• Published 23rd Aug 2016
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The Pony Dreadfuls - No one is home

A series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality. Enjoy :)

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Chapter 23 - Trickity Treat

“In two short years we have had 27 murders in Equestria.” The brown coltish earth pony mare preached to an increasingly agitated crowd. Not accidental deaths. Not casualties from monster attacks. Ponies killing ponies. Cold. Blooded. Murder.”

The crowd murmured indecisively, which only urged on the fire-brand mare. “The first human to enter our country in modern times, our ‘esteemed’ Prince Silver Watch. Engaged in a so-called ‘game’ of imaginary murder, called of all things, ‘Humanway’, where ponies were encouraged to pretend that they were humans slaughtering Diamond Dogs!”

“Barbaric!” The cries rang out as the crowd began to argue. “But Silver is such a gentle pony, I’ve met him myself.” “I was at that Biped Con, some ponies could barely keep their lunch, it was so violent!”

“Our peaceful kingdom and our very way of life is, even as we speak being torn asunder by outsiders who take our forms and pervert of very core values! And I’m not even talking about the changelings!” The were disapproving gasps, but more than too many appreciative chuckles at the jest. “Consider for a moment the OTHER transformed human who lurks within the shadows of our poorest neighborhoods, frequenting the most disreputable of Lunar Saloons. The Heir of Chaos, the one who’s name is spoken only in shadows within our own government…”

“Train Wreck Pastel is a hero!” An earth pony stallion shouted angrily from the crowd. Drawing supportive cheers and jeers from many other ponies in the crowd.

“Oh yes, he’s always there to save the little ponies who get caught up in the fires, in the explosions, in the carnivals of rape and murder that seem to follow in his wake, doesn’t he?” The mare smiled cruelly as the crowd seemed taken aback by this unexpected argument. “Because that’s my point, good ponies of Canterlot. These aliens don’t have to be evil. Even the noblest of them drag chaos and death in their wake. They are a destructive force!”


“Captain Moonphase,” Civil Doctrine addressed the Lunar Guard Officer coldly, “Were you aware that the private investigator you had hired to assist in the murder of Rock Solid was in fact a rogue changeling?”

“I was not aware that Orange Pip was a changeling, no sir.” The unflappable guard answered.

“A rogue changeling, captain.” The normally taciturn noble’s voice dripped with acidic hate

“I fail to see in what way Orange Pip is a ‘rogue’ sir.” The captain scowled at the inquisition noble.

“What was his cutie mark, Captain?” A shadowed noble in the background asked plainly.

“Five orange seeds, arranged in no particular pattern.” The guard captain replied evenly.

“Then the changeling in questions cutie mark was not a changeling?” Moon Phase was surprised to hear the voice of Fancy Pants amond Pips accusers.

“I have never once seen Orange Pip attempt to impersonate anypony.” The Lunar guard insisted defiantly, Pip had proved himself and his patriotism far over, as far as Moon Phase was concerned.

“And yet, SHE disguised herself every day.” Fancy Pants pressed on. “We already have the testimony of this… the imposter’s marefriend, it’s coworkers. They all are so quick to defend this deceiver, and yet why should we NOT ask, how long did they live among us, before they chose to make themselves into prettier invaders?”

Gasps of shock rang out, especially among the changeling observers who had been invited to the hearing. Fancy Pants had always been among their most ardent defenders.


“You have to come with us,” Split Shift urged the little shark-toothed changeling, “it’s not safe in the hive anymore.”

“But Fast Change said I should wait here until Uncle Train Wreck got back from Ponyville,” Diane argued stubbornly.

“Swing Shift, darling,” Sweet Shift cooed sadly, “I don’t know how to tell you this… but Fast Change lied to you. Train Wreck was caught in the explosion… she led him into the only trap that could possibly work… she told him to get on a train…”

“NO! You’re wrong!” Diane’s eyes stung with tears. “Fast Change would never do that! It was an imposter! One of Nopony’s changelings!”

“How could one of Nopony’s changelings fool Train Wreck, Swing?” Split Shift argued. “You know how many safewords there are!”

“Oh no… Nonononono…” Diane shook her head frantically.

“And only a pony who knows his whole story would know that he dies in a…”

“DON’T SAY THAT! HE’S NOT DEAD!” Diane exploded into grief. “He’s unbreakable! He’s unstoppable! He… he can’t be dead… And stop calling me Swing Shift! I hate that name! I hate it! My name is…”

“Dragonfly,” A scarfaced changeling queen stepped out of the shadows. “Don’t be afraid my little Dragonfly. I’m not under that monster’s spell anymore. I came back. I would have come sooner, but you had a new mother… a better mother. But I couldn’t leave my little Dragonfly as an orphan, not again, never again. Your mother loves you, she loves her little Dragonfly. Everything before was a horrible dream.”

Diane felt confusion and grief solidify into one solid emotion, longing, as she fled into Madame Butterfly's embrace. Too late she felt the damp cloth press over her face and the last sight she saw as she lost consciousness was Madame Butterfly dissolve into the bloated mass of Night Shift. “Let the bitch queen take all the princesses if she wants them so much. After tonight, Canterlot belongs to the Shadow Hive.”


“Z, honey, I don’t want to scare you.” Princess Fast Change took a deep breath, preparing herself to negotiate with the brain-damaged mare.

“Z-978 is not afraid.” The mare buzzed nervously. “Fast Change told Z-978 Train Wreck is okay. She told her he saved ponies. This is a thing that he does. Why would Z-978 be afraid? Fast Change is scaring Z-978! She should stop doing that!”

“Z, the bad changeling that tricked Train Wreck knew the safewords.” Fast Change closed her eyes, tightly for only one moment. “Our hive has been infiltrated, Z. I need you to… wait… Z, where is your sister?”

Author's Note:

Nightmare Night
What a fright
Give me something sweet to bite!

Halloween Holiday Special! :pinkiehappy:

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