• Published 9th Jun 2017
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Escape From Canterlot - No one is home

A young changeling and a disgraced circus freak search for answers in the aftermath of social upheaval.

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Unexpected Tidings - The Blind Goat, Usagi, Moonbeam


Deadlift, you haven’t left Ponyville yet. I trust you realize that’s not a question. Nor is it an indictment. You will remain in Ponyville exactly as long as you should, and you shall not leave a moment sooner or later than this. I trust your judgement in this matter exclusively.

My cards have revealed an impending reunion of old friends. The Wayward Squire and the Maiden of Puzzles. I have not seen these particular cards in play since the unfortunate business in Canterlot, they were a rare element of light in that affair. Your young changeling ward, in particular will be happy by this turn of events, I am utterly confident.

Additionally, while you are in Ponyville, you should read a new book.


Tarotius William Solitaire


Dearest James,

I haven’t heard from you in days. Goddammit, I hate Equestrian communication. Rrgh, I’d trade my scales for a damned email. We made it to Las Pegasus. It looks like the biggest Chucky Cheese you’ve ever seen. It’s gonna annoy the hell out of you when you get here.

I miss you, James. I understand why you’re doing this… I really do. We owe the Pastels literally everything, and you know I love little Z more than anyone, and there is a real debt there… and I know how you feel about paying debts. But I still miss you.

Just… help that girl find her sister and come back to us… come back to me.


Allyssa “Usagi” Manuel



Yeah… I’m not running away. So don’t send the guards or nuthin’. I cleaned up as many of your trackers as I could find, so don’t panic when it takes you a few minutes to figure out where I am. I’m… going through some things. That’s all.

I love you, and I’m not running away, but I need to find my own answers. The things that happened in the invasion, well, they happened, alright? And it was rough on me. It was rough all around. I grew up in Decanter, and all of Rock and Miss Shade Fire’s political hooey aside, those were my ponies it happened to. And I trust Princess Luna. Nightmare in the moon, but I can’t explain to you what it’s like for a bat like me to have Princess Luna tell me that she wants to be my granddame… I trust her and I know that whatever happened with Diane that nopony wants to tell me…

I need answers. And I’m not gonna get them sitting up here on the hill. I know I couldn’t have got all your tracking wards, mom. So I’m going to tell you now, I’m going to Ponyville. I asked around the guards who hang out at the Belfry, and they say that freaky-big earth pony was headed there with Diane’s sister on their way to Baltimare. If anypony knows what really happened in the invasion who’ll tell me straight, it’s Z.

I know better than to tell you not to worry, and I know better than to think your not gonna follow me. I disabled the trackers to buy me some space. That’s all I’m asking, mom. Just give me some space and let me find my answers. I love you, and I promise I’ll be as careful as I can.


Moonbeam Watch

Author's Note:

Yay! Updates! :pinkiehappy:

It appears Deadlift and Z have been delayed in Ponyville for a bit. This surprises the Blind Goat not at all, but seems to have annoyed Usagi the dragon pony quite a bit. Don't neglect your waifu, Deadlift! :unsuresweetie:

A wild Moonbeam appears! David may be through with the Silververse for the moment, but he's letting me borough some of his OC's. Moonbeam's a scrappy little bastard, and he's set out to find the dirty waifu thief what done run off with Diane. :pinkiecrazy: