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This story is a sequel to The Pony Dreadfuls

Charlie and Diane are monsters. Nopony would deny that. One was a murderous adolescent changeling queen, the other an amoral fan-fiction author who once twisted the fate of Equestria itself for his perverse amusement.

That's why they were sent to where there were no ponies. Exiled to an alternate mirror world where they could no longer menace Equestria, the two outcasts must rely on each other to survive in this dirty little world.

Note: This story is a graphic novel. That means everything after the first chapter is in the form of comic pages. All images are SFW.

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Is her head racheted around at an unnatural angle in the last panel, or is it just me?

8233370 Yep, she's going full on exorcist. :pinkiecrazy:

If Charlie and Diane were voiced, what would they sound like?

Okay i haven't read any of it yet but that's really cool i didn't know you could upload like that

You know, I never saw what happened in Equestria, but Charlie manages to be a compelling protagonist whose insistence that he is super evil sounds like very loud protestations of someone who is not very evil.

I hope the inevitable encounter of Iam will help lay to rest the relative morality of the two of them.

Poor monster face Charlie...

8385621 Charlie's kinda morally ambiguous, but if he was as bad as he thinks he is, it probably wouldn't bother him enough to even bring it up. In Iam he's faced with a dark reflection of himself that he himself created. He's an author thrust into his own story and has to deal with the consequences of the actions of the villain he created. Made worse in that he based said villain on his own personality.

*Metallic laughter fills the air*
Observation: That guys face!

It brings my blackened and flabby heart warmth that someone new read this far. :pinkiecrazy:

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