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This story is a sequel to The Cost of a Sunrise

Along time ago, but still somehow in the future. Welcome back to Post Apocalyptic Everglow. Bullette Bell was prepared for the world to die. Was she prepared to send her daughter into the world that lived?

Newest in the "Bit's of Ash" Series, and a side story to "Duet in the Dust".

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Well, the splintered narrative is only making me more curious. So that's cool.

If the main OCs in this story and the previous one were voiced, what would they sound like?

9568423 Bullette sounds like Sweetiebot... because she's Sweetiebot... I wan't even subtle with that. :unsuresweetie: No Name's "default voice" has a southern, country drawl to it, but his snakes sometimes throw their own filters on it. He speaks with many forked tongues. Slap Stick would sound different at different points. When he first met No Name, he was a young teen. So cracky voice, unsure tones. When they dropped him off in Turves he was a young adult. His voice had settled i to a some what high pitched baritone, but he was still unsure of himself. By the time they came back he was a full on middle aged business-pony with a foal on the way. A ring master in his own right, he had the voice of a slightly sleezy sales-pony. Sunrise has a voice that inflicts itself on you. High pitched, and scraping like nails on a chalkboard... but alluring at the same time. It's important to note that she's charismatic and vain... but not "pretty" per se. I like to think of her "pre-queen", Sunrise Daffodilly voice as "bitter honey", and her "post-queen" Sunrise Flare voice as "poison honey".

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