• Published 18th Dec 2015
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Awkward Conversations And Other Stories - No one is home

A series of disjointed, interconnected stories about people and ponies. There are many conversations. All are awkward.

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Hard Reset (Z): Worker Changeling 978

This story takes place after the Silveverse is reset to this point. Not my fault David Silver hit the reset button, he's the Dungeon Master in this crazy game. :pinkiecrazy: (always blame the Dungeon Master)

“Worker Changeling 978?”, Stand In read the name without looking up from the paper-work in front of her.

“Z”, the changeling on the other side of the desk said tersely.

“Excuse me,” as a leader caste changeling, Stand In wasn’t accustomed to back talk from drones.

“My name is Z-978,” the defiant drone insisted, “We’re free citizens of Equestria, I don’t see any reason to keep living under the Bitch Queen’s bad joke.”

Stand in let out a long sigh, “Fine ‘Z’-978, As I’m sure you’re aware, thanks to the generosity of the ponies of Canterlot, we will have enough harvested love that culling low-functioning drones won’t be an issue, thankfully.”

“But?” Z-978 asked, waiting for the other boot to drop.

“But, sacrifices still have to be made,” Stand In went on stoically, she didn’t like being the one to hand out the bad news, “All higher-functioning drones are being asked to leave the hive until such time as proper feeding pods can be built and food stores can be made to accommodate them.”

“Y-you’re kicking me out?” Z stammered in shock.

“It’s hopefully temporary,” this was the part of the job she really hated, “You’re a high functioning drone. You could probably pass yourself off as a leader caste if you were talking to ponies. You have initiative, free will, and you can fend for yourself. We need you to make room for less fortunate drones who can’t do that.”

“But….” Z-978 let that one word hang in the air, unsure how to continue.

“I know,” Stand In shook her head sadly, “But the fact that you can even argue with me only proves my point. It’s not the end of the world. You’ll just have to extract love directly on a face to face basis. Just make sure you only extract from WILLING ponies. And nopony from Canterlot. any love extracted from this city is the property of the hive.”

“Where am I supposed to go?” Z was shaken to the core, “How am I supposed to find willing donors?”

Stand In sighed again, this was going to be a long day, “Well, Ponyville’s closest. I heard there’s another queen in Manehattan, maybe she could use a smart drone. Look, I’m really sorry, but that’s just how it is. Get a job, make some bits and pay ponies to let you suck up some of their emotional nectar. Hell if you don’t have the bits, there are definitely other ways to pay off ponies.”

Z-978 blushed and looked away, saying nothing.

“I'm sorry I really am,” Stand shook her head, “But you’re not the first changeling I’ve had to have this talk with today, and you’re far from the last. We all knew things were gonna be tough when we escaped, Just remember, at least we’re not owned by HER anymore. I know it seems like cold comfort, but there it is. You’ve got 48 hours to make arrangements. You’ll be given as many bits as we can spare to get you started. I know it looks harsh, but this is what freedom looks like.”

“Yeah, freedom,” Z-978 said dejectedly, as she shuffled out of the office.

Behind her she could hear the leader changeling already calling the next name, “Beast Of Burden-1065!”

“It's not good news, “ Z-978 said to her hive-mate as they passed, “Geez, the Bitch Queen really knew how to stick it in and break it off when it came to names….”

Author's Note:

New Year, New World. The more things change the or they still kinda happen. Short chapter. I’ve been in the hospital. Missed the night-cap part of the story that would have been the end of the New Year’s holiday special, I lied. Sorry about that that. Luckily David hit reset. Now I get to tell Z's story for real.

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