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This story is a sequel to The Pony Dreadfuls

The Canterlot Free Hive has been disbanded.

In the aftermath of Chrysalis second invasion, the machinations of the Nopony, and Thorax's ascension as ruler of the new changelings, Celestia has ruled that there is no further need of a refugee hive within the outskirts of her city.

With her pony family scattered, and her hive disbanded, Z-978 is taken in by the Freaks of the Belfry as they flee lower Canterlot , hoping to find acceptance, peace, and freedom in Las Pegasus.

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I went back a chapter to reacquaint myself with this branch of the story, and I am happy to see it continue!

Thanks. :pinkiehappy: Hopefully I can get back on some kind of regular update schedule. Pretty much everything is behind right now...

Damned got - Damned goat
remember he right - remember her right

Las Pegasus, a city of dreams or where dreams go to die? Hopefully the former for our heroes.

Typos lost in the mail.
I have high hopes for this group. Jimmy Jack is a very no-nonsense pony. His honor has led him to follow some questionable paths in the past. If he feels that he owes a debt, Celestia better help any pony who comes between him and paying what he owes. In the past it led him to turn a blind eye to the Nopony's depravity, but this time I think he's finally on the right side of good.

I thought The Pony Dreadfuls were a collection of short stories.

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