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After repeatedly stabbing a false king in the chest, somehow pulling out a scythe out of the fake kings chest like a magician with a hat and a rabbit and creating a bar that sells SNAKE BEER (beer made and brewed inside of a animated glass snake. Usually Popular with prankster gods) Dagmire fell down many staircases alongside his small basilisk friend and through the front door/window of his bar he somehow ends up smack dab in the middle of enter-for-death-forest. Now In Equestria he feels a strong pull to a strange castle in the distance. Maybe now he can finally find the one who cursed him with chaos in the first place...

Or he might play ragtime music in a massive fight. ITS CHAOS BABY NOTHING IS SAFE

(Note: If anyone is intrigued and wants to slap a displaced in my story for a few chapters just contact me and I’m sure we can work something out.)

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I was once a poor Fate Dealer, that is until I was killed for doing my job and landed in Equestria as The Dealer. Now once again for doing my job I am stoned. And now all I want is to live in peace and I plan on doing just that. But Fate seems to love curve balls as she keeps sending them at me. But I will survive and help others with my fortunes.

I have no idea who owns the cover art but if they don't want me to use it then they can PM me.

Fallout: Equestria Project Horizons Displaced

The Dealer Displaced

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