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True magic has returned to the surface.

Twilight and the Elements of Harmony had awoken to a world completely unlike their own, where the abilities they saw as natural were lauded as rare and powerful. The last few months saw them deal with bounty hunters, the depths of the sea, and the deadly politics of this new world. And lose.

Twilight, in a desperate bid to save her friends, had harnessed a power unlike any other and conquered her enemies in one fell swoop... at great cost. Now she is separated from her friends and tasked with a mission to bring back the Equestria she once knew, all while tainted by strange magic she barely understands.

At least she isn't alone.

This story takes place after the events of Empty Horizons and is technically a sequel spin-off. - Nothing in this story is canon to the EH universe, it is my take on Twilight and the Other following the events of EH's finale.

Thank you Goldenwing for his amazing story which inspired me to write this in the first place, and all the people on the Empty Horizons Discord for the support and encouragement! Specifically Patchy and Gold for their editing work!

If you love the story, come join us on the Discord!

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 32 )

Neat. Hope we get to see Twilight in the main story eventually too!

I can confirm, lots of good twilight stuff is coming!

Interesting that the spirit or whatever is possessing her doesn't seem to have any particular goals other than survival. It has very strong and unfriendly opinions on how to survive, but it doesn't seem to be working towards anything. At least from what we've seen from so far. And I think it implied it's an entity formed from wild magic?
Luna was convinced that sleeping forever was better than letting it have control, though, and Celestia's is seemingly destroying islands, so obviously it's bad news beyond just being mean. Also the fact that there's more than one is suspicious. I guess Twilight's is playing relatively nice while it lacks full control of her? It seemed genuinely upset (not that it admitted it) when she focused on it breaking its word.

My story and The Empty Horizon sequel that's coming are not in the same timeline, so, unfortunately, anything in this story is not technically canon to the main story. But you've got some good ideas!

Hey Psy. From what I've read so far the story is actually well written. Keep up the good work

For now Other Twilight seems more sensible than Host Twilight , even if she is kinda mean .
Twilight is not really helping matters by freaking out and distracting Other while both their lives are at stake....
I could see those two not seeing eyes to eyes for a good while , which would make for some interesting relationship dynamics between them.
In other words , I ship it :moustache:

This is interesting and well written. Looking forward to seeing more. It is great to see more stories in this world.

The World works Differently now Twilight, you might want to listen to The Other a little bit more than ye are.

It's already a damn good story , but this is going to become pricelessly good when that romance tag come into effect. Just imagining in my mind how we are going to go from that relationship to any kind of something that can be qualified as romance just has me grinning preemptively. :pinkiehappy:

You might need to wait a while! It's definitely going to be a slow burn kinda story... but I reckon you'll enjoy the payoff!

After a few seconds of no hostilities Twilight relit her horn and saw a rather unnerving sight.
The long dead remains of what seemed to be a pony in a housemaids uniform.
"The poor thing must have perished during her last shift! The preservation spells must have stopped any decay, but why is she still standing?"
The shrivelled, mummified being turned its head to her and in a long drawn out voice said.
"Uhhhhhh...housssse keeepiiiing!"

I'm half tempted to change the next chapter now! :rainbowlaugh:

Careful 'Twilight' you might just end up liking her.:trixieshiftright:

What kind of romance this story will have to?

Twilight and "The Other" will eventually be in a relationship. Any more than that would be spoilers!

Jeez, and there is "sex" tag too.

I don't plan on having anything too explicit. It's there to cover my bases.

I got a little confused when I was reading the story. Is there any way you could give a recap of what happens in the previous chapter as well as a short summary of what happened in Empty Horizons?

Huh? Is this the first chapter you started reading?

I mean, I don't usually jump into book 2 chapter 7 of a series and ask the author to explain to me what happened in book 1 and chapters 1-6 of the one I'm on. But that's just me.

I bet the other Twilight takes over while she's unconscious.

Wow. That was so pathetic, I'm starting to believe that Other!Twilight might have more than just a point.

Aww, that author's note. I wouldn't push you so hard if you weren't such a good writer! A fantastic chapter, as usual! :twilightsmile:

The mysterious first chapter of the Lost Student, given to us in the age-old tradition of in media res.

Works well. It helps that I have context, to be sure. There are a few places where my instincts say a comma should/shouldn't be, but I've been overly fixated on them in my own writing lately so I wouldn't fret. It gets the point across nicely.

Dramatic, short, to the point; providing just enough to give people a sense of what's going on.

So far, so good.

(Now forgive me if I shelve this for a long time since I have other stuff currently needing to be read heh-HEH.)

-GM, master of Sunken Days.

Shock twist! It's Celestia!


Aww, Midnight is cute on that cover image, way cuter than I had pictured her.

would be a valid argument if this author started the series, but they didn't so really it kind of a valid question.


I did try to make it clear this followed on from the events of EH and you'd need to read that first. Do you think I need to make it clearer.

no, not really. Its just some people, like me, are incredibly unobservant some times.

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