place to take the students on a field trip. So he loads the student six on his magic school-bus and takes them on a site seeing adventure across the ashen wastes.


A PonyFinder crossover fic. Do you like ponies? Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Try PonyFinder! This is based on characters in the newest campaign setting, From The Ashes.


It's available for Preorder Right Now!

Chapters (14)

Princess Twilight has just ascended to her throne of friendship and is prepared to tackle her new duties, but Princess Celestia has something of grave importance for her to do first.

She wants her to meet her family.

Chapters (20)

Vinyl and Octavia fall face first into the grips of a post-apocalyptic Everglow. Can their friendship see them through the challenges ahead?

Ponyfinder crossover. Besides our two main ponies, prepare for OCs everywhere! That's alright, we're really here for the music ponies. Set during the 'From the Ashes' portion of Everglow history. Do you need to know Ponyfinder, or anything about Everglow? Nope! Learn along with our mares and enjoy the ride.

Chapters (48)

Linda settled for bed, only to awaken in the middle of a garden of statues of horses. She was one of them, only not as petrified. When she eventually slumbered there, she returned home. Living two lives, can she make sense of it all? Fix it, or enjoy it?

Triggers: Transgender, Human to Pony

Chapters (101)

There's lots of ways you can express love to someone. Kisses, hugs, smiles, and the list goes on.

For one group of changelings committed to their own hive, their way of receiving love is with petting. Heavy petting.

Too bad Ponyville wasn't prepared.

A fluff story inspired by the cover and a dumb idea within a discord server. Feels nice publishing something again.

Thanks to Carapace for quick editing!

Chapters (1)

By some cosmic happenstance, a young woman is transported to Equestria, and finds herself in a precarious situation. She's taking it in stride so far. Maybe because finding herself in an alien world and in an alien body is not the worst thing that's ever happened to her.

Some wounds, especially those of the soul, can take a long time to mend. What healing arts can the ponies of Equestria offer a scarred young woman? What can she offer them in return?

Timeline-wise takes place starts off in the later parts of season 4 but before the season finale. It also mentions events from the EG-movies and the comics, but neither of which are required watching/reading in order to understand this story.

- Human-turned-into-pony-
- Who's kind of okay with being a pony-
- And becomes friends with the Mane 6.
- Being a pony is pretty awesome.
- Has both slice of life and adventure.
- Equestria Girls happened.
- Like the source material, it has adventures.
- And Celestia is not a jerk.

Cover art by the extraordinarily skilled viwsrasputr.
The piece in particular has been uploaded here: https://derpibooru.org/1478347
Really cool art by Cyanjames2819. Also found here.
Leave a comment if you so desire. Simple praise also appreciated.

Chapters (23)

The wheel of time turns, as destiny and history clash together.

Fifty years into the future, Sunset Shimmer is Princess Twilight Sparkle's most faithful student. She is smart and eager, but doesn't always think things through. Her life had been perfect, right up to the End of the World.

With a ruined future, Sunset travels into the past to alter the course of history. With only her mentor's cryptic word to go on, Sunset and the Elements of Harmony must solve the riddle of the Dark Regalia and stop the mysterious Vesper Radiance from rising to power. But the further Sunset goes, the more she feels like she's been through it all before.

Is destiny set in stone, or can Sunset shape her own future? Only time will tell.

Featured on Equestria Daily 6/16/13
Gratefully edited by JustAnotherTimeLord, Icarus_Gizmo, Cerulean Voice and Bad_Seed_72

The Sunset of Tropes page!

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