• Published 23rd Aug 2016
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The Pony Dreadfuls - No one is home

A series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality. Enjoy :)

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Chapter 12 - Who We Are

“Do you know what is at stake?” Pip asked casually.

“I don’t know you, Pip. I thought I did. I really tried to understand. What are they afraid I’m going to see at this point?!?!” The mare’s chest heaved with exertion. “And if I’m fair, you don’t really know me. Whatever you do know, and it’s probably everything, you figured out on your own and just patiently waited for me to tell you.”

“My father is a rapist, Pip. I left because I wanted to live, and I knew if I stayed I was going to kill myself, because one way or another I had to escape.. If I had ended my life my sister might have escaped. Even the royals on the hill couldn’t ignore that. I could have saved her.” Photo Plate hung her head and cried in shame. “I made my choice. And I have to live with it.”

“It started with two ponies... they explored too far into the badlands. They brought their infant son with them, and they brought me back. They never even suspected… I wonder sometimes if he’s still alive in some Celestia damned pod.” In an invisible flash of flames Orange Pip was gone. The changeling mare leveled a stern stare on the unicorn. “They raised me as their son. Even I never knew. Why was I so malnourished? There were so many doctors. So many theories. Then one day I got my cutie mark. The five orange pips. My biggest secret came out. I changed for the first time and my life ended.”

“Pip…” Picture moved to comfort her lover, but she snatched away from her touch like it was a flame.

“I thought I was him. I don’t even know my changeling name. I tracked down every feral and escaped changeling I could find looking for answers. I eventually learned I had a ‘sister’, Butterfly, once… We were twins, born from one egg. I tried to find her, that’s how I met Night Shift.” The changeling collapsed in the rain. “I know she seems horrible, but I’ve seen the other side of the rainbow, and it’s black and white. I didn’t even know why I why I was so weak. I didn’t even know that I was just hungry. Eventually my father found me. My mother had a mental breakdown, she never really recovered. They sent me away to live with my aunt in Canterlot, I hide my true form to spare them any more grief and shame than I’ve already caused.”

“I left my little sister to him. Destiny and fate.” Picture and Photo spoke together. “I am a parasite. More than any other changeling. I replaced a real life.”

“I’m a monster.” Each turned their head unwilling to face the other.

“The world can break Pic, it has happened before. At least twice that Tarot has told me about. Maybe more. I’m terrified, maybe tomorrow I wake up in a hive and we never even met because you’re floating in a pod!” Orange Pip spoke first, breaking down beneath a soft rain. “We don’t remember it, but it happened. I don’t want to lose you because I told you too much… or not enough. I never wanted to tell you any of this, but my damned cousin had to bring you into his games. This murder, Pic, it’s the keystone of our entire future. There’s a war coming.”


“I don’t get it boss, I thought you were in a hurry meet up with Lyra Heartstrings and blow this town.” A plain, brown, colt-faced earth pony mare addressed her mohawked human companion. “The next thing I know we’re hiding out for weeks at the old Pearfield place. If I never eat another pear for the rest of my life I’ll die a happy mare.”

“I swear I thought that stupid whorse died in Canterlot.” The human scowled at nopony in particular. “Trust me, we want to avoid the Pastel family. Especially now. With Greenie Pie gone there’s going to be very little holding the two dangerous ones in check. I made a mistake last time thinking the small one would be an easy target without her pet monster, facing them together would be suicide.”

“Hey boss, why is Lyra having lunch with a human in a green luchadore mask?” The human was brought out of his thoughts by a tug at his shirt-tails.

“What the hell? An Anon? In Ponyville? Gods in hell, I lay low for a few weeks and THIS happens?” The human cursed loudly, as ponies tried to ignore his outburst and go about their business. “Well dammit. This shit changes our plans.”

“What’s an anon, boss?” Velvet asked her unnamed master.

“They’re a series of humans who don’t really realize the reality of their predicament.” The nameless human explained. “They wear a stupid mask and call themselves ‘Anon’ while they play out their own little fantasy games until it all collapses around them. They range from harmlessly annoying to sadistically evil, depending on the human and their fantasy. Since they generally don’t believe that anything happening around them is real, they tend to have short life-spans. Normally I enjoy watching their little misadventures play out, but this one is directly in my way.”

“So what are we gonna do about it boss?” Velvet’s ears folded back, as she was relatively sure she already knew the answer.

“Well, this one seems to be trolling the low lying fruit. He’s probably already struck out with at least five other mares, probably including one or more of the element bearers, so he’s trying his luck with the one mare known for her fascination with all things biped.” The human mused. “He’s probably planning to take my former therapist back to whatever hole he’s squatting in and either seducing her, or tying her up in his rape dungeon. Like I said, Anons can vary wildly according to their particular fantasy and how desperate they are to play it out. Either way this one get’s to be a corpse ahead of schedule.”

Velvet swallowed hard. “Are you sure that’s necessary, boss, I mean if he’s just a harmless fetishist…”

“Then Lyra will be hurt and vulnerable when her mysterious lover turns into a one night stand,” the human replied coldly, “And if it turns all rape dungeony… well, she’ll be grateful to the dashing human who rescued her. Either way, she’ll be in a receptive state to be talked into turning me back into a changeling. It all works out for the best… for me, of course.”

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