• Published 23rd Aug 2016
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The Pony Dreadfuls - No one is home

A series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality. Enjoy :)

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Chapter 53 - Strange Rumors

Z-978 is going to marry Chitin. I guess I’m not surprised. I’m not mad. I shouldn’t be mad. I can’t be mad at Z. I really shouldn’t be mad at Chitin. They’re not breaking up our family. Mom is dead, and Uncle Train Wreck is gone. Z is still going to be my sister. Chitin isn’t taking her away from me, so I shouldn’t be angry. I shouldn’t be angry. I shouldn’t sulk. I shouldn’t have said what I said. I know it really hurt Z, and she didn’t deserve that. She’s not the one who gave up on Uncle Train Wreck, I was. And he wouldn’t be like this about it. He loved Z. He would want her to be happy. Chitin said they’d be back in a couple of days. I’m going to apologize. I will.

And I’m happy for them. And I’m happy that they’re going to rebuild the bakery. Mom and Uncle Train Wreck wanted to, but with mom being sick, and with the Nopony’s shadow hanging over us like a damned vulture… but Z and Chitin are going to rebuild Just Deserts, but they’re going to call it Sweet Surprise, in honor of mom. That’s so great, and so sweet, and so appropriate, and why couldn’t I tell them that? But no, I had to run my big stupid mouth. But Chitin said Z didn’t mean what she said and they are going to come back, and I’m going to tell her I’m sorry. I am SO sorry.

Alice called e aside in the day room today. I’m not even sure if I should write this down, but the teachers said my journal was just for me, and they haven’t tried to read it yet. At any rate, it’s probably just more Alice-crazy. I mean, she obviously really did used to be a human. There’s so many tells you just couldn’t miss after living with a former human. I mentioned it to the teachers, and they just said, “Well, she’s a pony now, that’s what’s important.” They sound just like that stupid Prince Silver Pants up on the hill. I see why Uncle Train Wreck never liked him. Sure he means well, but he doesn’t see the problems that attitude causes ponies like Alice. The teachers just don’t want to admit they were wrong for years. They treated Alice like a crazy liar for years, because they were so sure there was no such thing as humans. Now they just parrot the former human prince and it’s Alice’s job to just deal with it.

Some of her stories though… smoking caterpillars, talking cats, nopony could blame her for being unhinged, but a lot of it is it’s own special kind of crazy. And today she confided that Ms. Hearts stole “The White Queen’s Crown”. I don’t know who this White Queen is. It’s not Celestia. I cleared that up. She’s somepony, or rather someone, from the other side of the mirror she came in from. So I assume a human. I didn’t ask, but it seemed like she was talking about a human. She didn’t specify a cat or a white rabbit or a mock-turtle. I’m not sure why I’m even paying this any mind at all.

Ms. Scarlet Hearts really IS fifty shades of creepy though. She keeps insisting that the Nightmare World is just something I made up, but then she keeps asking if I brought anything back. If I just imagined it, then how could I have brought anything back? On the other hoof, if she thinks it’s real enough to bring something back, then why does she keep insisting I made it up? And hasn’t anypony told the staff anything about my family? Mom came from the Nightmare. That’s undisputed fact. In fact, everypony in our family besides me and Carrot came from some sort of alternate reality. Why is everypony in this school so skeptical of other worlds? They exist. It’s like a weird kind of professional denial. And it’s all centered around Miss Scarlet Hearts. She’s not even that high ranking. She’s just a teacher, but it’s like she runs the place. She doesn’t know about the Nopony’s card. If I have any say in things she never will.

Author's Note:

It’s short chapter, but that seemed like a really good break point. All is not as it seems at Celestia’s School for Special Foals. What does this mean for Diane and Thirteen? Maybe Alice really is just making up stories. Surely a teacher at Celestia’s School isn’t taking advantage of her students.

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